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Dear Alice and Wired people;
I am in the process of planning a Cyberpunk and Lain inspired indie game to begin work on during the summer.
I will be needing some music that I can use without infringing copyright laws - does any suggestions as to how I should go about this?
On another note - does glitch art infringe on copyright if you change the image enough?


I know someone who likes music composition. I don't know how much he would be interested in helping or how suited his style is to what you're looking for, but here's his soundcloud:
If you want to avoid copyright from photos you could take your own photos and glitch them. Or ask others to glitch some photography and send it to you. I'd be willing to contribute photography/glitched photography.


Thanks, really helpfull.
I will send an email to your friend and open a new thread asking for glitch photography that people dont mind sharing.


File: 1526511672641.jpg (163.03 KB, 1079x498, CutesyAvatar-PCLauncher-FW….jpg)

good idea lain


Please post your progress of making the game somwhere

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