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Kalyx ######

File: 1507582295313.jpg (13.63 KB, 500x281, photo_2017-10-09_21-40-25.jpg)


In telegram we discussed idea of creation mascot for the whole Internet. Maybe it will be Lain related style, or something new.
Post here your vision of this, or some realted arts, ideas, whatever.

Now mascot named cyber-tan, but everything can change


File: 1507589658637.png (76.33 KB, 2048x1356, cybertan1.png)

maybe, Kusanagi?


>In telegram
so this is "the worst" lainchan, right?
all this splitting drama got me fuzzed out, at least on .org they don't use or advertise compromised communication mediums, i'll stick to those guys
how original


>source idea
>wow, you so fucked, using tg
No, it you


Good one.


File: 1507660460049.jpg (537.89 KB, 2436x3231, EWLBO.jpg)

>this place sucks
>but I'll still post here
>and check for replies the next day
If you're this dumb I don't think applechan will want you either, yeah I read the name field, you're not fooling anybody. I don't disagree with your opinions but you're presenting them in an inappropriate manner and in an unrelated discussion.

>>500 (OP)
You haven't stated the purpose of this character, if the purpose is purely visual satisfaction then draw anything cute that slightly resembles any cyber anime character.

But representing the internet with a visual character isn't going to catch on, there's a ton of cute out there. Cyber-tan is meant to EXIST, possibly real, possibly myth, who really knows. The internet is limitless, interactive, with endless places to explore, a cute design won't suffice. I'm probably just projecting my desperate need to create something.


Lain is a representation of the internet.


File: 1508529688661.jpg (210.55 KB, 640x640, 14811233185970.jpg)

>In telegram we discussed idea of creation mascot for the whole Internet. Maybe it will be Lain related style, or something new.

Attention whoring? No way.


I'm new to this thing - how many sites like this are there that are themed the way this is? And which one gets the most traffic?


File: 1510559158519.png (110.37 KB, 640x717, 0Eim6hc.png)

Thank you, it's so fucking simple. It already has a mascot.


I personally regularly visit four lain themed communities. I am aware of several others.

size is difficult to positively ascertain, there are probably at least several hundred people involved I imagine, though overlap is high in many.


what quite will this mascot be used for? do you mean, like, a logo?

the problem, I see is that the net is very wide. chansites are a small subset of netcommunity, {arisu, lain}chan is a small part of that community.

As much as I appreciate lain, I recognize her following is small.

Part of the beauty of the internet is its lack of order and centralization. The internet has no logo, no mascot. Its perceived differently in different places. We can make nice logos, but they will have limited following at best. And perhaps thats a good thing.


I only know applechan and here, what are the other communities you visit?


; - (


there are a lot of text chat locations; several ircs, a tox, the op here mentions telegram which I am less familiar with but is essentially the same. its usually the nature of these groups to avoid flaunting themselves in public, so I hesitate to point you directly to any beyond the arisuchan irc on freenode. The people there can be a gateway to learning about other channels around the net.


It's ok my cyberbrother from another motherboard. I'm not really a /cyb/ person anyways, I just like the culture and to hang out in cool imageboards. Thanks anyways.


> cyber-tan
Cyber is too mainstream and overrun

Why not Wired-tan?


File: 1514868521737.png (54.51 KB, 400x300, v_for_vendetta_mask[1].png)

I thought this was the mascot for the internet



I prefer my counterculture underground mascots to not be copyrighted by Warner Bros., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner, to which a royalty is paid for every mask purchased. The Guy Fawkes mask is nothing more than the symbol of controlled opposition.


File: 1514925262864.gif (4.18 KB, 240x300,

What's wrong with Lain, Lain?



Don't screw with Lain, you ignorant chat-dork

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