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Alice awakes.

July 17
3217 ¤

Everything hums, static, motion-blur, breathe in, breathe out, l o n g b l i n k.

You pull the covers off yourself, carpet comfortably squishes around your feet and in between your toes, vibrant rose light pours in to illuminate a small room: bed, desk, mirror, kitchenette. 2 doors. You stand up.

Good Morning, please vist the lobby for a free complementary breakfast.
Room service is also available at cost.
And remember all services may be accessed by keyword:Service, Thank you for staying at Royal lune.

You wait for a bell to ring in your head telling you the where,who,what,& why ….silince.

Amnisea? Really? What now?

[My commentary outside of the story will go in [ ] brackets.

Alice, I'll do my best, and try to keep things fun. Please post what action you'de like unknown-name character to take, I'll pick my favorite response. I'll try to at least reply to the story at the end of everyday, and give a heads up if otherwise.

o(≧◇≦)o enjoy!]


OP here:

I'm still ready if anyone wants to play,
I wont be bumbing this thread more than this once though unless this thread gets some interest. I'll continue to check back throughout the week so if your seeing this before sep 8
I'm still avaible as a game master.


>What now?
Inject heroin.


You remember something; rustling through the nightstand and dresser drawer, looking for a syringe. Some part of you looks on at your self in disbelief.

wait did I even use heroin before, what the hell am i doing


you almost fall on your ass in shock as you 180 around to see who spoke.

A dragon, iridescent, opacity 87%, his eyes capture yours in a stare.

"Claude we where attacked, that much we can be sure of cause there's all the signs that an intrusion took place, I'm missing most of my memory, hows yours?"


File: 1567526090309.jpg (14.85 KB, 400x296, 0c7.jpg)

"Yeah, no memory left, no idea what's going on. But I must say, I don't think giant dogs like you are normal, that much I remember, I think…"


>get cancer


The dragons eyes narrow.
"I'm Gnod, a augmentation to whom you have been connected to since birth,
Not a dog, and entitys like me are quite typical. our security was broken through, which means that that even now we might not actually be in control, and at any moment further alterations could be made to us. even worse I cant find any indication of how we were compromised, and while its possible that who ever broke through completed their objective and then left, it isn't likely. under the circumstances our first move should be to make our way to a mendiver who might be able diagnose our current condition and create a solution."


>mom finds the crustacean cumstash

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