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Kalyx ######

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Recently i found funny and creative internet community of people, who share their strange ideas.
This community exists almost 20 years! And i am happy to share it with you, Lain

Do you know other internet subcultures, who value original creativity the most?



how did you find it, Ive only read a few ideas so far but they've all been pretty cool,
the graffiti drones one is a fantastic idea. how is it that someone like myself can actively look and look for over the course of years for interesting communities like that one and not find it. thank you again this site looks totally wicked! bravo! nice Internet detectiving!


also i wish did but i dont…
maybe theres something else online your looking for, rare files an such, pls giv me the chance to help find something cool for you in return!


thread soundtrack>


File: 1566687384065.png (539.77 KB, 714x515, oh my!.png)

thats a really cool website!


I made a request in google: "sharing ideas websites" and there was this result:
And I opened all links that were there


I just look for interesting people and interesting projects…
So please, create every project you dream about, it would be the most interesting


That is literally my life goal, just to create all the cool projects I think about.


OK actually after thinking about it a little more heres what i came up with, these are all fairly well known, but maybe theres at least one you haven't heard of.


Like 15 years ago I saw a video where some clever people took circuits from an old dot matrix printer, wired them to one spray can per dot and mounted it on an RC car. You could type a message like FCUK THE POLICE and the drone would roll it out across the sidewalk. This is the same concept but manifested on a much more ambitious level. I am impressed at the idea.


File: 1566785252629.png (47.66 KB, 302x331, katauri.png) is the only thing that comes to mind really



Is it possible to sort the ideas by score? Of is there some 'best of' list?


I think that this approach is wrong, because even if the idea has high score it does not mean, that it is good, and if idea has low score it does not mean, that idea is bad


If I understand correctly, that's why people hate reddit so much. So yeah.

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