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File: 1546902669925-0.jpg (1.25 MB, 3000x2152, 14652 abe_yoshito….jpg)


Anyone know the best place to buy the Yosoykafoshi Abe art book of Lain online. I'm talking about the English Version titled "Yosoykafoshi Abe Lain Illustration Limited Edition." A link would be appreciated, thanks.


A physical copy? Hmm. Unsure myself. Lurking to find out.


>Yosoykafoshi Abe Lain

I've just found the name for my child. Thank you.

So did you check ebay? There are like dozens of copies there. What is wrong with them?


File: 1547508006245.png (238.63 KB, 516x516, Alfred Bester's The Stars,….png)

>Anyone know the best place to buy
used copies literally go for $30 on amazon usa:

otherwise just keep an eye on mandrake or yahoo auctions japan via proxy service of your choice (goody-japan, remambo, etc)

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