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hey nerds, i recently made an art forum if anyone wants to check it out >:)


Why would I want to post there and not deviant art, tumblr, fediverse, ello, newgrounds instead?


File: 1567267726489.jpg (4.06 KB, 187x200, 1558017874958s.jpg)


these are pretty old forums. i hope to make a new twist to the art forums niche. they seem to be slackin in my opinion.


Ello is fairly recent, and deviant art recently got a makeover. The fediverse has been around for a while but started actually taking off more recently.

I'd also like a new art site, but it had to do something new and different in a good way.



It's always worth a shot. if you put your mind to it and stay dedicated you def can. i've been running an art magazine for about a year and i started it from writing articles on my own.


The site looks nice btw, good logo.


I didnt mean that I wanted to make one of my own, just that if a new ones going to be made it needs something about it that sets it apart from what's already out there, your the site creator right? So what is it about that makes it any different or better than the alternatives?


File: 1567271761941.png (91.99 KB, 512x510, 1558572543904.png)


I believe the current art forums that dominant the niche at the moment could be done a lot different. I don't agree with the current designs nor styles that are held at the moment.

Of course you do have these major platforms like Reddit, ello, deviant, etc, that has taken a more modern taken on the idea. I do plan to follow through in those routes in some ways, however I'd also like to hold the original style of what a forum should be. Community. Artists deserve to help each other out and point each other in the route direction. I hope to form a strong community of artists willing to help younger and newer individuals get a foot in the door. At the moment my forum could seem pretty pointless and I fully get if you feel that way and you have the right too. I can admit the forum has a lot of work as it's quiet simple at the moment, but I'm a motivated individual when it comes to projects and I fully plan to take this somewhere that can mean something for artists around the world.

Ight motivational speech over


Good luck, maybe I'll join, if the sites more about helping each other out than that should be expressly stated on the front page, that will take there first impressions from "hmmm generic art fourm" to "art fourm with a focus on helping each other out and improving our artistic skills together"
Most people's attention spans are extremely short (myself included) so I think its extremely import to establish the key points behind the site on the front page.

Also If I've come across as discouraging, that's not my what I've intended, I hope the site grows into something valuable.



No not at all I really appreciate the feedback. I've changed some things to make it more apparent. I'd like to set up some announcement boxes for guests, as my register button isnt very call to action as the moment.


Imagine having to follow several links on an empty forum to get bad fanart


i'm sorry you feel that way my man.

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