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Kalyx ######

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What does lain do to keep on top of things? I get so overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas and tasks that I just end up paralyzing myself and doing absolutely nothing. Even if my one and only task for the day is to organize my tasks. My physical and digital notes are overflowing literally and figuratively respectively. I am feeling so disheartened. Help.


Use a database, SQLite is probably best for this. That way the data will never overwhelm you and you can group or order however you like. You could create tags for certain types of note. For example you could SELECT * FROM NOTES WHERE TAG = "TODO" AND PRIORITY = 10; or whatever you want. You could make a small UI for it in a language of your choice or just use something like SQLiteBrowser. If you don't want to do any of this you could try taskwarrior, its a Free Software cli tool to track tasks.


I use emacs' org-mode:

It's great, your TODO items are headers in a document, so you can write your notes under them and hierarchically organize them. It supports tags, custom statuses, priorities, you can even use it to estimate effort and keep track of time spent on various tasks.

It has agenda views where it gathers your stuff from multiple files and displays them in various ways, like the weekly agenda that displays your upcoming tasks for the days of the week. You can schedule tasks, set deadlines, and even set recurring tasks. Of course you can define your own views and it's extremely customizable.

At first it's a bit complex (especially if you have never used emacs before), when I started out I barely used any of thr features but my workflow slowly evolved to include more and more. There are non-programmers who only use emacs for org-mode so don't be scared to give it a try!

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Anybody have the link to the chan about the world ending in July? Also anybody have interesting stories about suicide cults


>Anybody have the link to the chan about the world ending in July?
There is a thread about it on the paranoia board.

By the title, I'm guessing you mean this one.

Question: why does it seem some people are against the idea of suicide cults, when it only means less humans in this world in a non-harmful way? (unless they kill others before themselves that is)


most people are emotionally dependent on other people, so joining a suicide cult involves cutting off those dependencies, painfully.

I'm against cults in general, since they promote harmful views of the world and harmful social organizations.

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That feel when your gf cant decide if she loves you or not because she is insecure.
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I didn't mean they're black and white, but if she's in doubt, then it means she just doesnt. She might at some point in the future, but "can't decide" pretty much means no for the time being


Why do people stay in abusive relationships? Because they're still conflicted of their feeling for those they're with. The thought of leaving tears them up as much as staying together. Love is one of the most complicated feelings for humans as it is the core of emotion. It's a bitter-sweet connection for many people cause they can change.


Come on, OP, do we need to increase the minimum post size?


Well, perhaps it was my fault for giving an opinion on a subject I don't know jack soykaf about. I was talking from my own experience and "love" is certainly outside it.
But if I may keep at it, I've always thought abusive relationships are not really "love" (perhaps I was just lied to about what love means, by Disney movies and whatnot), but something about insecurity, lack of self esteem, and the same kind of things that get you addicted to any other thing (a substance, the internet, pr0n, whatever).
So, yeah, I should have put a disclaimer from the beginning.


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File: 1493211721615-2.jpg (206.8 KB, 1920x1080, a girl like me.jpg)

depends. traumatic bonding can definitely be a one-way, partner-induced thing, though, and has very real effects which, having experienced them, felt pretty dang "love-like", even if you want to classify it differently for whatever reason.

it's like. you see that he's doing things to you because he's hurting, and it makes you feel useless for not being able to help and makes you want to help more. other person takes priority in everything you do and all your internal thoughts and things, and you can't say or feel anything bad towards him despite what other people say and what he does and how things end up.

there's definitely also a "just got swept along and used to being this way" kind of relationship too, but that feels like something inherently different.

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Recently I've been getting into yoga to correct my posture. It's surprisingly effective! But, the only yoga poses I can remember for now are mountain and seal pose, as well as downward facing dog (which doesn't fix your posture). A week and a half ago, I learned a 10-pose sequence that fixed my back until I had to carry my backpack and stuff to class on monday. Sadly, I can't remember it now.
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I've been into Tai Chi for bodily and mental wellbeing for some time, but only now have time to really pay it enough attention. Now that you mention it, I'll be researching yoga and qui gong to do some comparison and get into one or two of them for the time being. I also love progressive muscle relaxation in the mornings.


File: 1492824497544.pdf (3.81 MB, pranayama.pdf)

If you can exist in your room, you can do yoga in your room.


Thank you, I'll try these out, but I want to do asanas too.


I really can't get into youtube for anything. It sounds silly, but I don't have enough autonomy over the video I'm watching. If I'm reading a book, then I can go at my own pace.
I just put my name on a local Tai Chi mailing list. Do you have any resources on progressive muscle relaxation?


>Do you have any resources on progressive muscle relaxation?
Not really, but this is how I do it. I lay in bed or sitting comfortably, eyes relaxed, and start paying attention to breathing with both belly and chest, and in a relaxed fashion. When my breathing is all nice and regular I see what part of my body is the less relaxed one, try to feel for the ugliest tension. Then, inhale (with that regular relaxed rythm) and focus on the tense muscle, single it out, try to feel where it starts and ends, tense it. Hold the air in for the natural time keeping the muscle tense, then relax that tense muscle while exhaling. Repeat until you're as soft as you like. After this I do some yoga for some twenty minutes, take a bath and start my day. You really feel less tense all the time if you do this.

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