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Kalyx ######

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Because who doesn't love stationary?

Anyway, share your stationary collections/daily go to's, recommendations, or feel free to ask any questions.

Don't know where to start?

What's your favorite pen(or ink)/What pen(or ink) is your daily go ?
Do you use mechanical pencils? Why or why not?
Do you use fountain pens? Why or why not?
Are traditional writing tools ever going to completely evolve in the future?


I always thought stationary was cute, but never felt like I could find the dedication in myself to complete a notebook or anything. If anyone has tips for filling out a notebook or the like, I'd appreciate it. Sorry this post isn't entirely related to the thread topic, but seeing this made me feel like asking.


This is top secret cognoscenti intel, so don't go telling your friends, but the Alvin Draft Pencil 10mm is the absolute best pencil in the world, hands down.


I meant pt. 9mm. Not sure what I was thinking


.9mm. Fuck


I try to define notebooks related to topics (say: computers, cooking, other hobbies) that matter to me, and try to put organized notes about what I learn and do in relation to this topic.

to the op:
I typically use fountain pens. Got used to them in school and just havent quit. Generally use medium nibs but have been getting curious to try some good fine nibs eventually.

As a kid I preffered blank paper for everything, and I think I still sometimes do. But lately have been drifting more to lined for some purposes that are rather text heavy.


How do I stay organized enough to use stationary? I take a lot of notes, but I always just use cheap pens and little spiral notebooks and scribble quick sketches and ideas and the like.

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