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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1506525842495-0.gif (170.53 KB, 266x800, jp-ccl-01.gif)

File: 1506525842495-1.png (835.03 KB, 532x1600, en-ccl-01.png)


(Feel free to move this to /r/)
Included in japanese versions of SEL videos and DVDs there was a short series of 4 panel manga. It has already been translated into english - - but as far as I know the images have never been edited to include the english text, so I have decided to do so, along with a few image and language clean-ups.

This is my first time doing something like this, so let me know how I am getting on.


File: 1506526028386.png (835.03 KB, 532x1600, en-ccl-01.png)

Sorry, fixed a typo in the title.


File: 1506529553884-0.gif (144.36 KB, 263x733, jp-ccl-02.gif)

File: 1506529553884-1.png (756.56 KB, 526x1466, en-ccl-02.png)

Second ones done.


File: 1506532050717.gif (146.06 KB, 263x729, jp-ccl-03.gif)

I need some help figuring out what text goes where. The text is as follows:
01: Iwakura Diary
02: Lain: People often tell me that I'm a slowpoke.
03: [fluster fluster]
04: Oh, I forgot to put toothpaste…
05: Oh, my hair got slept on in a weird way…
06: This is perfect for me [accela]
07: Now I have 12x speed!
08: [Kids don't copy]
09: [She can't drink it without water]
10: This is dad's toothbrush.
11: [fluster fluster fluster fluster]
12: I though this was jam and it's kimchi paste.
13: I have two right socks on.
14: [the tears she sheds are also 12x]
15: Lain: Today…is Sunday
16: [fluster fluster fluster]
17: Mika: So annoying.


File: 1506533923632-0.gif (139.76 KB, 259x665, jp-ccl-04.gif)

File: 1506533923632-1.png (676.05 KB, 518x1330, en-ccl-04.png)

A nice easy one this time.


Looks like absolute soykaf and the font is barely readable
but you don't have much to work with, the source is tiny
good job nonetheless alice

you gonna make the 2 colored ones?


>Looks like absolute soykaf
Yeah, I might redraw them at some point when my art has improved.

>The font is barely readable

Sorry about that. What font do you think I should use?

>You gonna make the 2 colored ones?

Yeah, I just need to get back to my computer that isn't an idiot so maybe later today.

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