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Today, for the first time I created a world with graphics in a dream, like in anime, I was in it, talked with people and traveled around the city.
Now I'm thinking of how I can transfer this state to the open world as Tulpu

I believe that in real life there is no sense in such realistic graphics and that it would be more interesting to live, I am ready to go for it.


File: 1508670176278.jpg (74.05 KB, 500x666, tumblr_nyy3j9VpzT1qzcapfo1….jpg)

You want to power an artificial world with your consciousness, like a dream?
How would you define "interesting"?
And what is Tulpu?


File: 1509139635433.jpg (227.81 KB, 1200x856, harvey.jpg)

He probably means a former of "tulpa" which is basically a separate consciousness that exists in your own mind, with its own free will and personality. A lot of the crystal healing/spirit traveller's types claim to create tulpa for themselves, and apparently they don't go away once they are formed, and live alongside you like an invisible being only you can communicate with. Imagine Ryuk from Death Note, or even Slenderman.

I've never heard of people creating places in their minds that they can visit and travel to, but I guess that sort of goes along with tranches and spirit traveling stuff, huh?


I do not know exactly where this is happening, but the tulpa is created from the consciousness, which means that everything that you think about can be transferred to the real world.
There is still a strange pressure on the body when the brain begins to create within itself.
I'm afraid that the body can not stand, although this is possible temporarily.


There are still adrenaline emissions if you do not control yourself throwing out.
Overloads are also thrown out, in fact the brain can not constantly create something that is being overloaded inside.

As I understood the brain is missing some elements or it wears out maybe connected with neurons

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