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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1494939836916.jpg (103.81 KB, 720x960, 2b999a539941680de47653bfdf….jpg)


What happened to the music thread on /cyb/? I can't find it.


We moved it to /cult/. We don't leave shadow topics because they get obnoxious fast. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I see, thanks, but why did the bump order change?

File: 1494963042802.png (80.17 KB, 255x217, 1473409233880.png)


new user and just heard of all the drama going on
what happened?


read to find out. I said this on .org too fag


>>664 in a nutshell everyone

File: 1493996904923.jpg (27.44 KB, 480x360, reallain.jpg)


It's amazing how much better applechan got after you anarchist/artsy fucks left. The site has gone back to being more informative. Unfortunately, junk & co can't find their own userbase without riding our coattails by redirecting .org to their .jp site and using a domain name that's bound to cause confusion. Additionally, they claim the zine as their own even though many real lainons from .org contributed. Rot in pieces you pathetic fucks.
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>you're being judged for being a dick to a peer for no benefit
I was told I should be grateful for not being fired immediately after appleman bought the site, why should I be grateful appleman acted in his best interests? That's not a kindness.

>You were wrong about ethics

You or someone else told me they didn't want to hear about ethics, so I didn't get into it. But I can assure you
>I got mad, therefore it's wrong
is not how this works.

>You were in charge of maintaining the wall you were defacing.

This is where the whole me being a vandal thing falls apart: if it was my wall, I couldn't have vandalized it in the first place.
Either way, acting like changing the links for 1 hour makes me some kind of sinner in the eyes of the lord is ridiculous.

>you're relying on the comparison.

I'm not. please read the article I linked. if it weren't called authoritarian thinking, it would be wrong for the same reasons.

>you lost track of what we're arguing about

I'm not sure how I can lose track of what we're arguing about, which you identify as making 2 websites called lainchan, while simultaneously having a poor justiification for doing that. Either I don't know, or I don't have a good argument. You can't have both.

>twisted definition of community

the simple fact is that a community isn't one of the platforms it uses. If nobody used applechan, if nobody used our site, if nobody used sushichan, what would they be? nothing. I realize that, appleman realizes that, our users realize that, but you don't seem to realize that.

Now, if we're going to stop conflating the two, what you're really saying is that our platform hurts your platform. I'm not gonna deny that. We've created a competitor, which offers a better service, so now you fear losing users. Except applechan was losing users the entire time, and the whole community would continue losing users if we hadn't stepped in and made this. applechan would actually have no users at all, and not exist, if it weren't for one of our admins walking appleman through the site restoration after the site got wiped. It Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I was told I should be grateful for not being fired immediately after appleman bought the site, why should I be grateful appleman acted in his best interests? That's not a kindness.
Being threatened with demotion for creating /r/ so that lains could have somewhere to talk outside of /q/ before the AGM still weeks away wasn't exactly kind either. Perhaps if we made it known how petty Appleman can be there would be less sympathy for him. In the end exorbitant micromanagement will bring down applechan.


Appleman said it would be a few weeks to be fully operational though, not for the boards to be back.


That doesn't excuse him bitching her out for creating the board. It really is telling. If you can't create /r/ without his explicit authorization, then you aren't allowed to do fucking anything there as staff. What does it even mean to be an administrator on applechan if you are only permitted to do the same things a janitor can?


Mess with the best, die like the rest.

File: 1493978422289.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0425.JPG)


Some amount of anons had asked me what my status is in relation to this chan. I've been working indirectly with Seph in the background to help jp stay cool. This coming Wednesday I'll have a MacBook Air and the money to start working as an Admin for real.
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you're asking the wrong questions. You know kalyx couldn't afford to buy back the site, you even mentioned in your post that he spent all the money.

You're asking those questions because you know that, but you don't care. You literally do not care about someone else's financial situation or the fact they may be dying so much as your precious selloutchan doesn't have a competitor. fuck off.


just like kalyx never gave a fuck about .org to begin with, nor any of the perpetrators of what happened with .org

if kalyx cared about .org he never would have sold it. The fact he still feels entitles to the site name and "community" after selling his rights to it says alot about him.


File: 1494611303092.png (19.49 KB, 469x209, apokalyx.png)

Relevant tweet.


Except he didn't have backups.


File: 1494885217708.jpg (57.68 KB, 568x683, 1487184470880.jpg)

I wrote about this on if you care. I also got an apartment today.

File: 1494053076356.png (287.34 KB, 1366x741, Screenshot from 2017-05-06….png)


Why does only span across part of my browser? I verified this occurs for me across multiple browsers (Pale Meme and Firefox Nightly).


It's part of the CSS so probably intentional. I think it's better than the unreadably long lines you see on other imageboards sometimes.


This is a feature not a bug. Excessive line length dramatically reduces readability and increases bounce rates. I don't see how anyone could prefer to read 10pt type sprawled across 1920 pixels. You don't see any other websites use this format because it's an absolute UX disaster. The fact that this is the historical format of image boards is not an excuse to continue repeating the mistake. Also bear in mind the average browser dimensions were much, much smaller when image boards were first developed. If they were being developed for the first time today, I can assure you they'd have more appropriate max-widths set. Once the default stylesheet has been re-written and we begin making alternate styles available, I can make one that uses the historical 100% pagewidth for you if you would prefer it.


Please make the static reply-boxes a few pixels thinner so that the completely unnecessary sideways-scroll bar doesn't pop up in the default Tor Browser.

It's a small but very specific (to this imageboard) problem that I otherwise only come across while browsing pages with either lots of very detailed grids of statistics, or with panorama pictures.


Could you please post a screenshot reproducing the problem so I can approximate how much of a change is necessary? We are working on responsive stylesheets, but I can still make a small change for you right now.

File: 1492397552837.jpg (63.8 KB, 371x500, introduction.jpg)


Who are we?
We are a collective of former administrators, moderators, and developers of
. Creative, technical, and organizational skills are distributed among our staff members so that lainchan no longer has a single point of failure.

What is this?
This is our new home, a place under the faithful care of established community members—rather than the highest bidder—that can be trusted to continue the legacy of lainchan as it was before the last transfer of power.

Why are we here?
Neglect of critical services and backups, lack of priorities and accountability, and gross inaction and incompetence have led us to a situation in which, even in the face of losing years of work, little to nothing is actually being done for the community. Freed from an entrenched bureaucracy (read: one person), we will be able to reconstruct lainchan and continue its development without unnecessary debate and delay over matters of insignificance.

Where are we heading?
The website has redundant offsite backups. Community services are decentralized. We now plan to rebuild content across the boards, recover data from our last good
backup, and resume work on the constellation of projects by and for lains. Join us in
on the Freenode IRC network to discuss the future of our community.

File: 1493623362549.jpg (2.52 MB, 1994x3002, Julian-Assange-Picture-Cre….jpg)


In the interest of transparency, we invite all users to provide criticism and commentary of our board rules and guidelines. With your feedback we can move the draft into a final form which is clear and concise for all parties. Thank you for your help.

Please be advised that this topic is for discussion of general rules, guidelines, and policy, not specific cases of past or future actions. If you would like to appeal or criticize moderation, please use >>381 instead.
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File: 1494837588337.gif (598.8 KB, 250x237, LdLQ80O.gif)

>You must argue in good faith.
>Don't waste everyone's time; anyone can play devil's advocate. You're not that clever.

>You may not personally attack or provoke users.

>Attack someone's argument, not their character.

>You must contribute meaningful discussion.

>Don't just +1 or -1 a post. This isn't Facebook so don't treat it like such.

>You may not discuss the policies of the board or the actions of its staff outside of /q/.

>This is never on-topic outside of /q/. The board exists for a reason.

>Please make intelligent posts.

>We don't censor ideas. We delete low-quality posts. Figure out how to better articulate yourself and try again.


is this some kind of joke? havent seen this level of pretentiousness in a while, i thought people like this had already grow up out of imageboards


>You must contribute meaningful discussion.
>Don't just +1 or -1 a post. This isn't Facebook so don't treat it like such.

I'm a little confused about this one, is this place chill enough to reply with a
>"thanks a lot that helped a bunch/that's what i was looking for!"
and nothing else
or do you want it to be a little more like stack-overflow where they want every post and comment to be relevant to anyone that reads it?


i think you are thinking of this the wrong way. The imageboard is administrated by the mods not by the community, if the community doesn't like it then someone else can make their own imageboard. The imageboard is not administrated by the community, there needs to be a hierarchy of power in order to have order.
What you want to have is some sort of system where every user has input into every single decision, and it should have some sort of weight. That's silly and such systems never get anything done. In general, too much communication is bad.


File: 1497517087021.png (127.38 KB, 3200x1200, 1491993191149.png)

What is this chains official position on Pedophiles using the services to discuss their, predilections?

I'm not in favor of it at all, I just wanted to know. Thanks.


I don't think a statement is even necessary. Our position should be self-evident. Needless to say, don't worry, that will never be a problem here.

File: 1492416509605.png (867.91 KB, 1420x1400, 1467222432201.png)


Alright. This is a controversial thing to post, but I'll do it anyway. I kindly request anyone who is willing to reply to read my whole post before doing so. Let's make this a civilized discussion.

I like lainchan. I started coming to lainchan a couple of months after it was started, and I've never left. I've worked on community projects, I've been an active poster. It's important you understand: I care about lainchan, and I want us all as a community to find peace and to keep on existing. has problems, this is a thing we will also all agree on, I'm sure. Starting a new board is something I can understand and even support. I do have one problem though, and it's a major one: why oh why did you have to call it lainchan as well?

Now I know the answer: because you view this board as a protest. Again, I can understand that, but I just don't think this is the way. By reusing a name that is still in use by the site that originally used it, you're basically saying that only one can continue to exist.

You want to split off, and you want to become like lainchan used to be, but this whole one "real" lainchan vibe is really bad, for all parties involved, you're essentially dividing the community, and that's like kicking whales down the beach.

I like the way you're headed with this site in general, and I must say your css and board list are far superior to those on lainchan. But I refuse to play your game. Please, pick a different name. I think it really is the best for everyone. I just want to keep the good vibes and discussion of lainchan, but this internal soykafflinging is not going to help.

I have already heard you are quite set on the subject, but please consider it.
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I think you misunderstood my post.


ah sorry. I misread.


The raison d'etre for this place is that the mods here are more competent than Appleman, but let's keep it classy and try not to roast him too much. As a sperg, I don't like it when "autistic" people are bullied. He may have shown how unfit he is to be admin, but let's keep the personal attacks on his character to a minimum.


>He may have shown how unfit he is to be admin, but let's keep the personal attacks on his character to a minimum.
I'm a mod and I approve this message.


> Lainchan deserves better

I sure hope you're not implying that the person that sold lainchan is better than the one that bought it.

File: 1492443798361.gif (494.15 KB, 500x333, 36cc70325e9069671f2550a3db….gif)


Although I do want to support this site, I cannot possibly see it gaining a community and not sure anyone is expecting to come from this. .org is a slow moving image board because of its very small population. What are the chances that when people come back that they're going to come to us? Interested in any plans to gain momentum, to get new people who don't really know a lot about lainchan to join.
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The dev wanted changes to the site, didn't understand that she needs to change their script to fix problems, its not on the site owners to fix his problems, the dev is an idiot.


How many times do we have to tell you? Stop hijacking unrelated threads. I saw you doing the same thing on /q/ of applechan as well.

If you want to complain about moderation, take it here:

If you want to discuss your script, make a new topic in /μ/.


what. how is it unrelated? we were discussing the need for this exact script. how is it already existing unrelated to the thread? are we not allowed to link or name any off site scripts?


>If you want to discuss your script, make a new topic in /μ/.
Is that really so much to ask? The /q/ board is supposed to be about this website, anon.


1. he only posted on /q/ because an admin asked him to directly. it was completely relevant to the site in that he was providing our whole fucking archive.
2. are you suggesting that every time anyone mentions any script on this site, we have to create a thread on /μ/ and then link to it? or is that rule only specifically for this evil asshole who deigned to not just provide us our archive but also had the audacity to give it to applechan and the rest of the lain community?

File: 1492771669636.jpg (226.37 KB, 651x672, lain.jpg)


Is tor posting without javascript enabled? Rather post this here since there isn't a test board.
To post this I had to:
Enable HTTP Referrers
Enable Javascript
Disable HTTP Referrer spoofing
Disable tor
Can this be fixed? .org doesn't do this.
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>Odd, I thought we've been given Tor support.
It was only blocked for the first day.


>Rather post this here since there isn't a test board.
There is a test board it is /b/ (lol).


>Your IP address is listed in
>Your IP address is listed in
>Your IP address is listed in




Good to see tor works. Let's see how it goes along posting with my default config.
To post this I had to:
Enable HTTP Referrers
Disable HTTP Referrer spoofing
I'm not familiar with vichan nor tinyboard but .org uses both and I have no problem posting with these enabled.

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