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Kalyx ######

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Does anyone else do traditional art that emulates digital glitch art?


>photos of a human female
wow very artsy, so inspiring :)


I'll agree that the subject matter isn't spectacularly original, but those aren't photos. Those are in fact paintings.


>Those are in fact paintings.
Oil on canvas.


Very cool I'd like to see some of other environments since >>557 is right.


Sure, let me just input some more bitcoins into my painting neural network human and it'll do some more for you. No need to donate, it's a gift from Alice Corp.

>wow it's not animu grills my programmer disorders won't let me take it



File: 1513562071027.png (4.46 MB, 1920x1200, Out of Touch.png)

made this not long ago, kinda bad but i guess it fits along

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