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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1568065746546.jpg (30.35 KB, 480x640, ratehaircut.jpg)


Show your face , Alice.
Here's mine :)


File: 1568065796958.jpg (28.62 KB, 480x640, a real cyber punk.jpg)


File: 1568065836603.jpg (26.34 KB, 640x480, meqt.jpg)


File: 1568065886944.jpg (36.78 KB, 480x640, pretty.jpg)


File: 1568066121213.jpg (64.2 KB, 500x375, cool.jpg)

Alright, I'll bite.


File: 1568066492727.jpg (48.34 KB, 720x960, 06-13.jpg)

Here's the most recent pic of me, also I am from seattle, I would post a picture of my room but my camera wont capture the black light effects so my room looks like soykaf. xD


File: 1568066645348.jpg (198.11 KB, 720x720, fatjoint.jpg)

Bit fatter here than he is now and with a beard. Still smoking enormous joints tho. I preset



File: 1568066761310.jpg (30.39 KB, 464x640, hCjAE.jpg)

I was hesitating to choose between the big money and a big smile.
But fuck it, who needs fancy pictures when you got $100 of that size!


File: 1568066847005.jpg (49.25 KB, 640x426, tumblr_m11kvhXts61qhex74o1….jpg)

here you go. here's me. gaze upon my countenance.


File: 1568066938479.jpg (27.96 KB, 500x355, rapey.jpg)

This picture came out a bit too rapey…


File: 1568067038223.jpg (616.63 KB, 1936x2592, hORsFAE.jpg)


File: 1568067244631.jpg (173.96 KB, 574x960, thats me.jpg)


File: 1568067371944.jpg (301.6 KB, 1500x1125, innocous.jpg)


File: 1568067435110.jpg (169.67 KB, 1280x960, newhair.jpg)

Neues haircut.


This thread unironically makes me not want to post here anymore.


File: 1568068092640.jpg (160.88 KB, 1395x741, iambecomedeath.jpg)


File: 1568068143016.jpg (35.21 KB, 281x187, plsnobully.jpg)

Almost makes me feel bad to tarnish this thread with my ugly mug. Almost.


File: 1568068404643.jpg (236.21 KB, 733x858, 9cH3Y56.jpg)


File: 1568069871918.jpg (73.13 KB, 620x620, ava6.jpg)

Haha , so funny.
We are all laughing here.
No really , haha.


meant for


File: 1568070178224.jpg (4.06 KB, 111x144, J_posadas.jpg)

How could I have forgotten, the internet is serious business!


File: 1568070496779.jpg (81.87 KB, 1280x720, fucktrolls.jpg)

Someone better get this troll off my fuarrrkin face


my friend, we are all here to get attention on the internet. Some of us get it in different ways than others. Don't hate.


Whats the deal with all the beer bottles?

Only cutie in this thread, 8/10.

Clean your room.


I can't tell which of these are real or fake


I like your hair.
You look like Ikari Gendo, and I think that's cool.


WOW. Givinging away your facial metrics in this page of facial recognition software? At least remove the exif data.


File: 1568085646685.jpg (38.53 KB, 960x720, philippus.jpg)

Hate NOT allow.


I checked earlier, most of these images don't have any EXIF data


They were posted in quick succession, they are all fake.


Shame on you glitterboys. Learn the board culture and fuck right back off to /soc/ on 4chan


I might just be too paranoid (actually cross out might, definitely am) but I feel like this thread is some kind of op to get people to doxx themselves.

But if some of these are real, y'all seem alright. Would smoke cigarettes and draw comics at the weird goth table in the corner of the quad with all of you.


implying I put my real face lol


I need to get some sunglasses so I can post


Bbbbwasahahajaha now I can photo shop penis onto all of your faces!


Whew! Good to know I'm the best looking person on this site.

Inb4 prove it.

I'll pass, think I'll make a cringe compilation from this thread though, you dont mind right?


Name a single cyberpunk that would actually post their face on a board like this.
If this represents most people on this site, it’s time to get rid of my stickers and leave.


As if it were a single user doing it by hand?


My thoughts exactly, I'm honestly a little forgiving when people post their "battlestations" or whatever. I know people love to show off their thinkpads and whatnot but this is taking it more than a step to far. People doxing themselves is the polar opposite of the boards culture and values.

I don't think this represents most of the people who post here, and I am going to continue to post here but I would implore all these people to seriously consider what they are doing and why.


File: 1568185508573.jpg (10.44 KB, 237x237, mizuki_alice_11898.jpg)

I judge all avatarfags equally harshly.



> you dont mind right?
Please do.


Is everyone here an imbecile? Just do a fucking reverse image search. For example here's OP:

How fucking dumb can you get? All of them were posted in less than an hour, they were obviously posted by the same person. So why do you want to stop posting here, is it because you are too dumb to notice obvious patterns? What the fuck were you doing here in the first place if you can't use your brain for a second? Seriously what the fuck is with this reaction to something so obvious?!


Dummy brain
Those are literally the people you talk to on arisuchan


File: 1568221946863.jpg (111.72 KB, 743x1024, tumblr_px1ixg970q1ux7bqxo1….jpg)

You're taking this at face value way too easily. Would a cyberpunk doxx themselves? Probably not. Would they take a bunch of random photos of people from different forums (that you can easily reverse image search btw) and post them all anonymously to try and phish for somebody else to doxx?



File: 1568225494888.jpg (1.11 MB, 1024x1024, King Retard.jpg)

>not avatarfagging with a StyleGAN


Avatarfagging is cringe


This is it. It's a shame that people are too quick condemning alleged avatarding to see through this ruse. It's so obvious.


File: 1568239034786.jpg (13.63 KB, 188x281, RAZORBELLE.jpg)


your overthinking this, this threads stupid your all stupid, nobody asked see any of your ugly faces or anybody else ugly faces,
IM also stupid for wasting my time on this thread but this whole thread is


ahhh, I remember being 15


>go on anonymous imageboard
>post your face
where is the logic????



There is no logic, it is the antithesis of what this board stands for.


I think the all black is my favorite part.

I don't really like showing myself much, as I probably don't look like what you might expect: … bigger.png

I'm a trans woman, but I don't necessarily go out of my way to be super feminine either. Which confuses a lot more people than you might think. I realize I look more like an uber Otaku than a Cyberpunk. I don't even look like some hot computer nerd like Margaret Hamilton. Or the recent Suzanne Gilbert of Sanctuary AI.

I can't always wear my Battle Angel Alita shirt unfortunately. I value more my tendency to avoid security cameras by blending in, not by standing out.

(Black shoes and lime green socks not withstanding.)



You look pretty, OP.


what the fuck went wrong with arisuchan
why is there a faceposting thread
is this what happens when you have a discord associated with an imageboard? are we just going to allow this glitterboyry?
shame on those who post their faces. attention whores.


Come on, the edgy days of not handing out your irrelevant data are over, you use the internet after all, just another slave.

Might as well make some friends


ENJOY YOUR "FREINDS" , you'll be rotting in cyberpunk hell with them.


your face is one of the most relevant data there is, stop being being a clown


Is nobody on Arisuchan reads threads? Let's get angry over something that was already sufficiently explained because you are too lazy to read.


I can't tell if you are trolling because you know this kind of comment will get our goat. I give the troll a 8/10, I'm definitely responding. On the off-chance you aren't trolling, I've gotta ask. Why on earth are you here of all places if you feel this way?


These were all posted to years ago. Most of them don't even hang there anymore. In fact, I think only phantasmo posts there these days.

Laughing-man books reviews were something else, got to read so many good books thanks to that lanky fuck.

Rant over to the few humans that will tras this thread.


>mods spamming new threads and necroing old ones just to hide their ugly faces from this thread
Give me a cyberpunk word for kek


File: 1568671816457.jpg (352.89 KB, 1080x1920, seph.jpg)


Hi Sophia

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