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File: 1506266810603-0.png (221.86 KB, 1276x1254, carlsson-4-judas_2015.png)

File: 1506266810603-1.png (17.16 KB, 1280x1696, 1a876970fb64f65a43b0fdd4f6….png)

File: 1506266810603-2.png (9.9 KB, 642x402, ascii_bbs.png)

File: 1506266810603-3.gif (9.31 KB, 650x569, ascii_6_ansichrist.gif)


Anyone likes ASCII / ANSI Art? Some may remember it from back in the days from BBSes and of course it's still created by some fellow groups like Blocktronics and released here and there at demoparties and similar places. Of course it is also still used by "the scene" and found occasionally on the web.

It's been a while since I did some but lately I thought about starting again. I don't use blocks though only /\()_ like in the last two pics, but that is up to personal taste I guess.

If you want to see some more check out:
Groups like Blocktronics
The longest ansi ever
Sixteen Colors Twitter
Or this nice article about amiga asciis that also explains a few things:

Enjoy your textmode!


the third pic looks really nice

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