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Does anyone know some books that can teach me how to make a great novel? Also it's going to take place in the future and focus on personal change, discovery and relationships. pic related is what I've found so far


(also im not shilling this book, you can find it for free…i haven't read it yet)


On writing by Stephen king


thank you


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it seems like 8/lit/ doesn't like him. here's the thread:


you should write at least a line every day, even it it gets removed when editing.
also always be currently reading something
my favorite futuristic story is The Book of the New Sun, it may give you inspiration


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I found a thread with some pdfs posted here: https://applechan/lit/res/69.html
any more books or advice will be greatly appreciated.


File: 1518083440326.pdf (11.06 MB, Peter Elbow-Writing Withou….pdf)

I have this one about writing in general and how you can learn it with a few friends. It has some helpful ideas and I still do the free writing exercises but I never had a chance to organize a teacherless writing class.

I downloaded this collection of books about writing novels and screenplays a while ago but I never actually read any of them, maybe you can find something nice in it:


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Thank you so much!


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I'd consider all these cream of the crop from what i've found on 8/lit/, especially this one. Hope this helps


If you want to write a good novel, you gotta read a lot. Read a ton of stuff and learn from it.

I recommend studying short stories. Even if you're going to write a novel, short stories cover the basics of story structure, character development, motifs, and symbolism.


That reminds me of this article where the author "reverse engineered" some books to write his own:

Read it OP you might find something useful in it.


Do you really think anyone who knows how to write novels spends their time on 8chan?



Considering there are published novels making references to local imageboards or BBSes? I wouldn't dismiss it that easily. A number of entries qualify.


How do i access that site, Alice?


I can second Stephen King.

But do be warned, he writes the following: "While it is impossible to make a competent writer out of a bad writer, and while it is equally impossible to make a great writer out of a good one, it is possible, with lots of hard work, dedication, and timely help, to make a good writer out of a merely competent one."

I only bring it up because OP said 'great novel'.

In any event, Uncle Stevie recommends reading and writing for 4-6 hours a day, every day. Including Christmas.


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looks like who ever is in charge has put a word filter. delete the 'applechan' and put in l/a/i/n/c/h/a/n/dot/org/lit/res/69.html


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In my experience writing, lots of stuff in this thread are truth an useful, start with short stories and read a lot too.
Personally I don't think there is a definitive method to teach writing like it exists on other arts but writing is still an art and that's why I think observation is an important skill for writers.
OP to be a writer you don't need to make your own stories, the world is full of stories and you need to see them, the stories on your own life are a starting point, write about what you think or what you feel about different episodes of your life, give those episode contexts about the place and the era where they happen, that kind of stuff will give you tons of painful material.
Later on you can movie to the stories in the lives of others, how and why do things happen to them? What series of events drove them to the way they're now? Any work of non fiction would deal with these topics but when you write fiction you have to cut and paste reality to make something new.
You want to write sci fi and all this stuff I've said s still truth because what scfi fi adds is speculation. There was this sci fi magazine called Worlds of If and I think that name is what sci fi is all about, what if there was a sentient planet? That's Stalinlaws Lem's Solaris, another example What if androids where a separated caste in our society? That's will be PKD's Do Android's dream of electric Sheep? Another one What would robots do in our world and society beside reveling against humans? That's Asimov's I, Robot. So if you want to write good sci fi you have to ask yourself these questions and image how would the people you see on the streets go on in a different world.
There is other stuff I would like to bring up but my brain is kind of tired after writing this.


thank you
> write about what you think or what you feel about different episodes of your life
i don't want to be a vain writer but perhaps i am missing the point if i don't write about my experiences


>i don't want to be a vain writer but perhaps i am missing the point if i don't write about my experiences
What do you mean?


Read that guy's books. He taught Woody Allen.


I don't know how to explain. im against the 'world revolves around me' kind of thinking

thank you! this looks promising!

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