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File: 1511924720830.gif (216.28 KB, 593x900, yearning.gif)


So, forgive me if this is the wrong board to post this in, but it has to do with the community here itself so I think this is the correct place to put it.

I'm not here to whine about how oppressed conservatives are or any of that bullsoykaf. But over the last few days there have been some ridiculously heated debates started over practically nothing, and instead of having a conversation it seems anyone making government regulations or socialism look bad is dog-piled and harassed with insults. It's toxic and incredibly annoying.

This isn't to say that the mods should be stepping in or any nonsense like that, just an open letter of sorts to my fellow lainon - most of whom are perfectly reasonable people that are just as annoyed with this as I am. I have no problem with political discussions - personally I rather enjoy them. But it's annoying when my feed or even replies to my own comments are full of insults at one another or me instead of actual input or opinion on the matter at hand.

Idk, Alice. Just cool it, aye? Not every liberal is a progressive snowflake and not every conservative is a corporate shilling /pol/troll. We're all here because we love SEL and all things cyberpunk, so there's no reason to be bickering like children.

Let's keep things civil. Let's all live Lain.


If worshiping corporate tyranny is compatible with "all things cyberpunk" then I certainly don't love all things cyberpunk.



Well for what i experience even when i made mistakes in my arguments i never had any insult through at me, people simply point out that it was stupid, which it was.

I agree with you, but we cannot denied the fact that political conversation as always been heated and i think Arisuchan is doing a good job as a community to keep it on track, people argue over their words and not their character, and when they make mistake they acknowledge it. Some people here are still getting offended when someone tell them that what they said is stupid, yet i think you just need to not take everything personal. We're all here to argue, learn and share.

One example is the debate on NN, loved how someone made a mistake and just excuse himself or how the debate don't always says "LOL ur WRonG" But actually trying to explain their view by using good arguments.

That how we grow as individual and as a community. Let people fall so we can get up stronger.


Actually the NN debate had one of the bad apples I was referring too. But like you and I both said, most of us aren't too shabby when it comes to keeping debates proper and making efforts to keep them from devolving. This community's pretty great in that regard.

Idk, maybe it was just the same individual on multiple threads

File: 1493555974874.jpg (138.87 KB, 625x625, 9613d76051993e2b5a865a06c8….jpg)


Why are we sister sites with antifa communists?
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File: 1510777487491.png (908.04 KB, 780x673, 1475224755422.png)

How can the admins have the audacity to fetishize cybersecurity lifestyle while being actively authoritarian?
I'm left as left gets but policing people's posts on the basis of their political alignment is sickening.


>Does the moderation stand by anti-censorship and free speech or not?
nigga there's a word filter for every other word, it's obvious they don't


Some of the staff/mods are Anti Communist, pro free speech. All the mods are not the same


First off this thread is old and irrelevant since is no longer "sister site with antifa communists" (more like egoist anarchist, but sure)
That dude's no longer a fucking mod you slug-like fuck look at the fucking date of that post for fucks sake
>schitzoid /pol/ opinion piece for an image
>rambles aimlessly about soykaf without context
Take your meds and go back to your fake news safe-space
At this point it appears they've all been linked straight from /pol/; clueless together.

Mods you might as well remove this thread to avoid future confusion.


>Mods you might as well remove this thread to avoid future confusion.
Valid point. The thread has been saged.

File: 1509571163056.png (47.86 KB, 1766x863, ahh.png)


I'll be honest. I can't use this website because the scaling is terrible. I use tree style tabs and that makes things worse, but if I scroll in far enough even without them, it looks like pic related.



Is it because your resolution is so small that it cause this problem? Do you see the catalog buttom down there? Use this it might help you a little.


no my resolution is 1920x1080, with scaling because my monitor is a few feet away from my face. I don't have this problem on other websites.


I suppose I could add a third viewport between the existing desktop and mobile oriented ones. I'm sorry that this is causing an issue for you.

Stay tuned.

File: 1508799515291.png (216.75 KB, 1159x367, Screenshot_2017-10-24_01-5….png)


Pic related


File: 1508877902321.png (84.95 KB, 981x659, Screenshot_2017-10-24_22-4….png)

They overlap everything.



In my case it's actually doesn't. Have you tried different browser? Have you make recent change in your current browser that would result to this.


Overlapping the header? Bug. Will fix. Thanks.

Overlapping everything else? Working as intended.

File: 1506013111368.jpg (95.31 KB, 240x320, knitworks_installation.jpg)


I'm not sure many of you noticed, but you can use different color themes on arisuchan. The pictures of Arisu and Lain in the header link to the red and green themes respectively and there are also blue and purple options by clicking parts of the footer. Enjoy, Alice!~


If only the colours differ, why not just give us a colour picker?


we should allow custom css like 8.
i'd be willing to help.


Am I blind? I can't seem to find the blue or purple options.


File: 1507915896192.gif (170.52 KB, 301x266, pardner.gif)

They're hidden in the footer, chummer. Click around the copyrights.


Ah, neat. Thank you.

File: 1508242684895.png (1.21 MB, 1000x667, pic-rgb-1.png)


What is the right board to open a You Groove You Loose thread ?



Probably not the right website to do that.


Why not? Groove to Blade Runner blues, who can refuse?

Post it in /r/ maybe OP?

File: 1508071903009.jpg (193.57 KB, 960x1280, 1485282892456-3.jpg)


Why there is no /lit/ board?



Moving this to the appropriate board /q/


If there's enough of a demand for /lit/ maybe we'll consider making it, but for now, /cult/ serves that purpose.


If you want a /lit/ board, post so many /lit/ worthy threads in /cult/ that they're forced to. ^_~


For the historical record, there was briefly a /lit/ when this site was first created, but alas, it is no more.

File: 1500164945968.gif (106.69 KB, 500x357, 1438344143604.gif)


Let's watch it again…
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File: 1507295547403.png (568.08 KB, 617x715, 1506836250831.png)

That would be fuckin A, man!

When would it start?



Probably going to have to wait for Seph to setup everything which is definitely not going to be easy.

Keep a eye on the thread might happen faster then we think.


She has a stream system already setup, I believe she just has to start making times for viewing.


I do have it set up. I'm thinking next Friday or Saturday would be a good time to stream it.

Also if anyone else would be interested in streaming anything, please let me know in IRC and I can give you the streaming credentials.

web player

direct stream


File: 1507935648443.gif (989.98 KB, 500x328, b8b9bddf7a817229a4a8425652….gif)

Watching Serial Experiments Lain on the chilly evening of Friday, October 13th sounds as fitting as ever!

File: 1507219821029.png (41.27 KB, 389x137, Screenshot_2017-10-05_12-1….png)


whats the anime in this banner?



File: 1504668164369.jpg (50.69 KB, 433x557, 1485742526016.jpg)


How does arisuchan become what Lainchan should have been but couldn’t be?


Personally, I think I'ts but an iteration of a nomadic community.
The internet is still a sort of wild west with gangs of 12 year olds stirring up soykaf where they can. The democratic nature of this kind of hangout makes it possible for the flood of "so-called-normals" to overtake (see Degradation of a Hobby).


File: 1506759598777.png (2.85 MB, 2404x1780, degredation-of-a-hobby.png)


I had to Google this. Man, that's some serious autism right there.

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