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Hello, this is my first time on this website, and my first time really looking into the cyberpunk culture at all. I was on another site helping someone with a cybersecurity related issue. I started looking through a few of his older posts since he seemed like someone who actually had potential rather than the thousands of people claiming to. Someone had posted a link about cyberpunk which I decided to explore because it seemed interesting.
The link eventually lead me to one of the many threads trying to define cyberpunk. Reading that was like.. wow. I should almost put this thread in /feels. I had to stop reading the thread a few times from that rush of emotion I kept getting. It was like for the first time I found the perfect place for me. I'm sure this sounds over the top and posibly edgy, but it's true. Not just the thoughts, but the culture and the aesthetic and the atmosphere.This place seems so in line with how I feel it's almost unreal.
I want to be a part of this community.

I guess this is an introduction of sorts. So I'll say that I'm in cybersecurity, and I take privacy very seriously which goes well with security. I also do some programming, and I'm constantly learning new skills every day. I used to have a place where I had instructions and taught people how to secure their computers and phones and such. Tought them all about PGP, encryption, the flaws in them, how to defend against those flaws, things to not do, things to do. It was mostly focused on security, since teaching anonmity to someone is a very hard thing to do since there's so many habits you have to break. Either way, I feel like a lot of the pages would help cross out some items on the Ideas For Topics thread. I might recreate them at some point.
I haven't decided how much I'm going to reveal about myself, so I'll leave it there for now.

Are there any recommended threads I should read or anything along those lines? I've read the rules and faqs but that's not really what I mean.

I'm excited, although sad to see how long it's been since some of these boards have had new topics.


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Welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay. Check them all out. Make a few threads. Don't be afraid to "necropost" either. Things are in flux right now. This is a pretty comfy place though. Your place wouldn't happen to be Telecomix would it?


Cringiest post on the entire website but welcome non the less
show /prog/ some love


>Don't be afraid to "necropost" either. Things are in flux right now. This is a pretty comfy place though.
This. Have a look around and be sure to check the catalogs. Many threads really deserve to be rekindled.


I think would be more worthy of that title.


Welcome, Alice!

There are a lot of threads on here, some more active than others. Activity has been going up recently quite a bit. Glad to have you here.

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