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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1567381120696.jpg (219.63 KB, 768x425, 1543242546935.jpg)


>Realizing you probably make up more than half of total arisuchan traffic.

Sure is lonely up in here.
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File: 1567457427081.jpg (47.13 KB, 581x800, ow66b2sL3S1vn5mclo1_640.jpg)

Hi, another totally real human here.

I know it ain't much but I love you. Thanks for being half the traffic, I appreciate it.


>eventually being told that said half of traffic that you produce is mostly hugbox lain-worsoykaf
decrease percentage


ahhh, thanks (´;ω;`)


check every week instead of every night


we all float down here, alice.

File: 1565565450680.jpg (161.21 KB, 1280x720, 1538843959398.jpg)


As the subject says, can anyone else confirm the same for themselves?


images i post aren't always showing up for me.

File: 1566050893606.png (86.17 KB, 983x403, china tier.png)


>make one post criticizing censorship on here
>get derezzed for it


Back to the bunker




I remember your post, im surprised they'd ban you for it!?

Still I'd like to know what originally was censored?

If you dont specify than alice cant help but assume you just broke the rules.

So again, what exactly did they censor?



First of all, Can you tell me where and what you have said? Understanding the context would help. Mod or admin must had their reason to act, I doubt it was done freely to circumvent you from speaking.

If you have screenshot host them on a different site and post them back here. Also this as been flag as spam I don't see exactly why I will ignore it for the moment until further evidence.


Stop spamming retard. This is a slow IB so we already read your posts and didn't give a crap. You don't need to make another thread

File: 1564528992031-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 531.63 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190731-012103….jpg)


Can you fix image viewing on mobile version , pic related is how it looks like when I click on the picture , and I can't see the rest of it no matter what I do.

Thanks in advance
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>this sounds like a terrible idea , i wouldnt want the site to change the look at all
Neither would I. I would be re-writing the stylesheet from scratch so that it would look exactly the same.

>Lynxchan's interface is such a pile of garbage even you couldn't make it look acceptable.
I think you underestimate my abilities. Hacks like
can go a long way, my friend. ^_^;

>Not to mention that it is choking full of javascript, I doubt most of the userbase would be happy with the change.

The backend is Node. That doesn't mean you're downloading any client side JavaScript. In fact, LynxChan 100% works with JavaScript disabled. That's actually one of the selling points.


File: 1566085049387.png (64.02 KB, 409x579, Screenshot from 2019-08-17….png)

1: penumbralynx has a pretty good mobile support, you can see it on
2: you can easily migrate your data with the vichan-lynxchan migration script.
3: the front-end is completely detached from the back-end, making it easier for admins to customize and update.
4: the engine has support for addons, giving a lot of freedom to expand upon the vanilla features.
5: vichan has been completely abandoned and the very readme of it tell people to not use vichan.


I have yet to see an instance of Lynxchan with CSS that doesn't look like ass. However, the only further developments off of vichan have been and


People really seem to like indiachan. kohlchan put quite some work on their css too.


I remember when Indiachan was just a joke posted on /g/. I guess they look okay. 117chan looked passable too when it was up.

File: 1494089022524.jpg (776.55 KB, 742x1060, cyberpunk_by_adriandadich-….jpg)


Almost every single topic on /q/ consists of those from applechan criticizing for [insert reason here], but what of the silent majority of those that actually use this board? I understand that we are not the majority of lainchan users overall, but those that like this site don't seem to have spoken up about why they do so.

Personally I've found that focuses slightly more on intelligent and informative longform content (the average post length of /mega/ on applechan can be pretty sparse at times). I'm not sure if this is the work of stricter moderation (see or self-selection, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Why does lain use
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>I would like to exchange contact if possible.

Probably impossible.
I'm not special.
Regardless, pass the RC this way, my man.


File: 1566006514589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.33 KB, 980x723, Witches.jpg)

>I'm not special
But you are. Unless…
cue the running joke about witches and moddess

Anyway, should you decide to change your mind I'm missing the pen pal I got from there:


File: 1566014057821.jpg (7.64 KB, 211x239, images(2).jpg)



File: 1566027174649.jpg (35.5 KB, 540x427, jtem2u3ip9a21.jpg)


why that reaction

File: 1562200544138.jpg (171.43 KB, 563x400, idiot.jpg)



First off Seph ; Why the fuck can I find all of your personal websites, name and location by googling "Happy Lain" and talking to my friends about it? Why the fuck????

Why do you run an image board about a community based around cyperpunk, futurism and technology as well as anarchy in some places ;

and then proceed to use TWITCH, PAYPAL and openly post this soykaf everywhere with your personal info attached to it??

Why does this board even donate to this ethot???



I am angry as fuck that everyone seems to suck her dick when she is CLEARLY nothing but a wanna be Lain.
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decent points
sharpie in pooper ?


dark corners of the internet:
tor forum sites

There are some missing. Compare these to the public chans and youll see why not so much stuff goes on here. The reason why some things DO get posted on public chans are due to the temporary nature of these boards. If a board is moving quickly, then posts are deleted every few hours. Couple that with anonimity and you have a fairly welcoming place for unrestricted speech and leaks.

many groups are always looking for good people. Are you a good person lain?


Easy just open a terminal and type rm -rf /


Would you have had a similar hysterical outburst if this were about a man? Be honest now


Outburst was completely understandable

File: 1565468421248.png (13.12 KB, 680x114, nodoctype.png)


Arisuchan is missing a doctype element, causing browsers to display it in quirks mode (hacks for displaying sites the way NN 4 / IE 5 did) rather than standards mode. Makes it harder to write cross-site userscripts because of differences like document.documentElement.clientHeight and document.body.clientHeight being switched around. Could you consider adding one? All you need is <!DOCTYPE html>.

File: 1564769994973.jpg (831.77 KB, 2800x1600, SQCL15o.jpg)


I have a feeling that arisuchans gonna grow alot over the course of the next few years, But to maintain quality and keep out spam we're gonna need more mods.

I suggest that Seph start compiling a list of people who would be willing to come on as mods once needed, that way the site could scale more smoothly.
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>Why not just add a captcha like other image boards?
Why don't you fuck off


Prospective mods could write up a short essay saying why they would be a good choice.
A curriculum vitae, if you will.

Let's not please.


>Why not just add a captcha like other image boards?


We need mod, but it isn't like the site doesn't said it already. We have a thread that was stick for this reason even in the says it. It's a question of people applying. Maybe the administration could talk about how many application they've received?

Captcha will most likely kill the conversation and frustrated the user base due to the fact that it's not consistent and might take you 5 minute just to complete. There is different type of captcha but i don't see what is the necessity of having one our self?



File: 1504963980401.jpg (50.93 KB, 667x1000, Allison17~0.jpg)


The initial commit—applying the few modifications that were not specific to our particular installation—has been pushed to
. We will continue to use
as the issue tracker for the time being. I'm sorry for making things complicated.

I have organized a few of the issues into categories below to help you select where you may want to focus your attention depending on your skill and availability.

Thank you so much for your help, Alice!

code repository

issue tracker

issues that should be easy to resolve

issues that are important
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I think this fixes issue #6 but I'm too lazy to set up a development environment to test it:
diff --git a/templates/themes/ukko/theme.php b/templates/themes/ukko/theme.php
index ada4082d..89f16037 100755
--- a/templates/themes/ukko/theme.php
+++ b/templates/themes/ukko/theme.php
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
                        $body = '';
                        $overflow = array();
                        $board = array(
-                               'url' => $this->settings['uri'],
+                               'url' =>  '/' . $this->settings['uri'] . '/',
                                'name' => $this->settings['title'],
                                'title' => sprintf($this->settings['subtitle'], $this->settings['thread_limit'])


File: 1528899067686.txt (1.98 KB, patch.txt)

Same, untested, but for issue #50 this time.


My main question, is why is this still based on the absolute clusterfuck of tinyboard+vichan, and #2 why do crucial features like quoting require JS?


>Your request looks automated; Post discarded.
Every time when i try to post something.
I don't know how to fix it.
Anyone can help me?

File: 1563119461398.jpg (91.92 KB, 732x1011, d534428cc7a50bcdc547704139….jpg)


A mod over at made a dumb decision and locked a interesting thread just because a few Alice's broke the rules. Sure ban people who break the rules but dont lock entire threads that where 100% within the rules, Stupid mod.
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Wow! After hearing back from you I'm very glad your a mod for this community. Good moderation is key, Thank you.


Except this is bad modding. Banning only rule-breaking posts is what makes /g/ so garbage. It's full of derailments and low-effort posts because they can get away with it. There's no reason to bother doing otherwise.

A mod here should be a lot more selective what posts are allowed to stay. They shouldn't rely on rules alone, but on quality and contribution to the topic.


You need to moderate based on rules to have consistant and fair moderation.

If you think the current rules aernt good enough then advocate for them to be improved, not for moderates to exercise their power beyond them.


I expected a similar response to come.

As much as i would like to spend my entire day on the site I can't. You cannot simply read a post and qualify it to be a derailement, low-effort, insulting, racist post in and out of itself.
I need to take under account the context of everything, the thread, the responses, The culture of this image board etc, it's also different everywhere 4chan is different than 8chan is different than arisuchan, comparing them is like comparing oranges and apple both are fruit yet their different.

What you are suggesting, is for me to take action in an subjective way of qualifying post being "worthy" of a thread.
People would complain to the contrary that I'm to much restrictive and this will not help nurture the discussion that Arisuchan wish to spark from it's user base, yet your right that being to much "Open" will also bring a lot of problem.
The middle ground is what I'm searching for without censoring, restricting any thread and user. It's not an easy task. I could add it's an extremely exhausting way of moderating because like right now I have to take up to two hour to answer your simple yet deep question instead of reading other post.
Moderator aren't the people making the rules, we're the one who applying them. If you believe our rules need more specification, create another thread and asked our admin and community to expend our rules.
Or you can apply to becoming a mod too.

I am human which mean im not perfect, but if i were to moderate in a subjective manner anyone insulting me would be ban, people questioning my ways like right now, ban. Political post I would consider racist, stupid etc ban.
I don't want to be this kinda of mod because what i "Consider" isn't what everyone consider. Yet what i take out of your post is i could be more strict sometime, and i agree.



I didn't even mention this. but yes pretty important point too.

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