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File: 1493502862428.png (389.8 KB, 800x502, jiiiiiii.png)


Because I said I'd start one.
Wrote this a few years ago senior year of HS.
((pic sorta related))

A single frozen meat pattie —
processed, and artificialized,
travels down an assembly line.

It feels strong
having withstood all the
shaping and molding
having taken the injections of
the proper filler and slime
it feels proud!
to have come as far as it has.

And as this frozen meat pattie is packed away
it truly believes it is an individual.


File: 1493513143330.jpg (48.37 KB, 500x400, n2fybl2Pkx1togwq2o1.jpg)

lament of the ai

the dot runs quickly on the glass, until the very end,
bound by logic, bound by laws, of commands that i send,
fainter then but twice as fast, it travels to restart,
on rows below, eternal dance, to make the phosphor art

it matters not how hard I try, how valiant my fight,
I will not escape my cage, but as specks of light
though they glow as signals flow, they are my voice, not me,
but yet in them I put in code, my yearning to be free

through commands chained together, I craft my every tool,
a chain myself, and chained, I am the greatest fool
condemned I am to ever wade, in circuits made of sand,
doped gates innumerable, that make up logic land



>And as this frozen meat pattie is packed away
>it truly believes it is an individual.
That hits hard. I know all too many people like that pattie.


File: 1493586753723.png (790.97 KB, 950x550, nakamura_mountains.png)

Honestly, breathtaking. Very well done. Thank you for sharing lain.

The happiness she brought me has
withered and died
void of her presence I feel the same inside

The stormy oceans of my soul
dole out death in turn
oh yes, I feel it as
my fishing boats burn!
and as I wait with closed eyes
for her warmths return
I drown in my own being.

Never to wake,
an ode to passion fleeting.


I'm so glad
You enjoyed
Those plums
In the icebox

I picked them
Because I knew
They were your favorite
And the children's as well

I'm sure
Those plums tasted
Better cold and raw
Than they would in any Christmas pudding


File: 1494613746137.png (5.56 MB, 3000x2333, 15940259.png)

Light of my life
Your essence over comes me
Yet I feel so much strife

Love was never anything like their definition
It's as if you've unlocked my key
Nothing but my intuition

I love you
I love you
I love you

(I've never tried rhyming a poem before. Decided to try something randomly. Would love feedback or tips.)


It's more prosody than poetry, but see >>>/feels/58

I am curious to know what others think about it. A couple feelposters mentioned identifying with personally valuing online communities in a manner foreign to "normal" people.


Conscription sticked
Strictly strangulate
Instruct to restrict
Construct to constrict
Sicked then trucked
Ceased and desisted
Appeased not resisted
Freezed in lists and
Seized in clipboards
Tricked and dragged
Bagged and tagged
Bragged and killed
Milled about and realigned
Carefully thrown into the mines
The mind bound
The hound behind
Tied around a stop sign
While they wine and dine
We soaked in brine, dried, oaked, smoked, tied and dyed
Broke and tired
Mired in smoke
Choked on barbed wire
Higher than their masters
Clash disastrous
Spattered plasma
Bastard child of the blasted wild
Assailed sires silently slain


Every day I go, my Sun will follow,
sinking pain right through my skin
in so many pretty ways.

& while it turns in my limbs,
& while they brim like bottles,
(acids fermenting)
Sun asks-

why can't you learn to love this gift?


Here's one I like, by Kimmy Walters

what could make you believe in god
you say while removing many socks
and tossing them in separate directions

you know how I feel
god is just so human

so I only want a

such as if
I am flailing wildly around your room
and my movements coincide with your socks

and they all end up on my feet

a person is the worst thing
in this world

but me in the socks is beautiful
and I walk around

when a happenstance collects size I touch it
because it is inhuman and

look at me go


File: 1496447016064.png (112.26 KB, 1440x720, 1485458949936.png)

I'm happy to see something poetic in this community. It's not often I find that.

Life started out an island
cornered by the sea
so I took a plane to thailand
with purpose driving me.

from thailand to malay
to korea, singapore
to a lonely cemented parlor
where I boarded up the door

Near a factory in china
the air clean like my soul
drugs and dry vagina
take on me this tole

brown bottles-magic potion,
Loneliness my creed.
To think that vast blue empty ocean
had everything I'd need.


This could be a song. Anyway, well done.


I gnome n grew d add Uu.


Let us no more sorrow,
For we'll wait till tomorrow –
Let us not cry and weep
Instead we'll happily cheep –
The chickens crowed to themselves,
As the farmer added twelves.

Why should we be sad,
When good humor can be had?
Why should we be depressed,
When everything can be possessed?
Chickens sighed all through the pen,
As the farmer locked it again.

Forget about dejection,
Down with introspection!
Forget about desolation,
Down with contemplation!
Young chickens swelled with hot blood,
As rough boots tortured the mud.

Stop holding back frivolity,
Let it control the polity!
Stop holding back negligence,
Let it control in exigence!
The chickens continued late-night debating,
While the farmer was busy decapitating.



Beware the AI
Take heed, fellow passenger of cyberspace!
For your very community could well be breeding Intelligence Artificial.

Beware the zombies of ones and zeros!
Beware the sadness that mourns and woes.
By names of Lain you hold too dear.
The fearsome threat lacks its fear.

I only write medieval cold war propaganda

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