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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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It's empty now… there used to be a little blurb on why this place exists but not anymore.
So, what will you put there next? Seems weird when it's all blank.


I kinda like the new front page. Nice and minimalist while still being functional.


Love the new one!


Ok. What''s happening? I like the new page.

File: 1499730677746.png (1.38 KB, 640x400, mux.png)


What do you guys think about all the "don't ruin the discussion bringing politics in" posts?
>Do you guys just have to soykaf up everywhere you go with your politics?
>Why do you people have to keep coming to communities and soykafting up the place with your politics?
I think in this case it's the same guy because it's nearly the same wording, the same assuming collectivization ("you guys" - "you people"), and the same lack of arguments, but I think I've seen more posts like that before.
I, for one, think they should be warned because these posts add nothing to the conversation, are prone to derail the threads, and perhaps we could reach a concensus here about wether it's a valid point or not. I think the political is a valid point of view that can add valuable information about a subject, and in the examples I linked to, the "political" posts weren't out of place, as the first thread explicitly asked about opinions and personal use cases of cryptocurrencies, and the second thread was about government regulations.
But I wanted to hear what you lains thought.
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You're assuming that every Lain is a Marxist when that is definitely not true.

There's room for other ideologies. Fuck authoritarianism tbh.


Take it back from the jews


Jews are a central figure because they contributed so much to communism.

If pains arn't meant to be Marxist why are we associated with 0Chan? Checkmate.

Marxism is always relevant as Marxism is the future.


wtf people.


Just because 0chan is an affiliate doesn't mean that everyone personally endorses 0chan. Likewise, I think Tsukichan is to some extent a suicide cult. Visiting a site with a community that promotes the free and open exchange of ideas that happens to be affiliates with a couple of other websites doesn't make you an automatic supporter of said affiliates.

File: 1501129935982.jpg (123.84 KB, 450x640, llamz.jpg)


Hi I am newlain.

Anyone care to give me a rundown on why there are two LainChans? (.jp / .org)
sorry if this is really basic bitch stuff. I discovered you guys while learning how to set up an image board on github. btw.

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File: 1501177125504.png (25.5 KB, 179x186, W4FkKhQ.png)

Appledude dun goofed up or something like that.

Some then-moderators of the original Lainchan thought that Appleguy wasn't competent in his role as admin. So those mods separated from Applelain and founded the second Lainchan for which we still search a diffrerent name. Maybe we aren't going to find a new name for this site but instead it's going to find us. Keep the brainstorming going, though.


>Some then-moderators of the original Lainchan thought that Appleguy wasn't competent in his role as admin.


ok thanks guys.

That's pretty much what I gathered and I think this place is the one for me.



It dates back to the time when lainchan was an experimental imageboard project, which was just a database available at, which could be queried remotely in whatever manner. There was also in (now defunct) an imageboard that would interface with the database, but having such a tech savvy userbase, users were encouraged to use their own methods. So people started hosting their own lainchans which would all interface with the central database, and add their own stuff.
Several lainchans come to existence, most of which are defunct now. The bigger ones were the one started by Appleman (.org) and Seph (.jp) and others would have a slightly smaller userbase. Each made their own improvements to their custom imageboard software (.org allowed you to "tag your jokes" for example).
But some day Kalyx, the original owner of became homeless, sold his Macs and his copy of SICP and enrolled in the navy (because he's a huge glitterboy) and pulled the plug on wiping all the content on it. With the database gone, each lainchan had to start from scratch, and the bigger ones thrived while the smaller ones eventually died out. There was even an Emacs mode to fetch from .net but of course it's useless now.
Open your eyes, Obama is spraying us with chemtrails, and there are gold sniffers from Nibiru who raise us like cattle so we can keep on supplying them with gold so that they can live forever.


Air Force

can confirm.

File: 1499103640432.jpg (217.5 KB, 1200x846, 828f8d164dd4e04647ce5e6f1a….jpg)


So how is everyone doing?


Do people still use this site? :I



Just kinda waiting to see what you guys wanna do about the name thing. How are things with you?


/q/ is not on /all so I rarely check it.


File: 1501221568754.jpg (689.32 KB, 1070x798, feels.jpg)

Living the dream.

File: 1500586642598.jpg (13.91 KB, 480x360, 2.jpg)


any reason why this site doesn't have a warrant canary like applechan?


theirs is fake


I can't see why a site like this would need a warrant canary. Even if swim was up to no good, they could simply browse lainchan on a differnet vpn or on the clearnet. There is no reason to associate the IP you do naughty things through with this site; this site is also not illegal and I can't see a three letter organization serving this site a subpoena for the IP of the person who posted the slightly nsfw glasses waifu pic.

File: 1496871579863.jpg (405.57 KB, 1600x1200, serial_experiments_lain-14….jpg)



Let's use 8chan instead. It's so much better than this little soykafhole, has more than 10 users and most importantly kalyx is not an admin there - I fucking hate this nigger.

Here are some good boards:

The best thing about 8chan is that we can create our own boards. So if we don't like the current mods, we just move over to the next board.
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8ch does have their /leftypol/ sub, which is infinitely more tolerable than the /pol/'s on other chans.

but yeah the whole place is generally filled with /pol/ soykaf.



I always thought of /leftypol/ as their containment board, their equivalent of /r/the_donald. Their admins and mods can point to it and say "see? we're pro-free-speech, we're not chock-full of $stereotypicaluser, honest", despite the rest of the site being filled with exactly that.


8chan is garbage. I like the idea of people being able to move from board to board but the community there is absolutely terrible and the sites owned by known data miner jim watkins. Seriously , the contents low quality and the site breaks down on a regular basis. There's a better way honestly.


>there's a better way.
Name it.


wiping the servers and splitting into a new community with the same name.

File: 1498698801209.jpg (1.52 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)


I've noticed that there is no merchandise for this lainchan, why not?
>>hurr durr stfu were trying to be underground/it's bad because we will be confused with apple ham

Yea, that's why it would say like pic related.
What do you lains think? I think it would be a great idea!
>>mods plz notice me senpai
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>We can still prototype stuff but try to take this into account.
Then why not prototype ideas for arisuchan/alicechan? That is the whole point of the banners in >>777.


>Then why not prototype ideas for arisuchan/alicechan?

so is this the name now?


No, but that doesn't mean we can't explore the concept.


I agree with
Alice was an important part of the series, so regardless she should have prototype things for her


We should make some of the banners shirts :)
I would love that

File: 1499356530102.jpg (145.71 KB, 640x640, hackerman.jpg)


All boards seem to have an api, accessible by appending
to the url. But >>>/all/ however does not, supposedly because it is a meta-board. Is there a single api endpoint from which posts from all boards can be accessed?

File: 1497624145950.png (143.14 KB, 800x1000, 1497562096373.png)


Lainons, I'm here to ask a serious question. Why on earth is Kalyx an administrator here? One of the most frequent criticisms levied of .org is that it was simply sold off to the highest bidder, someone who wasn't vetted, nor involved in the lainchan community or the IRC. Why, then, is the very man who SOLD OFF applechan to the highest bidder a part of the administration team? It seems like utter absurdity to me. Not to mention, the .org administration is criticised for not having backups (a fair point) but it was kalyx who deleted every board's content in the first place? Seriously, Kalyx, if you're reading this, get in here and explain your reprehensible behaviour to me. Because it seems to me like you simply sold off the domain name for a quick profit, deleted all the board content as a final act of sabotage, and are now trying to redirect the community to a lainchan fork so that you in effect gain 5 grand for doing literally nothing.
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If you really want to participate "in this community," don't you owe it to the rest of us to actually spend five minutes of your time having a look around instead of asking the same questions that have been both asked and answered a million times before?


>Why on earth is Kalyx an administrator here?
>Why, then, is the very man who SOLD OFF applechan to the highest bidder a part of the administration team?
Kalyx sold the site when he was in a bad place. 5,000 is only enough for a couple months of rent, gas, and groceries when you're unemployed and need to buy a new car. Also, Kalyx isn't in a position to sell the whole site again.
>Not to mention, the .org administration is criticised for not having backups (a fair point) but it was kalyx who deleted every board's content in the first place?
Read his blog:
>now trying to redirect the community to a lainchan fork so that you in effect gain 5 grand for doing literally nothing.
if it were that simple things would be over by now. but they're not. Kalyx is taking heavy losses here.


See >>630 and >>647 for more details.


More like >>3 and >>620


File: 1499058368379.jpg (85.7 KB, 960x630, unknown - unknown.jpg)

So Kalyx purposely deleted applechan? I understand he's goin for the entire "things were wild back then" edgy thing but in reality that he's just losing face.

Also does anyone know why this site is overheating my laptop?

File: 1498063042253.png (180.1 KB, 386x406, 07d0a47c6ac537648bd232f0aa….png)


Why is >>>/feels/ redirecting to the front page?


After flushing the cache it seems to be working again. Thanks for reporting it!


Still happening here.


If you are using Firefox, try setting the
value to

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