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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1512702559704.gif (473.46 KB, 500x355, 1445041507227.gif)


I figured we could have a Unix general:
>System administration
>System programming
>Kernel programming
What are your current projects with Unix? Linux Minix BSD plan9 or any other surviving variant.

The best source of information on any given system is the developers themselves:
>The GNU Operating System, also the userspace of almost every Linux-based distribution
>Linux, the famous Unix-style kernel, aims to be POSIX compliant
>BSD, a family of Unix-style operating systems based on the BSD system from the CSRG at Berkeley

>OpenBSD, a "proactively secure" BSD.
>NetBSD, one of the oldest BSD derivatives, with support for all kinds of different architectures
>FreeBSD, A strong competitor in the network server environment.
>Plan9, originally developed by the creators of Unix to aim for a modern not-quite-Unix
>Minix, originally developed for students to teach operating systems.
>Friendly introduction to Unix in general.

So what's giving you hell, arisu?
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Um. That's a story on Richard Stallman's site that they copy pasted. Not sure if you missed it, or I'm missing your joke about Stallman.


>growing trend for distributed systems
i agree but why would you fork the entire os and kernel just to do something that already has many implementations in gnu/linux?


I really would love to try Plan 9, but it seems like there is a huge entry barrier… must learn more….


Despite what a lot of people say the #cat-v community on FreeNode is very helpful in setting up 9front on your hardware as long as you do not act like an idiot and have patience. The OS itself is actually fairly simple and the best way to learn is to simply use it and read the man pages(which are of the highest quality).


>cuckold license
It's better than "you are free to use my free code, BUT DON'T TRY TO USE IT IN A WAY THAT I DOESN'T LIKE".

File: 1567009976553.png (88.14 KB, 633x643, GdJ6HMD.png)


Hi :)

I've been working on this for a while.
It's a CLI tool to make and edit notes.
The notes are saved in an encrypted file.
It uses AES-256 encryption.
To see the notes, a password must be used.
The color theme can be configured.
And other stuff.

I made this to practice Rust and well, to make something.

Here's the repo if anyone feels like trying it

(Tested only on Linux)


It's a neat enough thing. I can't comment on the code other than to say that it looks like you need to practice refactoring more than you need to practice Rust.


Haha like in what parts of the code do you see that?

File: 1536293221598.jpg (90.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Not all projects deserve their own thread. This is a thread for discussing or getting advice on whatever project you may be working out there that isn't ready to be showcased in its own thread. Or its to small a scope or personal for anyone to care about.

I strongly believe that working on (and finishing) various projects is what this site promotes best. In a way, its what the world needs. Definitely what the social media world needs. A creative powerhouse that pushes not memes but software and trinkets. There's a war going on if you didn't know. Stay frosty out there lads.

Well any way, how's your project going?


>pic not related
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I've started a blog and have some pretty cool plans about what I'm going to write about in the futre but right now the major problem on my mind is marketing. I feel like, most places that I'd spread the word to are pretty adverse to self-promotion so if there's an Alice who's done DIY website stuff and marketed it successfully, I'd love to know how you did it, who you told, how long it took to be viewed by anyone etc.


I started my own imageboard revolving around Discordianism. Its name is pretty similar to arisuchan, it's called erischan. I hope I manage to gain users.


Do you intent to find investors, customers or just people with similar interests/ideas?
Damn, that's too specific.


me and a fren are putting together a lasertag arena from scratch. The arena, guns and armour will all be done from nothing. we nearly have a working pack/gun prototype done, which we'll post about soonish.
Heres more info if anyone's interested:


I almost never work on it and people have been waiting for it for years now…

Not good, not good…

File: 1492447475377.jpg (98.92 KB, 990x990, 1491114502955.jpg)


Hello to anyone that may stumble across this first post. I have a dream of "creating" my own imageboard for personal use. Online discussion in this format has enamored me especially after seeing it from the mod point of view. Now this new board would be based on vichan, but I need a developer to help modify it to specifications. I'm a slave to aesthetics and unfortunately just an ideas guy. I feel very passionately about this subject and just don't know where else to turn to for such impromptu work - I hope the other site does get an agora board for this reason. I'm a poor NEET so I'm afraid I cannot offer much in terms of compensation, maybe a few hundred dollars, but having my own board as a hobby would mean a lot to me. If anyone is interested in realizing the modest vision of a fellow lainon under the auspices of a "charitable" side project or would like an autistic friend, please respond. I would appreciate referrals as well.
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This may be too little, too late, but are you still out there? I haven't given up on you; please post if you read this entreaty. Sorry mods, but I'm trying to win back a potential collaborator so I'll bump once in a while - I promise it won't become a frequent thing.


Still here. Still working on it. Still need help.

(I hope this isn't too disruptive because it's been a while).


>OP spends 1 year on learning CSS for tweaking vichan's front-end
>still no progress


After all this time, I'm still here. Now I'm playing ideas guy for someone writing a full-fledged imageboard in GNU Guile. Talk about a niche within a niche!


The whole thing is ridiculous. If you are not a developer there isnt a circumstance where a development team builds your own solution for free. Your one of a billion people with a plan, another "game designer" without any skils.

You have to offer some value to get a community of people to provide you value for free. Your plan is incredibly vague and doesnt really sell anything. Why should anyone spend the man hours implanting another image board so that you who apparantly has never hosted or moderated anything can do so. What is so special about your vision ? At least describe it.

Futher, your obessing with the wrong details. Who cares what language its written in - thats transparent to the user.

You should promptly:
1 - record and discuss a detailed vision not centred around how you want your own board
2 - Promptly adopt an existing imageboard and host
3 - Begin learning gow to customize aesthetic

You may discover that:
1 - You dont have a vision at all and you just want to be in charge
2 - You actually dont want to host a imageboard - its not profitable or thankful work. Moderating will suck and each moderation decision will bring hate. But people probably wont use your board anyway.
3 - The customization / aesthetic isbt as important as you thought and you'd rather not know the internals.

Alternatively, you may gain valuble experience and this could change your life even if only gwtting you into webdev or it.

Either way, god speed anon.

File: 1554161300761.jpg (768.99 KB, 3264x1836, G2Xp8Or.jpg)


I really love what this person did with the screen being able to detach and go in a face mount. Love the Ono Sendai sticker, I get those vibes for sure.

I want to see a full VR desktop experience soon, and on a machine like this. I would be so stoked to design, code, and browse in a VR environment. If I ever get the resources, I'm going to build it myself.

Anyways, this project is cool and inspired me, hope you like it
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how slow is it compared to typing on a normal keyboard?
do you think you'll improve yet?


Awesome, we need a place to collect this stuff at. Considering I'm doing this almost full-time I will have a LOT to share. I want this available to general public.


File: 1557494114260.jpg (1.4 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_20190429_143056_01.jpg)

Since getting started I am typing at about 75% my normal typing speeds. I will definitely be able to type faster once I get used to the layout. Compared to a full keyboard it is a very different experience and the ergonomics are taking some time to adjust to, but the benefits in terms of comfort are already obvious.

I attached an image of the stenoboard for reference, hoping it goes through.

Yes, we definitely do. My passion and efforts alone won't be the only pieces to this machine becoming real, and having a hub for people to subscribe to, participate in, and contribute to is necessary and will honestly just be a cool place to hang out for people like us!


So been doing my best to find open-source VR headsets.




The first link is to a very affordable DIY headset that was developed by a couple of teenagers and their math professor, which I absolutely love. I think that that git is my favorite finding so far in my searches.

The second links to the git for an XR headset that aims to create web-specific experiences. I'm only interested in the hardware here, as it is a cleaner and more robust piece of hardware that will have room for improvements than the previous. However, it is meant to be stand-alone and I am not sure if that is necessary with the machine I envision.

Lastly, this third link is to a less-than-promising source. It has links that go to multiple different places but everything there seems to be "discontinued" or "out of stock" or not findable at all. It's quite annoying and I only listed it here to express my frustrations with how they have no information that details why nothing that they list is truly available, or even O-S. Because the HDK1 & HDK2 link to which is not a manufacturer that outright does O-S.

So that is my findings for this aspect of the project at the current moment for anyone who is looking to use an O-S headset as well. And if anyone knows of any other Open-Source VR/AR/XR headsets that are readily available to be used in development, feel free to link them as well. The more the merrier!



For anyone who is curious this project is not dead. In fact the scope of it all grew so much that I decided to go back to school to learn what I need to accomplish it. Besides that I have been networking with a lot of really talented people, gathering a whole bunch of research, and even quit my job to get a better one that is remote to afford more time to dedicate. Really excited to share more details with everyone is it goes. I guess I'm in it for the long haul!

File: 1561429995393.jpg (22.75 KB, 564x293, 7e92260dcefd012a3654ac6c15….jpg)


Hey, arisuchan. I'm planning to build a small computer using arch linux, probably with the spare raspberry pi that I have hanging around, but that's not certain. This is my first experience with linux and before I start I wanted to ask if you guys have any advice you wanted to offer me. Thanks!
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OS installation on a RaspberryPi is drastically different than installation on any other platform (architecture).
Note that officially the Arch Linux supports only x86_64.


while these things might work on linux, making them work (and well) on a raspi is surely a different story. The newer ones are beefier I hear, but even they dont hold a candle to most ok laptops these days.I havent used autodesk in years but I can imagine its inevitably a mite choppy on that sort of hardware.


File: 1564760007489.jpg (602.16 KB, 1875x2500, 1560270046633.jpg)

you have never used Linux before and you wanna start with arch?
if u want to dabble with linux dont go for arch and install everything from the ground.
install manjaro or something which is arch-based but comes with a windowmanager or desktop environment.
When you have learned to use terminal and utils etc then u install arch from ground up.


If it is your first time with gnu/linux, do NOT, start with arch, start with something simple like kubuntu, and go on from there, if you start with arch it will not be a funny experience and you will not really learn how it works


If it is your first time with gnu/linux, do NOT, start with arch, start with something simple like kubuntu, and go on from there, if you start with arch it will not be a funny experience; I started with Debian and already that was kinda hard for starting

File: 1494079286793.jpg (53.21 KB, 500x375, HS.jpg)


This is most likely in the wrong board to post this in but I was thinking of starting my own hacker space. I wanted to have a warehouse and I spoke to a good friend of my family who also is a realtor I started looking at warehouses in my state. If anyone here is in or around MD let me know what you think about this.

Also Hackerspace general.


>This is most likely in the wrong board to post this in
This seems like a good place to me. Carry on.


Your realtor friend probably won't be much help unless they're versed in industrial leasing. When choosing a space, you need to be aware of codes and regulations because the last thing you want is the city coming by a month after opening and telling you that you can't solder or weld anymore. If you think there's enough interest around you to cover the expenses, you should talk to people who run their own hackerspaces before you do anything.


Good plan I am making a trip to Baltimore to ask around a popular space up there.


What is a Hackerspace ?
Hackerspace chat
Blog Aggregator
Find a hackerspace

File: 1522748691779.jpg (95.73 KB, 800x501, lab.jpg)


Would any one be interested in starting a distributed laboratory?

It would have a public website with an inventory of laboratory locations, collective inventories of the members, documentation/knowledge base, members contribute with operations recommendations, network for a parallel distributed system, sensor nodes for stuff like weather/lab conditions, schedules of lab and computing resource availability for operations proposed by the community, datasets/online resource sharing etc.

The goal would be to create a helpful environment for DIY science, and a secure network for people with the same locale to share equipment, chemicals, materials; and for people outside of those locals to contribute computing power/datasets.

I'm a hardware/distributed systems engineer with a biochemistry friend, we've been toying with the idea for a while. If you're interested my email is


Maybe you should look into hackerspaces. Our space introduced a room for bioengineering where people grow their own insects for food and stuff. I don't understand any of this and try my best to not touch anything, but I guess other kinds of DIY Science would fit really well too, and it's basically exactly what you have described.



I think >>732 knows about hackspaces, and is presenting a different paradigm of how they could work.

It's a good idea in theory, but unlike the current hackspace "hub" model, the distribution of "funds" would be trickier, and thus, would impact on the incentive to maintain/acquire equipment.


This guy did start a website (labchan . org) but after a month or two of low activity it ended and now the domain is being used for something else. Still, it was interesting while it lasted.


File: 1532156880104.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1459, 62130944_p0.png)

I actually am about to obtain a space for similar purposes, and thought about having a hacker-space type area in there. You would have to ignore the /pol/ autism going on in the other room.


It sounds dubious that people would share consumables like chemicals. I might be intrested in sharing fixed expenses and spare capacity with a small in group, but are you going to invite the internet into your home, spend your personal time and supplies on their procjects ?

Unironically, there is very little evidence of any expertise at anything stem on imageboards. There are tons of intrested and idealistic people, but little productive discussion. Look at the empty programming boards compared to stack overflow, or leetcode. I would like to see imageboards become a vehicle for producing expertise but its unlikely. Its unlikely inviting the internet to share your consumables would result in any benefit.

Hacker Spaces seem like a far better idea for now. Or LUGS or Language user groups. Maybe having lain hackaathons would be useful.

File: 1556786260883.png (84.08 KB, 814x608, 2019-05-02-102837_814x608_….png)


Currently doing some research on quantum resistant blockchain. Mainly aiming at coming to a conclusion whether or not Monero is quantum secure or not.

So far it appears that public addresses on Monero are merely a point on an elliptic curve, which appears to not be quantum resistant. While BTC's public address is a hash of the public key, thus being quantum resistant.

Then there is of course the whole question of the ring signature. If I'm not mistaken than quantum computers should be able to reveal the signer of a transaction but only if from the 'tracable' ring signature monero uses.

Any anons done some work on that topic?


If I'm not completely mistaken, Bitcoin uses SHA 256 for hashing (aka generating new blocks/mining coins) and addresses, so if I'm not mistaken if SHA 256 is broken Bitcoin would have to change their Hash function to something 'safer'.

Can you recommend any books about quantum resistant/safe cryptography ? It's a field that is not covered by my textbooks or classes


yeah it pretty much boils down to that in bitcoins case. imo we should just let it die at some point.

> Can you recommend any books about quantum resistant/safe cryptography ? It's a field that is not covered by my textbooks or classes

That's the thing. It's an emerging field. I haven't read any book about post-quantum crypto yet. I suspect because there aren't many. I suggest reading new publications. Academic papers is where all the action is. If you spot something that sparks ur interest, stick with it, try to improve it and publish smth yourself or alternatively build smth based on it.

There's lots of stuff on quantum computing tho. Fascinating material anon. Have at it and stay ahead of the curve. Quantum supremacy race will dwarf turings work.


I recommend looking into hash-based signatures. Hashes are one of the (if not the) best-researched PQ crypto topics, and remain n/2-secure even when up against quantum computers. Lately, there have been multiple hash based signature schemes (such as SPHINCS, etc.). However, hashes seem to be unusable for asymmetric encryption as of yet. So you will have to look for other ways to get PQ ZK crypto.

 No.843 I regularly (~once a week) look through the new paper titles and then try to read into those that seem interesting.

File: 1493753422508.png (41.15 KB, 1200x600, OP.png)


The 4th lainzine is out and ready, let's try to get #5 together asap.
Send submissions to or
For an idea of what you can submit, here's our guidelines:
In addition, shmibs has offered these images as writing prompts:預言-a.png預言-b.png
We currently have 4 articles submitted. I'll be creating the gitlain repo shortly.
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>Why should we double-license?
Because it's been found that even CC-BY has restrictions, at least in a previous version. I am not very good at legalese so I don't know if it applies in the current CC-BY legalese.
Of course, CC-BY is okay. It's just not perfect.
>why does explicit noncommercialization make something not free?
Because it restricts what you can do with something. Freedom genuinely means being able to do whatever you want. FSF/GNU people enshrine this in their four freedoms.
I don't like commercialisation, but who am I to decide what others can do? What if someone sees a need to commercialise it where I couldn't see such a need?
>Thanks for your advice
I'm so sorry but my post wasn't really advice, just me getting buttmad about freedom. I should've done all this explanation here originally instead of waiting for your reply first!
So I hope this post was better.


If anybody who's working on this can answer; how far along is this? I wrote and article and I'm so stoked to see it finally come out. Gonna definitely print a few copies and distribute them locally.


Is Lainzine 5 development still alive? can't wait to read it



You can check the twitter account of the person hosting the website for Lainzine.



It's surprising no one talk about the 5th release. Love the article of the P.I.

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