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Kalyx ######

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Thought I'd make this thread. Here's a pic of my journal, and a piece I wrote. It's meant to be spoken-word.

the hardest thing I had to give up
Pray, wish, or hope
that you won't
lose your identity.

Ask who
you'd be without irreverence or
piety. then imagine losing
that too. Imagine falling forward
abruptly, into
lies or the truth, to slander, to
gain or lose your infamy.
or the slow widening of
a closet door + dissolution of

I'd love to see any pics or excerpts from your journal, if you want to share.


I just use a moleskin journal. It has an expandable folder inside, so i can leave important soykaf in there.


Just a quick question, relating to the image.
Does NoACP indicate a movement against the construction of pipelines in parts of the US. I am from Europe, sorry.


Why does arisuchan has such high levels of low-effort phoneposting? Can you at least compress your useless gigapixels that carry as much information as 800x600px image before uploading them?

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