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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1568795971992.jpg (36.64 KB, 670x670, 1568789804531.jpg)


Hello, Can everyone list their questions and concerns about this place to me, in this thread.


oh yeah, I'm an admin now.


You aren't kalyx.
Why are mods continuously lying to us and abusing their position.
This has to be the most modderated, surveiled, censured, anti free speech and hypocritcal chan ever created.
Arisuchan has reached a point where there are more deleted threads and replies then there are standing ones.
Mods are massively deleting replies and threads with whose point they disagree with, i would be suprised if this reply wouldnt get deleted.
Seph is incompetent and does not care about the site , never visits it and only uses it as her begging tool.
Quality conversation on any topic is impossible and the site remains as a larpers heaven for transsexuals.


>oh yeah, I'm an admin now.
post timestamp, please.
no one cares about your frozen peaches; go complain about "larping transsexuals" elsewhere.


Screech harder , someone might care


File: 1568805475586.jpg (40.86 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190902_191239.jpg)

Hi kalyx


But that's what you're doing.. ?


File: 1568809772447.png (1.6 MB, 750x1113, 1568768807784.png)

I posted a lil verification on my website, you can message me on Telegram too.


File: 1568810014634.jpg (307.8 KB, 1553x2094, 1563143395342.jpg)

>This has to be the most moderated, surveilled, censured, anti free speech and hypocritical chan ever created.

I Was given full autonomy over the website last night by Seph and I'll be looking into all of those concerns. My opinion of this place in the past, and my negative experience with Seph and her moderators is no secret. My only interest is to try and help make the place better. I am not so thrilled about the situation here either. She is taking a back seat for now. Hopefully I can help.


File: 1568813048725.png (493.66 KB, 1242x1080, 1441249743504.png)


You dont type like kalyx that's for sure. You type like seph or one of her fucking autistic lapdogs, your disgusting style is just obvious. So, prove that you're kalyx. Kalyx was an attentionwhore back in the day, and didnt shun away from showing his ugly mug, so go ahead, show your mug with a timestamp, and a cup filled with something. Better yet, record a video. All within 24 hours of this request or less.

Otherwise, you're just seph or one of her loyal dogs, who are lying and posing as kalyx to 'calm down' anons.



start by unmodding all these trigger happy mutants.


File: 1568814987295.png (208.7 KB, 433x597, fag.png)

Welcome back Kaylx! Is there a reason Seph handed things over to you or is it something too private? (she probably just got stuck having to pay for another visa or something i bet)
Like another person said moderation on this site is pretty heavy, when theres topics regarding stuff like transexuality or even how to start a business they get shat up and lots of posts get deleted if theres a disagreement. Hell there was even a Gab related thread and there were more people posting "eeew nazis" than giving a proper response.
There's a lot of overlap between the anons and the Discord users and honestly I think it's the reason this chan is so ass. There's even unironic "wheres ur town" and selfie threads instead of real dicussion about literally any other topic. Are they deleted? lol of course not
I think it'd be better for a lot of people here to be able to post whatever opinion they want as long as the thread doesn't derail too far off topic and to respect the fact that this is an anonymous imageboard, not the fucking Discord server.
Also please delete the trap board and make it a nice reverse trap board thanks


What do you plan to do with this graveyard? as you can see even lainchan's original exhibitionist drama princess coming back failed to make any impact.


seph sucked out attention, beta-orbiters and dollars out of this place, and them promptly excused herself


>Like another person said moderation on this site is pretty heavy
As expressed by others, I sincerely doubt that. Most of the boards here have been pretty dead. It's safe to assume that the vast majority of the modteam haven't logged in for months so any claims of "shadow-modding" seem vastly overblown; it's probably just one person.
>There's a lot of overlap between the anons and the Discord users and honestly I think it's the reason this chan is so as
If anything, the Discord server, Telegram group and IRC channel should all be closed until further notice because no one actually posts here anymore. It really seems like site culture fragmentation is something that Seph has never once taken seriously knowing how many she's gone through over the years.
>Hell there was even a Gab related thread and there were more people posting "eeew nazis" than giving a proper response.
I hate to break it to you, but "eeew nazis" is the proper response. I remember seeing a thread advertising for Atomwaffen on /cyb/ way back when, too. If you honestly expect to have reasonable debate about that kind of soykaf then you're hopelessly naive.


Implement gets


> it's probably just one person.
It's definitely not just one person, you're nazi mod apologetic. Just fuck off back to reddit or wherever, where you wont get to see UNCOMFORTABLE posts


dont listen to this faglord whoreson, kalyx. he's exactly the kind of person who murdered this site


File: 1568819310829.jpg (103.72 KB, 799x590, 1401901679280.jpg)


File: 1568819983001.jpg (181.58 KB, 960x1280, c46d846a-c28f-4620-97c1-2b….jpg)

I offered to help her.

>Like another person said moderation on this site is pretty heavy
Nearly all of the moderation team except for 1 is AFK.
>There's a lot of overlap between the anons and the Discord users and honestly I think it's the reason this chan is so as
Discord servers, IRC servers, Telegram groups…these aren't a chan. I'm interested in a chan so those places will either be deleted or disowned.
>Hell there was even a Gab related thread and there were more people posting "eeew nazis" than giving a proper response.
Nazis are lame but the rules will judge "low-quality posting" and not "bad opinions"
Last time I was in charge, gets were against the rules, unless it was a significant one. Dubs are lame but 7777 would be epic.
might try a public ban log but that requires merging back to lainchan-vichan. It is maintained pretty well.


yeah, afk for the most time, but then they ban everyone and everything
or it's one mentally ill mod
or they arent actually afk and delete whatever triggers their tranny dilated hole
either way, unmod the garbage. if they really are afk, just fucking unmod them.


delid & dilate


File: 1568821041748.jpg (117.34 KB, 850x1203, __holstein_original_drawn_….jpg)

please keep it civil, you are talking to me and this is fresh. I need some constructive discussion. That dilate meme is not even that funny.


File: 1568821173500.jpg (100.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1471183390118033987.jpg)

Well, this admin is already an improvement. Less than 24 hours and he replied with a timestamp (I thought it's a shop with Eazy-E at first lmao) and listened to the community's requests! Instead of adding another le epic sign instead of normal combination of letters for boards ( /λ/, /Δ/ ).

See, Seph and her lapdogs? It's that easy to be better than your tranny queen.


Some mean words in response to months or maybe even years of abuse from Seph and her team? That's nothing bro. Let us have our moment.


Hello, I'm someone who abandoned Arisu and only browses Lainchan. I popped back in after I heard the news.

My questions are:

1.) How are you going to differentiate Lainchan and Arisuchan?
2.) Are you going to rename Arisuchan?
3.) What will happen to the current staff and moderators?
4.) What are your planned site-wide improvements? Or, alternatively: What areas on the site would you like to focus on the most for improvements?
5.) How are you going to draw new users to the site, now that the name has been tarnished by previous moderators and staff?


Lmfao kalyx does look like Eazy E

Honestly I'm surprised any users have stuck around this long, being sick of the staff and all. I was a LC poster and tried to distance myself from Arisu as much as possible after the OG drama


Well I guess some of the users are like me - originally had hopes for this place, then it descended into nazi mod insider trade with Seph as Fuhrer, and then we just kept checking up the place every now and then to see if the things have changed. I've popped back recently and sadly things stayed the same. But then bam - and today Kalyx is back. So, I have hopes again. Too bad she probably still owns the place, and Kalyx is ultimately making this place better so that she and her tranny team can have it for themselves later, to leech off anon.


>insider trade
Ah yes the epic autochange of c1rcl3j3rk.
Maybe cut that s.hit too.


>months of abuse by seph and her team
lol wut. I've been around here since shortly after the break from applechan, and sure, the site's been neglected like a week old sandwitch, but abused ?

what drugs are you on mate.




fuck off tranny.


File: 1568823440345.jpg (319 KB, 609x849, 1557299623428.jpg)

whats with all the tranny memes?
yeah i get that. Don't forget I created lainchan 5 years ago and have been here for everything. Including and participating in the disingenuous creation of this website. see:

Arisuchan will probably become the "lainchan2" it was supposed to be when it was made. It will be different from both because we will try to take it back to "the good ol' days" before I made the big mistake of selling the website.

The current staff is non-existent really. It is TBD but as of now there are two old members, Seph in the background, and I'm bringing in OG lainchan staff. Let me stress that Seph has good intentions with allowing me back in, but it is me alone who is in charge of whats happening here.

The main focus is to streamline the rules and make a plan for fixing the board culture, the post quality, moderation quality, and increasing the active userbase. Removing affiliation with chatrooms. There might also be a move away from the Arisu branding.

Drawing in new users is on the priority list but it cant happen until I get a hang of what's happening/not happening with what we have now.

>Too bad she probably still owns the place, and Kalyx is ultimately making this place better so that she and her tranny team can have it for themselves later, to leech off anon.
She does still own the place. I'm not gonna come in and take things from her. We have a bad history. All I can say is, i'm here now and hopefully this time we can succeed.

most things aren't nefarious. Just poorly executed.


just please dont 'hire' (lmao lmao as if they are getting paid to clean up) trannies with strong political opinions. just find three straight male people older than 20 from different timezones, who will check up once a day and delete cp and SUPER OBVIOUS spam and ads of penis enlargement pills, and that's that. also please, PLEASE dont come up with QUALITY DISCUSSION requirements, it will inevitably be back to what it was before you, some autistic trannies deleting everybody who disagrees.


File: 1568823963755.jpg (213.5 KB, 825x686, 1554685430382.jpg)

trans or not, any person on staff won't last long if they moderate inappropriately.


File: 1568826078954.jpg (96.74 KB, 640x800, 6bd23e16428d71a274e0c63d88….jpg)

The biggest problem with the site is that big images are silently sent to
despite the post being added to the thread, which makes our beloved glasses thread full of empty spots. The second biggest problem is that lone autist that can't shut up about Seph and keep spamming every board with their retarded crusade against fascist moderators that don't actually exist.

By the way the ban list is already public:


It's the spammer, Kalyx should just permaban them.


Have you actually checked that link yourself, you dumb fucking tard?

>just permaban
just switch vpn in a matter of 10 seconds.


File: 1568826533903.jpg (570.76 KB, 1200x1524, 1552973816749.jpg)

I believe this is an old problem because arisuchan was forked off of the main codebase for lainchan-vichan. Give it a week, we are testing upgrades.
>The second biggest problem
this will be fixed over time by enforcing the rules and slowly increasing the number of active good moderation.


>The second biggest problem is that lone autist that can't shut up about Seph and keep spamming every board with their retarded crusade against fascist moderators that don't actually exist
I only did it as retaliation. They were not fair to me, so I fight back as I can. Ofcourse meanwhile I'm gathering all the info on Seph I can, and I might one day give her a visit, thankfully it's very easy to hurt or even murder someone in soykafholes she usually stays in.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST (Probably not a good idea to threaten people irl.) )


You can start enforcing the rules on this post right here: >>2748


File: 1568827345601.gif (520 KB, 265x370, 1515132300159.gif)

>(USER WAS derezzed FOR THIS POST (Probably not a good idea to threaten people irl.) )

man this site is fucked up. look at that formatting.


The text is correctly marked as a public ban, it's just the CSS missing the rules for it.


um no sweaty


That was very constructive of you


File: 1568831519149.jpg (263.08 KB, 1280x568, 01587554-photo-asus-eah487….jpg)

this is a quick rewrite of the rules. tell me what you think.

>You MUST watch Serial Experiments Lain

Because our board culture and imagery is derived from Serial Experiments Lain, we highly recommend giving it a watch. You WILL be derezzed for a minimum of 24 hours if you admit to breaking this rule.
>You MUST be 18+ years of age to post on
Anyone found to be under the age of 18 will be permanently derezzed without notice, exception, or appeal.
>Explicit/NSFW images MUST be posted with the “spoiler” option enabled
Pictures of underage children, any picture perceived to be underage, or sexual toon/Loli images WILL be deleted IMMEDIATELY and you WILL be PERMANENTLY derezzed without notice, exception, or appeal.
>You MUST argue in good faith and contribute meaningful discussion.
Do not waste your time. Elaborate on your opinions. “Low quality” posting such as, but not limited to, trolling, spam, overt racism, meme images, or anything you could find on is a bannable offense. Moderators will ultimately decide what counts. Given the nature of /q/ and what it was designed to be, there will be less enforcement of this rule.
>You MAY NOT not personally attack or provoke users.
Attack someone's argument, not someone's character. Be classy, do not go out of your way to offend someone when in a heated discussion. Keep it 30% aggressive.
>You MAY NOT discuss the policies of the board or the actions of its staff outside of /q/.
Use the report button. Do NOT post an off-topic reply to something you believe to be breaking the rules. For ANY and ALL questions, or complaints about the website or moderation you MUST post on /q/. The board exists for a reason.


not enough lain protection.
also dont see any differences from previous ones.


oh nice autofilter for the word tR@nny into lain
hmmm interesting.


I think it's been made very clear that we need a rule against ban evasion.


uhm no sweaty, it was necessary at the time. also seph stepped down, which means I was right to do what i did.

besides, how are you gonna enforce those rules lmao. seething nazi stalin, you just want to send someone to gulag or at least permaban them. but you will never be able to permaban me, you werent even able to stop the most primitive spam.


ban evasion is a tricky thing to deal with, it seems fairly implicit that someone violating a ban is not following the rules. making a rule that says you need to follow the rules is appleman level fuckery.


is there a need for new mods & admins ? should we apply somewhere ?


Hey Kalyx, long time no see.
I still think your wild west stuff was always needed to make any lainchan cool, so it's time you do your grand wizardry!
Yeah that's about it, now fuck off space cowsoyboy.


This is a legit question, but do we actually have a report button?
I'm not finding one popup like it usually does when the checkbox is clicked


File: 1568836487640.jpg (25.35 KB, 300x400, quon.jpg)

Holy soykaf fuck yes I was so against arisu when it was being voted.
It smells of hugbox, autism, lain, whiny bitch feelings, nazis, commies, nicety, people who complain about the site, GNU fanboyism, stallman tears and the distinctive lack of schizophrenia, all of which have led this place downhill.

As for what is happening - bunch of free speech screechers got mad about their soykafposts getting deleted, and so tried to do the internet hate machine thing. Best thing they could come up with is pepe spam and "lain seph". Super offensive, I'm sure she is in a psych ward because of it by now!

I think a temporary (few months) blanket ban on political discussion would basically clean the place up. Also bring bak /sekrit/


File: 1568836838666.jpg (13.55 KB, 200x268, nouq.jpg)

SEL alone won't do any good, we live in a post-systemspace era (there used to be a partnership and all their mental illness flocked here as well).

You should probably hype Texhnolyze and GITS instead - SEL is obviously base heritage stuff, but people who think this is a mainly SEL focused site end up doing all the most annoying soykaf.

cool filter
can we get fuarrrk too


File: 1568837211829.png (6.16 KB, 487x128, Screenshot_2019-09-18_22-0….png)

It's a form at the bottom of the thread. You have to click the checkbox on the post, fill in the reason and click "Report". If you press enter instead of clicking, it triggers the delete button instead.


whats your telegram


File: 1568840114791.jpg (1.89 MB, 3264x2448, use one of these to plug u….jpg)

>>2766 but also just contact me on telegram. username kalyx.



File: 1568841720015.png (1.21 MB, 707x840, memes.png)

I can't post memes like this kalyx FUCK.

kalyx more like gaylx


ahahahahahhaHAHAHA BITCH
but it worked
and seph should be afraid that i will gut her irl


File: 1568854195761.jpg (273.57 KB, 1280x720, zzz.jpg)

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