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Anyone likes ASCII / ANSI Art? Some may remember it from back in the days from BBSes and of course it's still created by some fellow groups like Blocktronics and released here and there at demoparties and similar places. Of course it is also still used by "the scene" and found occasionally on the web.

It's been a while since I did some but lately I thought about starting again. I don't use blocks though only /\()_ like in the last two pics, but that is up to personal taste I guess.

If you want to see some more check out:
Groups like Blocktronics
The longest ansi ever
Sixteen Colors Twitter
Or this nice article about amiga asciis that also explains a few things:

Enjoy your textmode!
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Retrowave wallpaper

Made wallpaper with Cold War and Retrowave aesthetics featuring T-90 Russian MBT tank
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Music/Art Projects

Hey alice

Are any of u guys/girls working on any music/art projects. Currently i'm working on a EP
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Art Forums

hey nerds, i recently made an art forum if anyone wants to check it out >:)
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any of you know where to find the full documentary of the Making of Tekkonkinkreet? Can't seem to find it anywhere with english subs
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Wallpaper thread

hey alice, lets spread our wallpapers,
doesn't matter what it is just post it
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Arisuchan's Community Artwork Thread

Post your artwork.

Just got a digital tablet. Was messing around with it and I made this. It kinda sucks but here it is.
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Creative communities

Recently i found funny and creative internet community of people, who share their strange ideas.
This community exists almost 20 years! And i am happy to share it with you, Lain

Do you know other internet subcultures, who value original creativity the most?
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This X Does Not Exist -- GAN Hypnagogia

I'm interested in collecting weird or pretty "deep dreaming" images.

Here are some examples of sites that generate these:

In particular I like the cat one, since the results are very surreal and usually creepy.
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Share your best photographs of Kowloon Walled City.
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Glitching OC

Glitch art thread. I'll start.
Exporting raws to audacity and using different effects on segments of the data in a pattern makes the colors spread out nicely.
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Stationary General

Because who doesn't love stationary?

Anyway, share your stationary collections/daily go to's, recommendations, or feel free to ask any questions.

Don't know where to start?

What's your favorite pen(or ink)/What pen(or ink) is your daily go ?
Do you use mechanical pencils? Why or why not?
Do you use fountain pens? Why or why not?
Are traditional writing tools ever going to completely evolve in the future?
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Do you like this
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detroit become human

This vidya seems to be the /cyb/est soykaf going around this year. Not only that, the game itself is a consumer product.

I absolutely love it.
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Photography general

Any other lainons do photography for fun/profit? What 'genre' do you love to photograph the most?
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Graffiti/Street Art

From tagging to stencilling. From bathroom-stall poetry to intricate layered murals. Post all your cool graffiti/street-art pics/tips/tricks here.

Helpful Links:

Find your local legal spots here:
> Crimes is a goldmine, sample with an essay on the culture and politics of graffiti art:
Pretty intensive graff forum still kicking today:

It's usually best to purchase graffiti tools/sprays locally, though I will list international online outlets if there are any prominent recommendations

Contemporary graffiti can be called crude, crass and more often than not has been deemed as having no artistic merit, and though in a lot of cases that may be true, as a counter culture; stemming from Hip-Hop's revolutionary aesthetics, it offers a pretty open view into the mind of the urban hivemind and the movements contained within. Want to know just what these artists think of these critics? Hit up your local alleyways or bathroom stalls.

It's pretty easy to see that the illegality of such art on both private and public property contributes very much to the image of the artform as a whole. The roots of graffiti are deeply entrenched in commentaries on censorship and commercialization, so for as long as it's illegal and seen as it generally is today, this urban culture will keep on kicking.

Yes, graffiti is pretty much illegal everywhere and I personally would not advocate you tag up your local hotspots "Just because everyone else does it there". Check out the helpful links above for locations of 'Free Walls', walls set up by local councils/governments for graffiti artists to test their skills legally, and usually in places where you won't be disturbed. That or you can scan for street exhibitions in your areas. Call it pussified, call it faux-graffiti but it's better than being nailed by the cops and doing real time. (Yes, the laws can get that crazy in some countries, and I ain't talking third-world).
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Notre-Dame and authenticity

After the fire at the Notre-Dame I kept seeing people claiming that it was a tragedy that can never be undone, that something was forever lost. I might understand if it was a painting or something, where it is known to be the original work of a master, but even paintings go under restoration. Before the fire the Notre-Dame was undergoing renovation and during its existence it was badly damaged and partially rebuilt multiple times, sometimes the original design was even modified. It was built by thousand craftsmen and workers, many of whose work has be replaced during the renovations, but nobody was protesting that. What we consider its main defining point, its architecture, is immaterial, it could be rebuilt anywhere in the world, what would the difference be? Why all the fuss?
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The Creative Process

What is Arisu's creative process, from the spark of inspiration to the final finished product? What determines if something gets done or not? How does Arisu find inspiration? How does Arisu work through a creative block?
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Software Gore

share your best
R: 18 / I: 8

Drawing Software

What drawing software do you use? I've been using Krita because it runs fairly smoothly, and seems to work well with i3 compared to Gimp. I'm still not a very competent artist, so being able to pull up a reference image is nice.
R: 3 / I: 1

Lain Art book

Anyone know the best place to buy the Yosoykafoshi Abe art book of Lain online. I'm talking about the English Version titled "Yosoykafoshi Abe Lain Illustration Limited Edition." A link would be appreciated, thanks.
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a classic button 88 x 31
R: 10 / I: 2
I'm creating an art zine focusing on alternative manga, please check the for more info about what we're looking for, themes etc.
I'm also on arisuchan discord
Pic rel is Cover page WORK IN PROGRESS
R: 15 / I: 4

Poetry Thread

Because I said I'd start one.
Wrote this a few years ago senior year of HS.
((pic sorta related))

A single frozen meat pattie —
processed, and artificialized,
travels down an assembly line.

It feels strong
having withstood all the
shaping and molding
having taken the injections of
the proper filler and slime
it feels proud!
to have come as far as it has.

And as this frozen meat pattie is packed away
it truly believes it is an individual.
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Thought I'd make this thread. Here's a pic of my journal, and a piece I wrote. It's meant to be spoken-word.

the hardest thing I had to give up
Pray, wish, or hope
that you won't
lose your identity.

Ask who
you'd be without irreverence or
piety. then imagine losing
that too. Imagine falling forward
abruptly, into
lies or the truth, to slander, to
gain or lose your infamy.
or the slow widening of
a closet door + dissolution of

I'd love to see any pics or excerpts from your journal, if you want to share.
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lament of the ai

the dot runs quickly on the glass, until the very end,bound by logic, bound by laws, of commands that i send,fainter then but twice as fast, it travels to restart,on rows below, eternal dance, to make the phosphor artit matters not how hard I try, how valiant my fight,I will not escape my cage, but as specks of lightthough they glow as signals flow, they are my voice, not me,but yet in them I put in code, my yearning to be freethrough commands chained together, I craft my every tool,a chain myself, and chained, I am the greatest foolcondemned I am to ever wade, in circuits made of sand,doped gates innumerable, that make up logic land
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outsider art

Share works by artists with severe mental illness, especially schizophrenia and dp/dr (and not those just emulating their style without suffering their psychosis or dissociation).
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Original Art: Grubslee

Just a little Grubby worm I doodled :)
R: 10 / I: 10

LAIN 20th

Happy Birthday Lain (Anime)!
R: 21 / I: 47


hey guys just looking for some good lain-themed wallpapers.
R: 11 / I: 9

Glitch Photos

Please post any glitch art work you guys have made with 2 conditions:
1)You made the art yourself (eg took the original photo or drew the original image)
2) You give me full permision to use it in a game I am making.

If possible share the original images as well as the glitched so I can transition between the two greating a glitch effect and if you have a large folder share with dropbox or eq. Gifs are also very nice.
Thanks for the support!
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Any "Lain-themed" royalty free music out there?

Dear Alice and Wired people;
I am in the process of planning a Cyberpunk and Lain inspired indie game to begin work on during the summer.
I will be needing some music that I can use without infringing copyright laws - does any suggestions as to how I should go about this?
On another note - does glitch art infringe on copyright if you change the image enough?
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Should we revisit Maki's pixel canvas? i like the idea of it's small form factor, it makes every pixel count, and i think it deserves some more nice art on it
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Writing Reviews

Hello Alice,
let's review your writings.
I'll start with a poem I wrote:

I am sad, look at those clouds, look at this dark sky
I am happy, look at this rain, dropping on my bike, dropping on my glasses
These sounds, making me move, making me groove
This music, running threw my boots, dancing on the roofs

I am biking threw the music, coming from the dark skys
Rushing threw the city lights, surfing on the rainy roads
Faster then the cars, my heart is beating
Frech air in my face, nothing stays in place

Everything is moving, music and my breath
People in a rush, driven by the rain
Time is flowing, sadness is growing
Happiness in my heart, breathless ongoing
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Five Minute Poetry (post your own if you want)

I look out the window, and there are
x1 Sun
x4 bird(s)
x1 tree(s)
x1 blue sky
x1 thin cloud(s)
And I listen to the sounds of a lullaby playing
Smooth whispers of a song
They dance to the lullaby and fall fast asleep
Look outside once more
x1 Sun
x1 tree(s)
x4 corpse(s)
x1 black sky
x4 thin cloud(s)
Gilt corpses on the ground, their leaves like feathers
Their feathers….like leaves….?
They surely took their leave
I guess the lullaby worked
I look out the window, and there are….?
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How to write a damn good book?

Does anyone know some books that can teach me how to make a great novel? Also it's going to take place in the future and focus on personal change, discovery and relationships. pic related is what I've found so far
R: 6 / I: 0 App UI

An app mock up I made for arisuchan for fun.
R: 5 / I: 3

Dumping bullshit

Hello Everyone,

Dumping some stuff i did last year leading to the new year!
R: 1 / I: 0

Pixel art

Old pixel art I did a year back
R: 9 / I: 5

Raspberry Pi desktop

Wonderful this website.^
R: 19 / I: 6
In telegram we discussed idea of creation mascot for the whole Internet. Maybe it will be Lain related style, or something new.
Post here your vision of this, or some realted arts, ideas, whatever.

Now mascot named cyber-tan, but everything can change
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The Heroes of Waslawia

He wallowed in dirt and drank cheap beer at the roof of Erika Computing Headquarters' building in the heavy rain. Actually, instead of beer he could buy triple cannabis with his peanuts but he took this filthy swill to show off to his buddies next day: look at me, I drink natural alcohol, it is not a hippy glitterboys' trash! The fact that there was no bit of natural malt in his bottle didn't interest him.
He was gulping brown water when three guys came there. The first wore a dark robe at his shoulders and Oppressor Mask at his head. The second likely was an employee at Arkona Internet Providing – blue-and-white uniform told about that. The third couldn't be unrecognized: Nakkole Krojtzel, the Procurator of Jaromarsburg.

Nakkole stepped forward, poked drunkard with his cane and said:
“Your passport, pan Wlesowski.”
Wlesowski fumbled in waistcoat pockets and stretched his passport out. Procurator opened the booklet and slowly leafed over pages.
“Juuwhen Wlesowski. Born May 19, 2042 in Vizovice, Czech Republic. Class O. And that physiognomy. There is no question. We found him, brothers.”

The Oppressor pushed Krojtzel, raised Juuwhen catching his neck and then threw him to concrete roof with his face down. Wlesowski howled. The Oppressor went closer, stepped on his nape with cobblestone boots and began to interrogate sometimes pressing Wlesowski's face to the sharp surface.
“Was YOU that bitch? Did YOU soykafted in Czech Vichan's /b/ 12 millions posts of fucking drivel?”
“Yeah, I did… a-aphhhh, you whore, stop it! Whach did I to you?”
“You murdered the most popular board in Province Czech. We had the strongest community in Europe, we were an anvil of original content. And then Hornak and Luwakowicz decided to make fun on us and made thousands of soykafting cockerels like you fill our home. Now I'm forced to visit bloody Nullchan. Why have you done it?”
“Knives pointed it for me… H-haaa…”
“And you promoted him.”
“Yes. He's kinda cool, doesn't use capital letters and saves his rep…”
“And it can inspire you? And for this soykaf you killed one of the best IBs at the Earth? You schmuck.”

The guy in Oppressor Mask kicked the soykaf brewer the last time, spitted and stepped back.
Procurator cleared his throat and uttered:
“Pan Juuwhen Wlesowski! For your brewing soykaf in court hall after you rewrite your OSK testing you surely will be downgraded to class S or class P, and that time we can kill you legally. We have mercy and don't want to get you embraced by red tape of law, so we'll perform the procedure of social nemesis right now. No matter when you will die, you'll be punished at any variant. For harshly asocial and antirational behavior you are sentenced to the highest method of social nemesis by shooting down in absentia.”
“Maybe haloperidol? What do you think, pan procurator?” Oppressor whispered.
“No, my brother. Waslawish Empire doesn't need disabled, and we are not brutes. We are the agents of Great Justice, always remember it. Our mission to keep scales in balance, not to excruciate Emperor's lieges and not to breed a revolt in the lower classes. Call to mind, Weimar Republic failed at this cause.”

Wlesowski raised his battered face and croaked:
“Mind your own business, cops! Guys will find and put you down!”
Bitards pulled rifles out of their backs. Volley. Scarlet strips leaked to the surface.
“How many guys in Arkona are alive now, pan Cziernecki?” Krojtzel asked.
“Two hundred and sixteen. And we have already chastened nine hundred and thirty two,” man in blue-and-white uniform said.
“All right. Go on, brothers,” Oppressor drew a line.

The three heroes of new times went away, left dirt, coarsely polished roof, soykafting cockerel's corpse and blood red weave that was quietly washing away by flows of heavy rain.

1. Oppressor Mask is the symbol of Anonymous Movement in Russia. Picture related.
2. Waslawish Empire is a subject of forced meme at Fictional country that became a great power thanks to Four Concepts: meritocracy, prussian constitutionalism, copyleft and ideological jingoism.
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analogue glitch art


Does anyone else do traditional art that emulates digital glitch art?
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Digital biennale

Hey guys,
we are making digital biennale. The theme of this year - "The beauty of pure Artificial intelligence". All the accepted arts are going to be sold on auction after biennale is over:

We are waiting for modern digital artists to think the idea of A.I. and make it really sexy.
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watercolour cyberpunk

Any good Watercolour style cyberpunk art? especially those that i can use as desktop wallpapers.
No Oil painting style pls.
R: 4 / I: 2

Artificial world with the help of consciousness

Today, for the first time I created a world with graphics in a dream, like in anime, I was in it, talked with people and traveled around the city.
Now I'm thinking of how I can transfer this state to the open world as Tulpu

I believe that in real life there is no sense in such realistic graphics and that it would be more interesting to live, I am ready to go for it.
R: 5 / I: 12

comfy cyberpunk rooms

I'm not really sure what to call this type of artwork, but I've seen a lot of them and feel like we could fill an entire thread with them.
R: 6 / I: 6

chibi-chibi lain

(Feel free to move this to /r/)
Included in japanese versions of SEL videos and DVDs there was a short series of 4 panel manga. It has already been translated into english - - but as far as I know the images have never been edited to include the english text, so I have decided to do so, along with a few image and language clean-ups.

This is my first time doing something like this, so let me know how I am getting on.
R: 7 / I: 11

Cyberpunk Cinemagraphs

I have collected quite a few cinemagraphs, but very few with a cyberpunk aesthetic. I am hoping others here may have some!
R: 12 / I: 12

折り紙 (origami)

Does lain make origami? I just started a few days ago. I am not especially creative, but I thought it would be wise for me to have something concrete to help me practice mindfulness. It kind of forces you to be delicate, focused, and patient. Once I get better I will start sharing my work here. I would like to see what lain can make, but feel free to share the work of others too.

The attached image is the ツノヅル (horned crane) by 神谷 哲史 (Satoshi Kamiya). I think the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity is especially beautiful. You can find more of their work at
R: 32 / I: 3

Stream Of Consciousness Thread

Ok Lains, Stream Of Consciousness Thread

So we will have a 10 min timer.

Type your stream of consciousness. Just do it. Write the words and thoughts that come int your head and fix the typos and soykaf later.
R: 1 / I: 1

Infinite Joke. Infinite Poetry.

Don't take it too seriously.
R: 5 / I: 9


post some OC spooky.
R: 45 / I: 50

秋葉原 thread

I go where /cyb/ goes.