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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1542706373358.jpg (17.49 KB, 494x138, yep.jpg)


I think arisu telegram chat definitely has some problems with the power some users got not so far ago. I'm posting this here since this is somehow a neutral platform in comparison to telegram, where you have an identity, so we can speak right on the subject without extra problems. In second I don't want to affect personality.

So, the problem is people, the part of the arisuchan community, are getting derezzed. Why? Because they had a courage to express and defend their views. I'm not the one who was muted or derezzed, but I find it outrageous.

Let's consider what Seph said about the current situation:
> This is not a democracy. We are not a country. We do not have a constitution. We do not give you inalienable rights. Your welcome here is not unconditional.
What many consider censorship of speech is actually curation of content. By deleting messages and banning users, we are not disenfranchising anyone of their right to free public speech. We are asserting our right to curate the content of our private community as we see fit. Without adequate curation, every single Telegram group would devolve into /b/. That is obviously not what we want here.

What do you people see in the curation of the content? I agree when a nazi or definitely toxic soykaf brewers are getting derezzed. Nazi is harmful in any way he shows himself to the others, toxic people do nothing except for ruining people's mood and discussions. In such situation, moderator is just doing his actual job: he defends the community and doesn't let it slowly degrate into a sort of /b/. Here, community agrees with him.

What's about the current community, the stable, core community, which is getting derezzed or muted because they said something """wrong"""? Something controversial. You see, if a moderator finds your views to be conflicting with his own ones, he just directly tells you to shut up. In his opinion, you by definition cannot defend your views with arguments that you've provided, which he finds to be false or inconclusive. But let's remember: he does not agree with you the same as with yours ideology. Pretty much every argument that you'll provide will mean nothing to him and will be inconclusive, since it's a contradiction to his established, long-lived views, what means you will get derezzed if you would try to continue the conversation. You either should agree with him, or you must keep Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do the large open holes include remote execution? I don't see why you would care about whether Tox is any good when it comes to a public chat room.


Let's just get us a facebook group and get over with this nonesensical fight over protocols and applications! It's just a public chat afterall. And while picking soykafty apps, why not chose a popular and shiny one, eh?!

Seriously though, Alice, you're scaring the last of cypherpunks present here (hopefully) away with this talk.


Nevertheless, the Tox group exists.

I dont think there's a strict reason we need these protocols to compete. I'll never go on discord, or facebook. Maybe some of you will, thats fine too.

These chatrooms arent the same community as this chan, they do not need to cater to all the members of this chan. They're seperate, adjacent, communities on their own right, they make their own rules (or they dont) and they moderate themselves (or they dont).

If you dont like one chan or chat, complain to those responsible for it. Or just dont go there, I'm sure you'll be welcome somewhere.


Whatever is wrong with Tox, it isn't Facebook and it isn't Discord. Your critique is that of a child.


I'm the one who posted the suggestion let me reiterate: I was not trying to make any comment about the platform or it's security. I was simply saying the type of people who post there have a very different standard for their moderation practices than you see in other communities, which regardless of whatever qualms you have with the tech itself is true.


I personally run it in a VM with isolation and only over tor, but that is just me. I trust tox more than I trust the PHP chat that others here seem to like, these are all personal preferences. I'm not going to badmouth the PHP tor chat just because it doesn't match the standards I find important, I just won't use it and there is nothing wrong with me making that preference. You do you Alice.

File: 1550305706592.gif (473.3 KB, 500x375, 1537390711749.gif)


I just wanted to notify you that the links for λ and Δ are 404ing on the homepage.


symlinks M.I.A.


>I just wanted to notify you that the links for λ and Δ are 404ing on the homepage.
Fixed! Thanks for reporting, Alice. ^_^

File: 1545322109915.png (547.15 KB, 961x961, 1e67edc0e501a789b918bacf87….png)


Hey seph,

The z-axis for expanded images is greater than the z-axis for the board list on the top of the page. When you expand images, they go over top of the overheader div. Not a huge issue but still somewhat annoying. Plse fix.


>The z-axis for expanded images is greater than the z-axis for the board list on the top of the page. When you expand images, they go over top of the overheader div. Not a huge issue but still somewhat annoying. Plse fix.

That's been annoying me for a while too. Should be an easy fix. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. ^_^;

Thanks for your report. I will fix it soon(tm)!


File: 1549880800486.jpg (181.98 KB, 848x979, Elizabeth_Holmes_2014_(cro….jpg)

I replaced the inline image expansion with a proper full-screen lightbox, which took care of this problem in the process.

Hope you are finally at ease. ^_^;


File: 1550083506032.gif (48.75 KB, 395x610, LAINHADN3.gif)

Arisu likes this.

File: 1540171400187.png (355.92 KB, 599x510, 1540167889131.png)


Webms are broken
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File: 1540658591395.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 1540550004581.webm)




We do what we can with the time we have. We all have work and responsibility to take care of.

Be patient.


File: 1549882980276.webm (316.13 KB, 640x480, 1540084288718.webm)



File: 1549936506719.jpg (19.12 KB, 474x612, th.jpg)



Webms are also broken on Clover

File: 1547833452148-0.jpg (82.54 KB, 480x395, image.jpg)


What does alice refer to ? I've seen people use it and i dont get what its referencing.
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File: 1549881848216.png (781.73 KB, 800x568, A936-2-magic.png)

The board is named after Lain's best friend, Arisu, from Serial Experiments Lain. Arisu's name was inspired by Alice from Alice in Cyberland (OVA) who in turn was inspired by Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

I have Alice in Cyberland uploaded here if anyone is interested:[Orphan] Alice in Cyberland (LD) [2DCC778B].mkv

You would be one of the first people in the world to have seen it with English subtitles. A fansubbing group only acquired and translated it as a special request by a staff member of arisuchan. ^_^;

More info here:


Why were you holding out on us seph? That is really cool. Thanks.


dank as fuck, never heard of alice in cyberland before
where are the subtitles tho, dont see them


>Why were you holding out on us seph? That is really cool. Thanks.
Sorry. Didn't mean to. I've just been really busy and forgot about it. ^_^;

>where are the subtitles tho, dont see them
Oh! I uploaded the wrong version. >_<

I uploaded the higher-resolution fansubbed video and the torrent file if anyone is interested in seeding:


I will help seed for a while once I finish my download.

File: 1518290152354.png (163.2 KB, 961x808, unwrapped.png)


Not sure if suggestions would go here or not, but I would like to text wrapping in posts such as these. It's annoying when someone posts five images having to scroll past all of that content to read their post. An other idea would involve instead of having the pictures stacked ontop of each other, but when in a thumbnail sit side by side with the text below them.

Also, inline webm viewing. If possible it would be great to be able to view webms without having to open a new tab.
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Please get rid of the top down image stacking. Make it left to right!


File: 1549882767953.jpg (49.63 KB, 700x467, Jen_Simmons.jpg)

>Please get rid of the top down image stacking. Make it left to right!
As I mentioned in another thread, I will refactor the CSS if we migrate to back to vichan. This could be done with flexbox, but I'm thinking that since the community is sufficiently tech-savvy, we could just say fuck older/bullsoykaf browsers, abandon vendor prefixes, and adopt CSS grid. Thoughts?


Sounds good to me. The site works in w3m which is what matters to me the most.


Some thumbnails became tall and blurry, can you restore them? Examples:


>Some thumbnails became tall and blurry, can you restore them?
The images didn't change. I just edited the CSS such that any thumbnails thinner than 256px be stretched to fit that size, which can make the smaller thumbnails a bit blurry. However, I have updated the thumbnail resolution to 384px by 384px so only images with the tallest aspect ratio will be stretched instead of shrunk in the future.

We might be able to "rebuild" all the thumbnails from their source images so older uploads have sharp thumbnails as well. If anyone is familiar with PHP and imagemagick, perhaps we could add that functionality to vichan?

Please get in touch with me on IRC if anyone is up for the task. ^_^;

File: 1537878126742.jpg (54.72 KB, 595x335, tv-its_always_sunny_in_phi….jpg)


I've noticed that threads reporting bugs and requesting features are accumulating…


…but nothing is going to happen if no one volunteers to help with development >>1733.

Just sayin'.


I know the site moves slow, so admins and devs probably have no intensive to make additions, probably only fix when its broken. Then again, the community could be working on it also, personally I never contributed to a project before, but I'll try to send some commits there way to be reviewed.


File: 1549881209535.jpg (76.26 KB, 800x600, zTNIz.jpg)

I'm thinking I might migrate us back to proper vichan when I find time. I would have to refactor the stylesheet a bit to account for no longer being able to modify the templates, but at least we would be able to continue getting feature updates and bug fixes.

I'll post an update if/when we do migrate.

File: 1547614195139.jpg (50.7 KB, 480x661, ZEEm6xP.jpg)


i heard there were probably themes to choose on this website, what happened to them?


It is still here alice. Click around on the page and you will find them all. I love you.


>i heard there were probably themes to choose on this website, what happened to them?
Did you end up catching them all?

File: 1548277554004.png (46.06 KB, 532x557, seph.png)


>not including lainchan in under cyberpunk communities


Oh, this seems like a thread made by a reasonable person who thinks reasonable thoughts.




tfw name?


File: 1549800723447.jpg (586.12 KB, 2048x1402, Cocktail_Party_At_The_Impe….jpg)

>>not including lainchan in under cyberpunk communities
That's a fair criticism. When we first split off, there was a lot of scandal and drama associated with recent activity on However, things have changed since then and the administrators of both sites are on good terms. There doesn't seem to be any lingering animosity between the communities so I don't see any reason why we shouldn't add them back.

As such I have restored lainchan to the directory.

File: 1549248647874-0.jpg (79.69 KB, 536x556, C91E441D-0A0D-4F37-9F9C-68….jpg)


Yes or no, does arisuchan allow loli(2-d)? I didn't see much in the way of image regulation when it comes to the kind of stuff that offends certain people.
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Pedophile spotted. Only pedophiles claim that loli and pedophilia are different. Please kill yourself as soon as possible.


I'm fairly certain most who like lolis or moe aren't sexually attracted to literal children.


File: 1549397891330.png (618.12 KB, 850x638, 38C62AD3-D73B-4A08-8DDB-BB….png)

I don't really have anything to say to this post. I appreciate you leaving this thread up as it has made for a good conversation in my eyes. I don't agree with shirking away from "legally grey areas", especially when it's as innocuous and ultimately inconsequential as drawings. I don't intend to bring loli onto this site and I don't expect you to change anything.
If I ever feel that's the only option, i'll take the advice.
Yeah, well most western countries are backwards. In the US, people in certain areas have been arrested for attempting to collect/distribute physical media with loli in it, a lot of time in bulk. That's what's to my understanding. But as far as online activity goes, I have no idea, especially when nothing is downloaded.
Either way doesn't matter. If a drawing is enough to be make someone a pedophile, the label of pedophile becomes completely insignificant. I in no way condemn the abuse of flesh and blood children and that should be enough. Keep in mind I feel exactly the same about guro. Whether I like, or dislike, or are indifferent to something doesn't change my approch to it. I'm not going to keep posting in this thread as there's nothing left to be said and keeping it going any more is pointless. Thank you all.




Kill yourself you fucking degenerate pedo.

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