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I look out the window, and there are
x1 Sun
x4 bird(s)
x1 tree(s)
x1 blue sky
x1 thin cloud(s)
And I listen to the sounds of a lullaby playing
Smooth whispers of a song
They dance to the lullaby and fall fast asleep
Look outside once more
x1 Sun
x1 tree(s)
x4 corpse(s)
x1 black sky
x4 thin cloud(s)
Gilt corpses on the ground, their leaves like feathers
Their feathers….like leaves….?
They surely took their leave
I guess the lullaby worked
I look out the window, and there are….?


We breath cyberpunk
We praise the new pantheon
Hail Lain hail the /k/ube


Morning Sun on my back.
I can read your fortune if you like.
All of us can see now.


Ghosts of images


File: 1504415630785.png (810.12 KB, 766x606, stirner.png)

you mean spooks?


who would have known,
that a boy like him,
would have entered me lightly,
restoring, my blisses

-björk, cocoon, vespertine, 2001


I suck cock for money


Thoughts demised
Milk flew through trees
Peace moved from ocean to ocean
The world was never the same again


feathered fiends litter the lot
pitter-patter of raindrops.
fleeting feeling of belonging.
fly away.


When you call it poetry,
it sounds so scary.


Archetype engine
tune up
No soul in the hardware
you screw up


5 mintes? who has suchetimE?


i made a red-dot line
i assure you
it's all in good fun.
i drew a kitty!
| |


How many legs does a clock have?
How many lifes can you have?
Serving your cause but why?
Is it inspirational?

We just don't know
We just don't know


to my destined love,
my serenade:
i hope we can meet one day
one day
with a romantic sunset, our faces painted with orange rays, our meeting met with splendor
maybe one night
under a tranquil moon, our lips meeting with feverishly, our cheeks painted with a signature rose
if not
i'll probably die from loneliness


monkey say jump,
dolphin say sit.
my knees broke.
sad face.


Sky like fuzzy television
Stars confused for satellites
At home brewing java in the kitchen
Freaking out about phony types

No faith in the school I'm in
Made an addict of infornography
Agitated by moral alchemy
Nobody knows their cameraman


Once upon a night of rain, worshiping with rite of Lain
A curious note to my attention had fired
'Cross my screen it came erected, there my face I saw reflected
Another me I had detected, drifting through the Wired
"Tis some profile," I muttered, "that I had past retired"
Then it messaged: "From not you, but God have I been sired"


the wave of heartache overwhelms me
a weakness in my chest almost like
my ribs are collapsing on me
it hurts.


I once broke into a bank
using balls of copper wire
Engineered with the help
of formal human thought.

The last little quartet
of non-poetic lines
I don't even know why
blaze my head mess


another level
but when is the next stage
when can i evolve or rank up
i really hope i can learn the Cope skill
or maybe the Resist Stress ability
i probably chose the wrong build
this WISDOM stat does nothing
and why does my WILL stat have to be so low


the world goes no further than that door
six faces enclosed
the sun and moon seen more
through that
but how?
because the answer is always there
once connected
it is too late
it's too connecte…..


I breath in
the ink
I breath
the dust
the paper
The poem


A twisted irony that stimulants
serve to tire my fragile frame is not meant
to inspire
Thoughts of strength
Hopes of faith
Dreams of yesterday


You've never known,
You've never shown.
You've never bled,
You're only dead.
You've never been,
You've never seen.
You never had a fucking chance.


We want to merge with something
Technology might accept us, because it can't say no
I think


Whisper in my heart

Never alone
Always talking
Always taking


i'm burning
but i will leave no ashes

no one sees me
no one hears me

i'm walking
but i will leave no tracks

nobody knows me


on this dark night,
the only light I see is artificial.
as false as my promises of change
I turn my head, close my eyes
start over.



this is but a mere persona
a shallow facade made to delude
this mask is tangled on my face
my real self is much too crude


And you won't try to open your mind
Everything of value remains outside
Your head, and too bad because I
Know you're filled with nothing but lies
So why do you shut your ears from truth? Why
Are your eyes closed to the life
That you aren't living? I'm being kind,
I'm not insulting you—I simply inquire.


my poetry would be too deep and revealing about my character
the world is not ready for it


is anyone there?
this is not a poem.
i'm serious.


Staring into a screen
Turning green
Who are we?

Wired, tired, free?
A couple of digital fiends.


the moon is floating in absinthe
but i still see red when i gaze through my telescope
"it can't be", i think, oblivious as blood oozes from my eyeholes
and leaves a stain of vermilion across the white room
the worms have eaten through these eyes, but not through my heart
my desiccated body, i am content with watching from afar


Last night I saw upon the stair,
A little man who wasn't there,
He wasn't there again today;
I think he's from the NSA.


In native lands, covered in totems,
Lives a man with an enormous scrotum
Like a big beanbag chair.
Kick him there, if you dare!
And as for the ladies, he bloats 'em.



fifteen years ago, something fell down over me, origins unknown.

iridescent sheets– dewey, dim, black foilage
contrast, fleeting once.

winded up and lost. widened eyes and mystery, broken capsules.




my friend of circuits and wires
i confide in you
as you know of my
thirteenth other side.

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