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Kalyx ######

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This vidya seems to be the /cyb/est soykaf going around this year. Not only that, the game itself is a consumer product.

I absolutely love it.


/cyb/est? The only good thing about it is Bryan Dechart and I guess graphics are nice too, but story is soykaf, that I would say is even below normal person-tier, with heavy handed "symbolism" lending itself to world-building that is awkward, to the point of end product being nearly nonsensical. I can respect how much of technical achievement it is to make game as non-linear as this one, but it's clear that in the end they didn't have anything interesting to say. The QTE mechanics may be also somewhat refined, but it is also underutilized and doesn't really makes the experience more interactive. Quantic Dream could as well go back to their roots an make another CGI movie like Immortal out of this, but it wouldn't sell as well without the impressionable sentimental teenage audience that comes with the choice of video game medium and would flop as a movie, because there are actual critical standards in cinema. So yeah, no sell, at least in my opinion.


I guess I just have a talent in seeing interesting unintended details in stuff. Most great things in any creative medium are unintended by the author, and often the authors never realize it's there.

Putting it another way, the game is genius because of things that are not actually shown in the game. So unless people get the same idea as I do from it, I can't show what it is.


please, elaborate on what makes this game interesting?

I've never played it, and havent heard of it outside the confines of this thread.


The game itself is basically a graph of choices and things you need to find. You control three main characters, your choices (except a few cosmetic ones) and things you find affect your next possible actions/routes. The effect is often not immediately obvious. Afaik once you make a choice, it is final for that playthrough, making choices feel more real (there is a no save mode to test things out if you're really paranoid).

The setting: 2038, non-dystopian (but police and policy heavy) US, humanoid androids are everywhere. Some of them disobey, which could either be just a malfunction or a sign of free will.

What really makes this game sell for me is a lack of certain things that imo ruin most cyberpunk scenarios:
- there are no ridicculously strong weapons. no Major taking down tanks, no leet hackers hacking the planet. the outcome largely depends on planning and luck.
- corporations aren't the big bad evils that own the state. they just want to profit in a world of soykafty consumer humans.
- androids are still in development. while most of this isn't shown, you get a sense of testing and experimentation going on. the product is still in an early open beta and the testers pay for it. we call faulty androids back, ask them how they feel, tell them it's all right while holding their hand, and then crack them open alive to see what is going on in their head. perhaps they even help in the process. we just passed a point where dead, pen-on-paper ideas ("software") turns dead, mass-produced cells into one self-aware intelligent forms of life… but we take a step back to pass that point the other way, turn the intelligent life back into machine. and then into life again, back and forth. we test how they take it, we mess with their memories. we dance on this border and fill junkyards with our test subjects. plastic and metal that tries to crawl into life in a system that is way more complex than they are. no project 2501, no lain to make it easy for them, no centralized government for neo to hack. they are in an actual disadvantage at the mercy of a humanity that only interacts with them through riot police, military and so on. the threat of their extinction is very real, and they have virtually no tools to prevent it if the decision is made.


>corporations aren't the big bad evils that own the state. they just want to profit in a world of soykafty consumer humans.

ohhh they just want to profit ^_^ fuzzie wuzzie little cute corporations ^_^
but "sh1tty" customers >,< make it so difficult :^(

fukken golden!


File: 1536054435928.jpg (84.61 KB, 600x902, a591726e2a9cfa083888226615….jpg)

Oh look, another typical cyberpunk consumer who screeches loud when his cyberpunk doesn't follow the Hollywood(tm) cyberpunk formula(tm). Please let a one of our big titty badass Major cosplayers escort you back to your hidden suburban warehouse base of operations.


File: 1536059014540.jpg (68.86 KB, 1142x720, 1531866923592.jpg)

what are you on about dumb whoreson lmao
invented something in your head, attributed it to me and are ttrying to argue it? what a dumb dog lmao. why are you defending corps here? are you a google shill? they are known to come here. how's that part-time job going huh? huh? huh? let me know!


We Live in a Society: The Game


I am a google shill and my corporation is an evil mastermind that owns you forever. Now get back in line, citizen.

You should also try the new Gmail(tm). It can write your emails for you semi-automatically now.


Newb here
What does soykaf mean in this context?
I'm reading that everywhere but i cannot draw a link :/


I'm some kind of reference to soy beans, soylent or coffee. It's a wordfilter for soykaf. Oh shi-


Seriously though this game was not good at all



Check out the game Shadow Run: Dragonfall. Basically, the world is so fucked, there are no dairy products for your tea or coffee:

Also, >>832…

I'm with >>837 on this one. Anyone who defends corporations probably shouldn't be browsing a cyberpunk site. You don't belong here…unless of course, you're just in to the aesthetics.


Ohh ok it's clear now, silly me for assuming there would be no worldfilters here
Thanks to you too, i will check that out during the pause at uni



If you do get around to playing it, don't rely on the auto-save feature. There's a game breaking bug in it. I've been lucky to avoid it but heaps of people have been hit with it.


>Robots are people too.
It's postmodernist garbage. Don't waste your money.


> It's postmodernist
As opposed to what alternative? Unless you have invented a time machine.


What does schizophrenia feel like? I always wondered but there's no easy way to try.

Can you elaborate why? In my view, cyberpunk is about big scary corporations where 150+ IQ lab-coat people completely kept in check by the corp/govt create AI, with optional robot, cyborg, etc body. They are aware sometimes aware of the long-term effect on society but can't really/are not allowed to do anything about it. The gruff lowlife survivor or Deckart Kusanagi cop are just the Hollywood Action(tm) to make the book/movie easy to sell for simple-minded audiences. Everything interesting ever is brought to the table by the corp/govt and mistakes in their production.

I'd also argue that anyone who defends/protects anything blindly doesn't belong here, because they stopped thinking the moment they chose any value/side.


>because they stopped thinking the moment they chose any value/side.

Radical centrism is really silly.
>I can't pick a side, becuz wut about dat other side?

Woah how zen you are dude. The problem with this attitude is that it often means picking no side, which often means you do nothing for either side or any side, which ends with you doing nothing but being a normal person. You go so radical that you come back around to normal person when you have this attitude.


It's literally just a civil rights movement metaphor. Really dunno how much this soykaf counts as /cyb/, or if it even counts at all.


You can have radical beliefs while rejecting labels, especially the ones made by others, instead of embracing them. Anyone who identifies as a dem/repub or feminist or "alt-right", or communist or whatever the fuck else is a useful idiot at best.

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