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File: 1504058235918.png (308.94 KB, 1366x768, krita.png)


What drawing software do you use? I've been using Krita because it runs fairly smoothly, and seems to work well with i3 compared to Gimp. I'm still not a very competent artist, so being able to pull up a reference image is nice.


I've been looking at getting more seriously into digital drawing, I've done it some in the past but presently don't have access to a tablet, and without one I dont really see myself getting very far.

The Gimp and Krita, while both being peices of software for image editing and generation, are very different in their purposes and general focus. The Gimp tends to lean towards editing, things like fixing photographs and postfx, wheras krita is mostly a drawing program. Gimp has some drawing ability but compared to Krita, at least without lots of moding, its rather lacking in that department.

(if you want to use the gimp in one of those tiling window managers, it helps a lot to set it to single window mode (windows> single window mode)).


this might be of interest:
looks to be a reasonably lean painting program, which is good.

here is also something interesting concept-wise:
sadly it only seems to run on windows


David Revoy mainly uses Krita to draw Pepper&Carrot and has some great tutorials about it, check them out!


While I started with Photoshop (7.0 to be precise), like many other artists and hobbyists; I've found Krita decent enough as a [drawing] substitute to PS. While I do have GIMP, I rarely use it, even for image editing purposes. Inkscape though, is imho superior to Illustrator for vector-based illustrations.


I've started doing pixel art about 6 months ago and GIMP is quite good for this, as long as you set it up properly since obviously it's not optimized for pixelart.

Want to look into Krita soon to take my pencil drawing to the next level, but at first these have to improve a bit more.


File: 1530000736946.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 0153dbf8ba7327e8ad21a82ca1….png)

I use Paint Tool SAI via wine to draw, I've been using it forever now so it's kind of hard to break away from it when you have a whole folder full of .sai files.
Occasionally I'll use GIMP for adding special effects to my pictures I'm normally unable to do in SAI like filters and text.
I'd use Krita if it had compatibility with .sai files, but most programs don't seem to have it in general so it's kind of wishful thinking.


File: 1530139430388.jpg (11.58 MB, 7857x7462, nasa-89125-unsplash.jpg)

why do you need .sai compatibility in krita though? Also doesn't sai export to psd? you can export to psd and then import the psd to krita




File: 1530347318967.jpg (183.11 KB, 1000x1180, 1530055290720.jpg)

Because I've got a folder filled to the brim with .sai files and I don't really want to go through each one by one and convert them to .pdf.
I'm fine with my setup for now at least, maybe one day I'll change it up but I'm lazy.


File: 1530353083486.png (810.97 KB, 1383x1010, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at ….png)

pdf? did you mean psd? this way you keep your layers etc


File: 1530385034864.jpg (20.23 KB, 685x385, methode-sundaytimes-prod-w….jpg)

how did you get that reference image window to pop up? im using 4.1 and can only import a reference image on to the canvas which just works like importing an image on any other program


File: 1536489215702.jpg (583 KB, 1920x1080, 1528883789404-vis.jpg)

Paint Tool Gay isn't free software.
Just go with Krita or GIMP.


File: 1536594111401.png (368.54 KB, 692x900, 7ca480963c40d3bb388c3b1e0f….png)

specifically drawing I use krita and corel painter 7 but krita crashes a lot especially when I try to do animation and stuff like text is absolute garbie
all around the best software is just ps cs2 and no one can deny this
there's a mod for gimp which changes the layout and keybinds to mirror ps but I haven't actually sat down to do it, that could potentially be good
there was a time when this old man kept asking me to teach him gimp and i kept cracking up because I was getting random texts like, "wanna do GIMP tonight?"


did you ever help him learn? makes me feel kinda sad picturing this old man trying to learn software and asking a youngin for help and getting laughed at


I use photoshop cc 2015. I want to switch to something else but I can't, its so handy


File: 1538832415989.jpg (22.44 KB, 474x632,

you didn't laugh in his face, right?
only when you saw the texts, right?


I use Clip Studio Paint, its pretty good for making line art, and has dedicated manga stuff, and 3d models for help with perspective.


The refference image thats from Krita 3.1
It was removed in the future vers and it won't come back due to having problems.

first post for 33
I use Krita 4.1.5 since Krita 4's Pen Making tool is pretty neet and solid.
I like the stablizer that comes with it.
Usually it takes alot of time to configure Krita until its to the point of using.
Also pixelart brush is the best part of all.

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