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I have several ideas for some cool browser extensions/addons that could make a radical difference in how people interact on the web, so much so that I'm ready to dedicate the rest of my life to realize this one idea, I think it could create a new Internet golden age.

at this point, I have only knowledge of HTML/CSS and recently started learning python.
Ultimately what I want to make is a fork of Firefox with all the extensions I've imagined built-in. some of which would make some pretty fundamental changes to the basics of the browser itself.

Can I get a road map of what to learn to so that I can make this? like what programming languages? but also anything else that might be useful.

I imagine that if I where to publish my ideas that almost immediacy there'd be people who would develop it. but I want to make sure that it will be open source and also released with all the features fully ready at the same time at launch, otherwise id fear of simply having ideas ripped off and poorly implemented in other browsers, or worse yet in an incomplete form, even tho each idea fairly different, they all come together to create the full experience. if the browser can be released in its full form from the beginning though, I believe it would have the greatest chance of wide adoption.

for the above reasons, I want to start out by making it alone and only after the visions fairly concrete invite others on board to help build it.

so again what should I learn? Thank you Alice.
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C++ thread

Everything C++: What you like/dislike about it, what you'd like to improve. Of course, also post your C++ projects.

I really like C++ because it is powerful, yet allows very intricate control over what the machine does. I think that efficiency and adaptability are the most important features of code, aside from cleanliness. What I don't like about it is that the syntax is not parsable by push down automata (so it's not context-free).

, a coroutine library I have written in C++.
It achieves true M:N threading, and I spent a lot of time on the atomics to try to make the scheduling as efficient as possible.
I benchmarked it, and its context switching and scheduling is faster than Rust's and Golang's coroutines (>1.5x) / goroutines (>20x @ 12 cores), so I am quite proud of it. Because of efficiency reasons, coroutines do not have their own stacks, so scoping variables and native exceptions are not supported. But the syntax ended up being nice enough to not be a nuisance, I think (see the docs/

Let's all love Lain!
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C Thread

Reasons to learn C

C has a significant amount of software written in it, including the Linux kernel. Learn C if you ever want to hack on the kernel, any UNIX-based operating system, device drivers, or other embedded / firmware / device-level software.

It has two major compilers (gcc and clang), with gcc being the oldest and most popular and clang being younger but built on a better technical foundation. This is in addition to a high volume of static and dynamic analysis tools. Learn C if you like languages with lots of tool support available.

C is very good for writing simple single-threaded programs that go fast with low memory overhead. Learn and use C when you want more explicit control over your program's memory usage and the operations it performs, e.g., for implementing searching and sorting algorithms.

Learn C if you ever want to do any kind of reverse engineering or executable binary analysis. It's likely the thing you'll be analyzing will have been written in C or something similar.

Learn C if you want to get a good software engineering job. There are lots of opportunities for both maintaining old C code and writing new C code.

Things that aren't reasons to learn C

Plenty of people might disagree with me on these, but I feel like there's a lot of misconceptions about what C is good for and what it isn't good for. Here's some things that it's not so great for.

Don't learn C for writing performant programs. Earlier I mentioned that C is good for writing simple programs with low memory overhead and great single-threaded performance. Anything more complex than this starts to get nontrivial very fast. This is because C has generally poor and difficult to use concurrency tools (complicated multithreading, synchronization, and atomic primitives that take a lot of effort to use correctly).

Don't learn C for writing anything complex that also needs to be correct. Proving the correctness of a C program is more or less impossible without first writing it in a second, more formal language. C is also full of undefined behavior, which is pretty easy to avoid, but you have to know what to look out for.

Don't learn C if your real goal is to learn C++. Just learn C++ in that case. C and C++ are different languages with very different best practices.

Don't learn C to make it easier to learn other languages later. IMO it's better to start with a functional language like a LISP or haskell than a procedural language like C.

Other things to watch out for

C has no garabge collection, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your needs. Be careful about putting things on the heap with functions like malloc, since you are responsible for freeing that memory!

C has a very limited understanding of bits, which can actually make it somewhat difficult to write device-level or networking programs where each bit is important. Use bitfields with care.

Compared to other languages, C has a very empty standard library. Any datastructure more complicated than a character array you'll likely end up implementing yourself.

How to learn C is the best starting point for finding resources for learning C. It will tell you what's good and what's not good. It's maintained by the fine folks on the ##c freenode IRC channel, which is also full of very knowledgable people. They take C very seriously.
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Hey Alice, please help me with a little something.
how can i permanently hide the title/name of all tabs in Firefox?
I'd like for all tabs to look like a pinned tab (pic related, right click tab for the pin option)
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Rust Thread

Why are you not using language with the best mascot?

If you are, share your experiences and projects.

Want to learn?
Read the book

Questions are welcome
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Python 3 General

Share resources, PDFs and books. Also discuss and share projects you have been working on.

Beginner Questions are also welcome.
R: 15 / I: 1


Let's discuss ways to get better at programming. How do you practice?
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C and WebAPIs

I've been working with C around 6 years now, purely learned it through Quake 3 Engine. But it is kinda getting weird, companies like Discord don't provide official WebAPI libraries for C instead they rely on unofficial implementations, why is that so?
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In what aspects is Haskell a better languages than other langs out there? or why do you like it. I like Haskell in this kind of weird and intrinsic way where programming just feels nice, but it doesn't seem very popular so I fear the ROI won't be very good if I spend more time trying to learn it.
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General Projects Thread

So, what have you been working on?
I just finished my Golang wallpaper generator:
Im really happy with the result, which you can see in pic related

Another question:
Where do you prefer to upload/host/share your code?
I use and
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All personal preferences and opinions on other text editors aside.

For those who use/used Emacs, what was the learning curve like for you to learn the editor and use efficiently. Would you consider the time you spent learning Emacs worth it? Also what would you recommend people to learn and understand before jumping into using Emacs.
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vichan setup

I the need to create an imageboard of my own started when I found the source code for Futallaby. I and decided to try and set it up. I made my own imageboard with it but soon found out that using software that was last updated in 2004 is a terrible idea. So I soon found vichan.

I tried to follow the setup for vichan on the github but it wasn't very helpful.
Does anyone here have any experience with setting vichan up?
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Beginner thread

This is a thread for people who is starting with programming to ask simple questions, request simple things and post their code to get help.
If your question doesn't have a thread were it fits bring it here.
Remember to do some research before asking a question.
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/racket/ thread

Racket is a general purpose programming language descendent of Scheme. Its key features are its powerful hygenic macros, simple module system, and contract-based type system. Racket's designers describe it as "A Programmable Programming Language", with the aim of allowing programmers to easily create and interop DSL's. The way Racket achieves this is primarily through the "#lang" option, which treats libraries as languages, and allows syntax and semantics to be imported, borrowed, extended or completely rewritten.

Racket is prominent in introductory teaching of Computer Science, in courses based around the book How to Design Programs. HtDP takes advantage of Racket's DSL capabilities by providing the student with subsets of the language which gradually introduce more features as they become more experienced with programming.

This doesn't mean that Racket is restricted to teaching. Racket shares many features with other popular languages, and more. Racket has list comprehensions, pattern matching, object orientation, a C FFI, a statically typed variant (Typed Racket), threading primitives, and more. Racket can be thought of as a "batteries included" Scheme, and is a breeding ground for experimental language design.

Have you ever used Racket? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it?
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What programming language(s) is Project TSUKI running on.
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Programming books

Is it just me or are recently published programming books a complete waste of time? I am disappointed every time I try one. Usually they are much longer than their content would make necessary, the examples (if there are any) are inane, the exercises nonexistent or so basic they can be solved by common sense without touching the book, the only useful content they have are duplicated from the freely available manuals and documentation… Yet their reviews are nothing but praise, the ratings always very close to the best possible. There's so many of them it's almost like they are mass produced, and they all seem to be bad. Who will remember any of these in ten years? Or even just five?
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how to implement arisuchan theme in my imageboard? i'm begginer.
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Trying to set up vichan

I figured it would be fun to try to set up an imageboard. I managed to install vichan and make a few posts, but when I tried to log into mod.php, I got the error message shown in pic attatched. I thought that I had to install that module(?), so I used apt-get install php-mcrypt. This still didn't work even after reinstalling vichan. I read on the modules webpage that it was depreciated in newer versions of php.(I'm using 7.0) Is there a way to work around this?
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Script thread

Share your one-off scripts or helpful scripts

I'll start off with simple thread scrapper

#!/usr/bin/rubyrequire "open-uri"require "json"def download(post,board)    if post["filename"]        file = "#{post['tim']}#{post['ext']}"        puts file,"w") do |f|            f.write open("{board}/src/#{file}").read            f.close        end    elsif post["extra_files"]        post["extra_files"].each do |p|            download p,board        end    endendlink  = ARGV[0].gsub(".html","")/https:\/\/\/(.*?)\/res\// =~ linkboard = $1body = open("#{link}.json").readthread = JSON.parse bodythread["posts"].each do |post|    download post,boardend
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Java 9

Java 9 came out yesterday, what do you think of it?

Here are the new features/changes:
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programming music

I really don't think there is anything more suitable than IDM. In general I've noticed that most consider any ambient music sans lyrics best, but IDM specifically is also diverse enough to provide energetic tracks to listen to while executing something simple as well as calmer tracks for focused attention while working on something more complex. I'm curious what others think What does Alice listen to while programming?
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Project Euler

I saw Project Euler mentioned somewhere in a thread, and after visiting the site, I decided to try to learn programming by going through it. Sadly, this newfound resolve was short-lived because I couldn't get past the first problem:

>If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of >these multiples is 23.

>Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000

I used batch to make the program, and it outputs the right answer when I set the multiple limit to under 10, but it won't work for multiples below 1000. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
Here's the script:

@echo off
REM Initial Variables
set /a third=0
set /a fifth=5
set /a numend=1000
set /a ttotal=0
set /a ftotal=0
REM Finding the sum of the Multiples of 3
set /a multiple=1
set /a third=%multiple%3
if %third% GEQ %numend% goto :pfStart
set /a ttotal=%ttotal%+%third%
set /a multiple=%multiple%+1
GOTO :tStart
REM Finding the sum of the multiples of 5
set /a multiple=1
GOTO :fStart
set /a fifth=%multiple%
if %fifth% GEQ %numend% goto :end
set /a ftotal=%ftotal%+%fifth%
set /a multiple=%multiple%+1
GOTO :fStart
set /a fsum=%ttotal%+%ftotal%
echo %fsum%
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Raspberry Pi: I am (not) Retarded

Bought an MHS 3.5" LCD screen for pi 3b+.

Tried executing driver.
Every time it downloaded the driver it rebooted and was no longer visible on the main hdmi monitor and the 3.5" screen still white.


There is no Web page for this company I can find. All the 3.5 " LCD driver install videos seem to be for different screens.
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reverse engineering android apps

is there any feasible way to work with .dex files that dosent fuck them up when rebuilding
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Anyone here work or play with these technologies? Unfortunately I work in a monolith Python/Django but I've been getting into distributed systems. These two languages and their OTP framework have been very helpful in learning many concepts.
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Lisp Thread

What would your ideal Lisp dialect include?
What kind of data structures would it have? What would the macro facilities be like? What misfeatures would it not have?
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hey arisu, can you give me CS senior project suggestions? I would like to work in cloud or networking, but any idea is welcome. my uni wants us to work in teams from 3 to 7 to keep in mind that the project needs to scale with the amount of members
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code and website builder

Does anybody know if its possible to hack through CMD?

Also need a good FREE website builder.
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Found this weird website back sometime ago
if you do /nothing or /secret things come up
that's all i got tho
never really got to far
i know the guys brother has a website
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How would you guys rate this Computer Science undergrad degree?

sorry for asking here but it seems like this is the board closest to CS
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As far as I know, there's no general html/css thread. I know they're not really programming languages, but I didn't know what place would be better for this thread. I've been thinking about getting into web-development for my own gratification. What i'm woried about is that any modern guide to these things might teach me how to create something I hate: most web 2.0 design.

Recently I looked at this article about what to avoid in web design, and ironically enough, the site it was on had elements that I found stupid and unnecessary.
Pointlss drop-down menu that opens up a pop-up, distacting social media plugs that follow you as you scroll down, plus even more crap that takes up the bottom the windows and reduces available screen real-estate for the information I came for. The list itself seemed mostly sound except number 7, which made no sense and presented a horrible positive counter-example.

To me, good design in anything prioritizes function over form. The only bells and whistles a site should have is a banner, color scheme, and font. The more unnecessary crap that's put in that also makes things slower, the worse. Seems like the internet has diverged from basic design principles. Where can I find a guide that prioritizes the same things as me?
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Looking for help regarding ARGs

Well I got to know about ARG thin and was really interested to try them out. Stumbled on and people said it is good for beginners but I don't seem to be able to make out the password for any of gate. I did found this hexadecimal string which led me to a image link but I doubt it can help me with much, at least it won;t help me with Gate 1
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Quantum Computer Programming

So, who here already experimented in programming for (theoretical) Quantum Computers?
As a good start there are 2 quite common and longer existing languages with compilers
- QCL:
- QML:
- IBM Q Experience (though not directly a real language):

A small but quite nice how to written by some people:

Sadly there isn't that much practical stuff on the net to get started. So experimenting oneself is a must. Hope there are some interested people here to further explore the possibilities.
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I fucking hate google, Bing, Yandex, even Duck duck go their search results are utter soykaf.
I want to create a piece of software that allows me to further filter search results. I'm thinking probably duck duck go or Yandex, I want to start with just allowing for the blacklisting of certain sites from the results.
I'm new too programming, l know some python; can I create what I'm talking about with that? if not what do I need to know? Thanks for the help.
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ITT: We become a better community

Lets share our projects, help and learn together while contributing eachother's projects. This is what a community should do, right?

I only know Python so far, i m willing to help if i can and would be appreciated if anyone help with this project.
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/fpg/ - Functional Programming General

Welcome all, to the /lambda/ FP general! This thread serves as both a discussion of more abstract concepts of Functional design as well as a place to discuss/collaborate/bitch about specific FP languages and projects.

In brief,

In computer science, functional programming is a programming paradigm—a style of building the structure and elements of computer programs—that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing-state and mutable data. (Wiki article on FP) (SICP - an absolute must-read for anyone looking at FP) (Excellent writeup on what makes FP awesome) (Learn FP from the creator of Scala, free!)

>>>/λ/737 (Scala thread with resources)
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Several lains and I are interested in forming a collective of web designers, web developers, and sales representatives to either collaborate on freelance projects or form an flat hierarchy LLC. If you are interested, please contact me on Telegram. Serious inquiries only.
(private) or
R: 47 / I: 10 (sticky)

programming language/topics directory

artificial intelligence

beginner programming questions





computer history


deep learning

esoteric programming languages



functional programming


intro to CS




operating system/kernel development

language design and implementation


machine learning

natural language processing


parallel computing



programming folklore

programming paradigms


reinforcement learning





semantic web

shell scripting (bash, dash, zsh, sh, coreutils)

studying methods



Visual Basic

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JavaScript Discussion

Right now my favorite language is javascript. I know and have used several other languages in the past, especially python, but I've decided that I see no reason to use anything but javascript nowdays, unless I need a certain tool for a specific job. Why? It turns out it's really comfortable to use, it makes sense, can look good if you format it nicely, it evolves quickly and smartly every year, it's everywhere: Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, even on Embedded Devices (something I'm interested to try one day). I still have to catch up periodically because it's actually a pretty rich language, which ironically evolved from what appears to have been a quick hack. Right now it's still seen as a meme language by some, I personally fear Node, NPM and the ecosystem in general might not be as mature as they could be, but it works now and hopefully it evolves in an intelligent and safe way.
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Random infinite gif

I want to make a GIF that randomly changes infinitely. how difficult will this be & where should I start?
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Which books do I need to work through to get to a CompSci bachelors level?

I've got 3 and a half years (7 Semesters) to teach myself everything someome coming out of a CompSci Bachelors education should know (takes 6 Semesters in my country).

I have already started SICP and am fluent in functional, OOP and systems programming languages. I have contributed to FLOSS projects and the like, I swear I am not just LARPing. I read through what the Uni in my country teaches, and I already have a firm grasp on the less than theoretical side of things, but when it comes to analysis, proofs and the like, I don't even understand half of what is required of me. Any lainer got textbooks to recommend? Anything really, I'd be very grateful for. I know this board is not really the right place to start, but I'll be damned if Alice doesn't have a CompSci degree.
R: 4 / I: 1
any news about lainOS?
R: 41 / I: 5

When and why did you start programming?

Saw this over at the big shot thread and I decided to make it.

How did you get into programming? What sage advice can we learn from your rookie mistakes experience?

I'll start to get things rolling. Middle school had that Hour of code soykaf. I was fairly good at Codecademy so I thought like the idiot middle schooler I was I could do anything with my 133T 5k11l5. I tried to make a simple cipher in Python, and I was stuck at how to shift the letters. Then I decided to read a book and I was finished with the project within 8 days I had school and other stuff that got in the way okay?

Now I'm finally getting into C by creating a password generator based on diceware.
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In case the subject
refers to exclusively bots that chat with other bots or entities, excluding chatroom bots… I apologise, and mods can del this thread. If not checkout this pseudo anon chat whos server doesn't keep logs and more specifically which is where most of the bots are. Sry didn't know what spoiler does…
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Windows dynamic linker

This is a long shot, but I'll take it: any of you lot know anything about Windows' dynamic linker? Sometimes I run into intermittent crashes and the like where the intermittency seems attributable to nondeterminacy at load time. I'd like to find a way to control that nondeterminacy, so when I hit these kinds of problems I can actually turn them into a reliable reproducer.
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Music html

I want to add music to html website but it doesn't work, can you check it pls?

<iframe class="music" width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and in css file:

display: none;

Thanks you in advance
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Android Development

Anybody have anything for getting started with android development? I've been looking for some good free courses but can't seem to find anything good or anything that isn't behind a paywall.
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C64 and similar 8-bit CPU based Microcomputers

I've recently taken to refreshing myself on 6502 assembly in order to write software for the C64. Initially I was torn between choosing learning assembly for the Gameboy and the C64, but I figured development would be more satisfying on the C64 since I would be able to see results on the physical hardware without much hassle. There are also some features of the 6502's instruction set that I like over the Gameboy's CPU such as the index registers being very helpful with working on larger amounts of data and not being restricted to perform comparisons exclusively on the accumulator. I believe the zero page is larger on the C64 as well as not being forced to transfer and execute a subroutine in the zero page just in order to update sprite RAM.

Anyways, if there are any of you that have experience with writing assembly for 8-bit platforms I would love to hear about your experiences with it.

For those who would be interested in learning assembly for an 8-bit platform here are some resources for learning how to do so:
6502 assembly crash course -
C64 specific tutorial -
Links to various GB assembly tutorials -
Platform agnostic tutorial for Z80 assembly -

If you want to learn how to program for one of these platforms but you think you can't for whatever reason, it really isn't much harder than writing C. It's probably more tedious than anything, but certainly not difficult to wrap your head around.
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Learning C# at the moment. Can't say I hate it too much,,,
short x = 2;short y = 2;// short z = x + y;         -- won't compileshort z = (short) x + y // correct

This makes me laugh though. While x and y are both shorts, the result of their addition at runtime will implicitly be given the type int, and so requires an explicit cast to be assigned to another short. I understand nobody really needs to be working with shorts in C#, and if memory efficiency at that level is something you're worried about, then the bloat from the C# runtime will eat up way more memory that you'll be "saving" by using shorts instead of a 32bit or 64bit number. Still though, this makes me chuckle.

Can't say I dislike the language itself so far honestly; though I prefer a lower level language. While easy to learn and work with, it's no fun at all. The biggest drawback for me being that it's primarily a language used on windows. Who the fuck wants to use, develop for, or (god forbid) develop on windows?

Anyone else have thoughts / opinions / horror stories or just quirky anecdotes relating to C#?
R: 9 / I: 1
This is a appreciation thread.
Are there any lainons who (like myself) won't stop finding themselves lost in depths of the wiki - TheFirstWikiOnTheWeb?
Volumes of ancient wisdom (presumably, compiled almost exclusively by SmalltalkWeenies) are open for everyone to read - and to learn from.
Site itself -
Archive (you never know) -
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My first website

Hi Alice, I made my first working website. It is a small imageboard, it actually has only 2 boards(General and nsfw). I'm, of course, open to any suggestion and advice, please help me! :)
It was fun making it
R: 4 / I: 1

Is it possible to learn Java programming in a month if you're a beginner?

I want to learn Java programming at least the basic stuff ( OOP, Polymorphism, control flow ect..)Is it possible to do so in a months time for someone who has done a bit of programming but not too much; if so how would I go about doing it? What types of pdfs do I need, exercise sites ect..
R: 14 / I: 1


I have to debug a lot, most often code that I didn't write. But the problem is, I'm not very good at it. Is it possible to specifically train for it? Or is there some common methodology to it? Maybe some tips and tricks?

Also if you have or know any good stories about debugging, I'd love to hear them!
R: 1 / I: 0
R: 5 / I: 0


I'm not really into security but i need to crack a wpa2
But i can't find a good wordlist in my native lenguage.
I have some ideas to make my oun but i can't find a tutorial or a book that helps me.
I feel confortable whith C# and java.
Any suggestions?
R: 38 / I: 4


Have you ever coded a malware ? ,
-if yes what language you used ;
-if no why not ?
R: 38 / I: 2

Open Source

Does Lain contribute to open source projects?
R: 35 / I: 12

Learning to walk

What would you say are the basics of programming. What would one need to know to be a programmer. I am learning C and looking for some guidence.
R: 29 / I: 7

Introductory Resources (Computer Science)

A lot of "beginner" threads in programming boards aren't very academic and aren't really directed towards actual beginners. They almost never share resources for someone who has literally never typed a single line of code in their entire life. The following two textbooks and courses may be especially challenging for the person I've just described, but they actually start at the beginning and introduce one to programming in a rigorous manner that endows one with a conceptual understanding of the science of computation and how to think computationally rather than only how to engage in programming itself.

Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
with Application to Understanding Data





Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science


Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python




Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science




Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Scheme)







R: 10 / I: 3

Actual OOP bitching

Why is OOP bad?
Are all OOP flavours bad?
R: 11 / I: 2

Keeping up to date?

How do you keep up with programming related news? I know there's reddit and hacker news but I would like to stay away from those.
R: 10 / I: 3

summer projects

finished first semester in college , we did java,html,java script so far
am interested in learning other languages over the summer months mainly c
i was looking for ideas for summer projects or languages that i should consider learning
R: 32 / I: 3


Whats your preferred IDE?
inb4 emacs
R: 5 / I: 1


Anyone know of any good resources for learning reverse engineering. On linux mostly because y'know, winblows. Attached is Dennis Yucharev's beginner reverse engineering book I just started reading it and I remember there being a site called "" or something but I can't find it anymore and I know that it was down for a while. Reverse engineering thread:
R: 8 / I: 1
Is prolog worth learning for Datalog? Does Datalog see much use in industry?
R: 1 / I: 0

Poll Site with IMAGES

I wanna make poll site. Basicly like but images + multiple questions.
Then result section like strawpoll. I am not knowing anything web programming. I searched github and ı didnt found anything.
What are you suggest me? Where am i supposed to start? Any tips,opinions welcome ;)
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I am learning C after getting 2 books from some friends. I got "Learn C the hard way" and "K&R 2nd Ed."

I want to try to optimize my learning as fast as possible does Alice recommend any way to speeding up my learning?
R: 26 / I: 1

new programmer

yeah i'm really new to programming, but i'd really like to get into it. Where do I start? I've been taking "programming" classes at my high school but we really only get into basic Javascript/C#. Could you guys give me any good resources for continuing this? C#/C/C++ especially.
R: 13 / I: 0


Hello. II'm curious about the language Fortran and how many of you use it or know it. I'm going to purchase a few books on it since I'm interested in learning it for myself.
R: 6 / I: 0
how do I into USB programming?
R: 4 / I: 0

should turing beget turing ill eat my hat

Does language A being turing complete imply that it is possible to write another turing complete language in language A?
R: 1 / I: 0
HI! Im programming and diy when i bored. i used to python, C++ and soldering iron. What kind of project should i do? I was in procrastination for few months and im a bit scared now
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I decided to learn Python. Idk why I haven't decided to use the official tutorial, I found some plain tutorial on Python online (I don't need theory on how stuff work, I know C already) and decided to go with that. It was okay until I noticed some flaws in site itself, then errors in code and finally this.

Chapter about loops, if statement, break/continue. Prime numbers. This guy says that 1 is a god damn prime number.

Fuck this, I'm gonna to go to official docs. No more soykafty FAQs or tutorials.
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The recordings from this year's FOSDEM are slowly being uploaded. There were so many interesting talks I don't even know where to start.

Let's have a thread for discussing the talks we watched!

Here's the website, the recordings are linked from the individual talk's pages:
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hi lains,
i´m working at a small software company. they developing a software which could help people if it would be open source. so i´m asking me how could i leak and what should i leak to the public? what files are needed for reverse engineering?
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Learning Programming

How do i get a complete understanding of computers and programming in general?
My second question is how do i rebuild my mathematics education for programming and cs?
What books should i read, im looking for advice and resources.

Im currently trying to learn x86 assembly through a book "programming from the ground up".
I really want to understand how computers work inside and out.
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Exploit Development

In binary exploitation, what level of knowledge should one have on the C programming language? In my case I am interested in windows exploitation, but on any level how much should one know?

Understanding the way memory and processing works with compile C programs I know is essential, but should I also be able to develop full programs in C? If not than what advantages can knowing C well give?

Thank you.
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So I was reading through the example code in the Spectre vulnerabilty paper and found this line here:
/* Avoid jumps in case those tip off the branch predictor */x = ((j % 6) -1) & ~0xFFFF;   /* Set x=FFF.FF0000 if j%6==0, else x=0 */

How does this work exactly? I'm still kind of new to programming so I didn't know that this was possible.
If you want context you can also find it here all the way at the bottom, on line 57.

Also general Spectre/Meltdown thread I guess…

Other resources: (Computerphile's Video)
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is linux closed source?

Is there any validity to this claim? I have been thinking about it all week and I can't actually see the flaw in it. Maybe computers are just different than real life?
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First Programming Language

If I want to learn something useful now, but eventually go on to focus more on academic programming languages, what would be a better start, JavaScript or Python? I'm getting mixed messages everywhere.
R: 37 / I: 11


When people install any piece of software, proprietary or otherwise, they are doing so because they expect some utility from it. It adds something of value to their life. When you tell people to uninstall that same software, you are asking them to voluntarily remove that value from their life, often without an adequate replacement, whether you think so or not. There is no open source Adobe Photoshop. There is no open source Discord. There is no open source World of Warcraft.

"Yeah, but [insert software here]." If that software were what someone wanted, they would have probably installed it already. It isn't. Even if you don't understand or respect why. When someone resists your overtures to remove or replace the software you vehemently dislike, it is happening for a reason. Maybe they need it for their job. Maybe they want to talk to their friends. Maybe they just want to enjoy life.

Telling people they are wrong for wanting these things leaves a bad impression of the FOSS community at large and alienates people that might have otherwise been persuaded. Instead of chastising someone, try educating them instead. Maybe they will be converted. Maybe they won't. But policing what people do with their computers is the absolute antithesis of what the "free software" movement should stand for.

Every line of disparagement against a piece of closed source software could have been a line of code building an open source alternative.

Stop bitching and start coding.
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Console Cowboys

What terminal do you use, Alice? Why?


It does what I need it to and it works well with my i3 config.
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OS programming

This may sound like the classic newbie-wants-to-do-something-really-hard, but I've been trying to study OS programming, cuz I would like to create my own. This is mostly for hobby purposes and because I feel that, by learning OS programming, I will be tackling down a lot of Computer Sciences topics and applying that knowledge.

I know some programming language (mainly Python) and I'm learning C right now. I noticed that my hardware knowledge is lacking, though.

Any recommendations you could give me for bibliographical sources? Thanks.

P.D: I've been lurking here for a while…
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How do i put my knowledge to action when i don't work in the field and don't have enough knowledge to freelance or start something complex from scratch?

Suppose i start learning C today (just an example), and then i spend one month studying hard, after that how will i be able to practice like if i was actually working in the field, or close to that?
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Is it stupid to even think about working with only one programming language?

I think i suck at multi tasking, since high school and now in college i thing the worst part of it all is having to deal with way too many things at the same time, i fucking hate it. Suppose i learn VBA, C, and other programming languages at college but most of the time i only study C++, or Java, or anything, is that a bad move?
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Scala Thread

Have the best of both worlds. Construct elegant class hierarchies for maximum code reuse and extensibility, implement their behavior using higher-order functions. Or anything in-between.

Pull your head out of your SICP book and learn you some Scala.

Already know java?

Need some tutorials straight from the source?

Don't know what a program is?

Like koans(one tiny bite sized lesson at a time)?

Wanna take a class from the guy who created the fucking thing?

Need an IDE?
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what is the best resource for Sega Genesis 32x programming? I'm not totally sure how it works, but I'm guessing there's more to it than just 68K assembly. Tell me if I'm wrong.
I'm talking about specifically for the 32x.
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Wat do?

Just finished first semester of CS, my country doesn't seem to get it's soykaf together so I'lll have like 3 months off. What project could I start? I wanted to know more about backend web developing, as I found out that frontend is tedious af, but I don't really know where to start. Besides that, what does Lain think I should do? I'm really not that great at having ideas.
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Software Cracking

Anyone here written a software crack before?

I know there are a whole bunch of keys floating around for Sublime Text, but I thought it would be fun to write my own crack for it anyway. I might even get around to writing a keygen. Here's a python script to patch the binary to remove the license checks, complete with 1337 ASCII art:

#/usr/bin/env python3import sysimport hashlibif len(sys.argv) != 2:    exit("USAGE: {} path/to/sublime_text".format(sys.argv[0]))sf = open(sys.argv[1], "rb")sublime_bin = hashlib.sha1(sublime_bin).hexdigest() != "536ca1f2ceee8746caeebad3af7acaad19cd42ea":    exit("""\ERROR: hash mismatch.This crack is only intended for this version of sublime: you want to try anyway, patch out this check at your own risk.""")print("""\  _____ _    _ ____  _      _____ __  __ ______  / ____| |  | |  _ \| |    |_   _|  \/  |  ____|| (___ | |  | | |_) | |      | | | \  / | |__    \___ \| |  | |  _ <| |      | | | |\/| |  __|   ____) | |__| | |_) | |____ _| |_| |  | | |____ |_____/ \____/|____/|______|_____|_|  |_|______|                                CRACKED BY KYNAR""")# Note: The function at 0x419468 checks the key. 1=VALIDprint("[+] Patching binary.")sublime_bin = sublime_bin.replace(b"\x89\xe8\x74\x4c", b"\xff\xc0\xeb\x4c")print("[+] Writing patch to disk.")sf = open(sys.argv[1], "wb")sf.write(sublime_bin)sf.close()print("[+] Done!")print("NOTE: In order to complete activation, either create the file ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local/License.sublime_license, or simply attempt to activate with an invalid license.")

If you want to check it out, use this exact version of sublime:
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I got a quick question but it's more like a poll.
Python or Ruby?
R: 9 / I: 1
want to get into robotics and machine learning.

physics and programming.

30yrs old, sole provider for large family, I need to cram relevant material and get to work.

eventually want to work as an engineer or programmer, but mainly interested in home projects ie. smart house, automated shopping list (organizes list by location in store), enhanced/simplified lawn care, and a bunch of tiny little bots that learn their environment and report….etc…

looking for self learner stack,
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Programming Embedded Systems.

When it comes to embedded programming and the advances in resources is it worth it to program in assembly or would it be better to just program in C?
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Python Growth

>June 2017 was the first month that Python was the most visited tag on Stack Overflow within high-income nations. This included being the most visited tag within the US and the UK, and in the top 2 in almost all other high income nations (next to either Java or JavaScript). This is especially impressive because in 2012, it was less visited than any of the other 5 languages, and has grown by 2.5-fold in that time.
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I'm writing a shell.

Struggling to decide between using assembly for linux interrupts or the posix C wrappers.

I know to be portable I should use C. But, do you think there is any reason to use assembly? I'm struggling mostly because I want to use assembly, but think I should use C.
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elixir on the web

so have somewhat fallen for the elixir hype. written my way through 50-or-so
problems on exercism, project euler, et al. and think i'm in love.

the problem, though, is somehow moving past that and onto "real-world
applications". i'd really like to swap out the guts of my small personal
website, which currently runs on an awful mess of php generating script-less
html, to use elixir as a backend.

so the requirement, then is "respond to ssl-encrypted http requests by spitting
out generated html", with no worrying about scripts or databases or anything
else. what's the simplest way to go about this? most things seem to point at
Phoenix, but it looks to be some kind of giant stack, and it's introductory
guides all seem geared towards people who've used other "web frameworks"
before, which foreign terminology littered throughout.
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Brace Style

Use whatever brace style you prefer.

But not this.

Don't do this.

Seek help instead of this.
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Hi Lainchan

I've recently became interested in learning C. I've read through some pdfs I've found online and I think I'm ready to start compiling. What is a good compiler to use on Tails 2.12 and how does one go about installing it via Terminal?
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Just out of curiousity, do y'all not like frontend development? I'm mostly a backend developer myself, but to me being good at frontend just seems like something that could be immensely fun and rewarding. Does it not have a lot of favor here because it isn't quite as science-y as backend programming can be?
R: 26 / I: 13

Syntax Highlighting

What syntax highlighting theme does lain use and why? I personally enjoy the aesthetic of Monokai, but also its ubiquitous presence on programming websites even when there are very few options available. The one I am presently using is called dark-monokai and, as such, it is slightly darker than is typical.
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How do I rent servers anonymously? I have bitcoin but when I try to use Tor I get blocked for fraud.
R: 6 / I: 1

The goals of the DeepSpec project are to develop systems for specifying software, to stitch together existing systems, and to design a curriculum to teach software specification.

Here is a talk by Benjamin Pierce about these ideas:
He discusses the DeepSpec project about 47 minutes in.

Relevant reading:
>Software Foundations (to be split into two volumes)
>Verified Functional Algorithms

I'll be attending the first week of the summer school in July. Anyone else?
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I had this idea and I wonder what do you think about it.

There are these kind of exercises where you are given a program and optionally some kind of input and you have to answer what the result is or what is written out. I've mostly seen them used in exams but I had a course on logic programming with Prolog that had a website where you would get tons of random exercises like these, some just for unification, some for the whole evaluation. I did all of them and it really helped me form a mental model of how it actually works.

I think forming a model of how evaluation works is something a lot of beginner programmers struggle with, but I've never seen anything like this used to train them to think about it.

My idea was that you could copy the test-driven development approach to make an effective training program like this. Basically, you would assume that the student has the simplest mental model that could correctly answer all the previous exercises, give them an exercise that cannot be solved with it yet, and force them to correct their model. In practice every new feature would probably need multiple exercises, the actual amount possibly based on the student's speed of solving the exercise or maybe some self-reported difficulty metric. Of course this wouldn't replace the current teaching methods, but I think could be a good additional tool to somewhat quickly develop a good intuition of the target language.

What do you think? Is this really stupid or something that could work?
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Machine Learning

Any anons here know machine learning? Is it worth knowing or is it just hype? If it's worth knowing, what are some good resources to learn it?
R: 59 / I: 113

Python Ebooks

Got a large stash of Python ebooks from a torrent on the private ebook tracker MyAnonamouse. I'll be dumpin' 'em here.
R: 7 / I: 3

programming typography

While I enjoy using
Roboto Mono
as a general purpose monospace typeface, while coding I much prefer to use
Fira Code
. I don't use it for its added ligatures though; I turn those off. I use it because it has additional weights not present in Mozilla's official
Fira Mono
font. I personally use the 'light' weight in my editor.

Mozilla really did an incredible job creating a type with such elegant form and effective function. The 'i' and 'j' and 'l' are even more distinct than some fonts explicitly designed only for use by programmers while still having character and charm. I would suggest you take a look at it if it isn't already familiar.

What font does lain use for programming?
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/λ/ banners

I made some /λ/ banners for you lains. Enjoy.
R: 6 / I: 0
There seem to be almost as many HTML/CSS frameworks as there are JavaScript ones these days. If one wants to make sure that their framework will continue to be developed and supported five or ten years from how, do we really have any choices beyond Bootstrap or Framework? I am also curious what others here prefer in general. I like the idea of a semantic framework like Skeleton or Semantic UI, but I'm not ready to commit to any quite yet.
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Hi all. I'm currently developing some homebrew for everybody's favorite handheld, the 3ds. I don't want to go too into the details of the project, as I've found when I talk about things I'm working on I'm less likely to finish them; however, I'm in need of some assistance or at the very least a friendly nod in the right direction.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice / links to learning resources on generic server implementation. I have already read through beej's guide on socket programming multiple times through. My issue is less with the minutia of how to sockets work, and more of how can I efficiently organize and abstract both the data representing the connections to each client, as well as the data each client will be sending me.

tl;dr anyone have any tips on designing a server for some homebrew I'm writing?

details you may want to know:
I'm writing it in C. Rust / C++ are not really options at this point.
The server will in effect be waiting for an approx. 2-3kb sized .png, then it will bounce that image to all connected clients.
R: 8 / I: 1

Parsing Engins

I'm currently working on like a silly digital assistant that i started on a long time ago on my C64.
But right now I have it where it can take just some simple single word commands, but I really want to try and get it to break down some sentences and be able to have a very basic conversation and take command stings.

So lets have a parsing engine thread! Text adventures welcome.

Here is what I have so far:

  #include <iostream>  #include <string>  #include <fstream>  #include <cstdlib>  #include <stdlib.h>  #include <time.h>  #include <unistd.h>  using namespace std;/*||||||Functions Prototype Start||||||*//*||||||Functions Prototype End||||||*/  int main(){/*||||||Variables Start||||||*/      string mainContVar;    int menu_return;/*||||||Variables End||||||*/    /*||||||Main Control Loop Start||||||*/      while(mainContVar != "Close" || mainContVar != "close") {      cout << "H   H    OOO   PPP   EEE\n";      cout << "H   H   O   O  P  P  E  \n";      cout << "HHHHH   O   O  P P   EE \n";       cout << "H   H   O   O  P     E  \n";      cout << "H   H *  OOO * P  *  EEE *\n\n" <<endl;      cout << "Hello World! I am H.O.P.E.\n";      cout << "What can I do for you? ";      cin >> mainContVar;          if (mainContVar == "about" || mainContVar == "About")          {              cout << endl << "Well I'm H.O.P.E. I'm a digital assitant. Anymore than that and R0gU3 might be mad at me.\n" << endl;          sleep(5);          }        else if (mainContVar == "hello" || mainContVar == "Hello")        {          cout << endl << "I already said hello...I mean sure it was to the whole world. But come on, what else you got?\n" << endl;          sleep(5);        }        else if (mainContVar == "poop" || mainContVar == "Poop")        {          cout << endl << "Really man. Like is there really a point to that?\n" << endl;          sleep(5);        }         system("cls");       system("clear");         }/*|||||Main Control Loop End||||||*/      return(0);}
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Ehy Lainons,
I was thinking of working on simple Genetic Algorithms implementations, probably in C or Python.
But I haven't read much so far, so instead of wasting time, I'd like to know what you would suggest to be worth considering as good material, either books/docs or vids.