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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1507021833120.jpg (259.75 KB, 765x1024, 980x.jpg)


why does arisuchan delete political threads that are not in line with anarchism/communism?
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File: 1507284575507.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

That was a point I made.
Thanks for your opinion, now I know to avoid this website when I want discussion.


Indeed keep your retarded question (which wasn't even one) to yourself.

And read the fucking guideline for this reasons

>Please make intelligent posts.

We don't censor ideas; we delete low-quality posts. Well-articulated arguments and a little bit of effort go a long way.


because your ideology is incapable of high quality posts



> Neither superadministrator is an anarchist or communist so your accusation doesn't even make sense.

Let me translate some from the alt-right lexicon for you. Anyone that disagrees with them is a communist (unless of course they're a muslim). I'm only slightly exaggerating here… it's like when liberals used to call GW Bush and anyone who voted for him a "nazi" only now the polarity has flipped.

File: 1511744894086.png (894.58 KB, 1599x873, bitch.PNG)


Can someone explain why its ok to fuck kalyx over and make arisu?



It's a problem between mod that doesn't concern us. If you have a problem with the way the site is moderated i recommend you to contact it's administrator on IRC.


>Can someone explain why its ok to fuck kalyx over and make arisu?
This site was made before Kalyx was involved and it continues afterwards. How does its existence fuck him over?

He fucked us over when he sold applechan to Appleman.



He already adress the issue here >>1594

We already have this conversation in a one thread below.


>This site was made before Kalyx was involved
Somebody elaborate on this, please. I thought Kalyx founded Lainchan?


kalyx founded lainchan, and ran it for some time.

He then sold it to appleman1234, and mostly ceased his involvement with the site.

Some mods from Lainchan got irked at the way appleman1234 handled things, and broke off to create a new site, then called, which later became arisuchan. After a time kalyx reemerged and involved himself with, but then also got irked at some of the goings on here, and left it, too.

File: 1530979798261.jpg (929.92 KB, 1476x1476, 8BP124_front_1476x1476.jpg)


I feel like this community is oversaturated by the whole LAIN theme. I feel like it hinders the development of new independent culture.

I accept homages to roots, but this is too much. Year after year, every other pic references LAIN the anime.

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Go to 4chan if you don't like it lol. This is a themed board lol


File: 1531016918148.jpg (133.92 KB, 676x480, 1529963860291.jpg)


There's barely any Lain related content here, it doesn't feel that central to me.


i am not a lain fan. i am not part of a clique who believes there is a hidden afterlife on the wire or whatever. i watched it and it's alright, life goes on.

i am here so i can connect with same minded people without the whole "lol topkek cuck lelelel am ir8 troll lol" bs. i also like the feel of the site.



File: 1531532695196.jpg (323.58 KB, 800x869, itadakimasu.jpg)


I haven't been brewing soykaf for an awful long time, in what that time however, things have changed.
Why did two Lainchans exist, instead of one ( and
Why did continue to be Lainchan, whilst became
How come Arisuchan still kept their cyberpunk vibe (which I think it a great btw)?
How come the more active of the two chans had to drop the Lain from its' name?
Arigato gozaimasu.
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My point is that the epitome of imageboard drama is being a refugee because your board died violently.
Splitting your imageboard in two so people with different needs and opinions can visit either or both is, if anything, useful.


File: 1531577962218.webm (12.01 MB, 1280x720, lain_wars.webm)

This helpful video should explain everything


That is totally the wrong text warping effect.


File: 1531863792294.jpg (140.42 KB, 1191x1200, 4fffee8849106b3bd0ddd30b6f….jpg)



regarding the 'couldnt find out unless they were on irc', there was a shortbit where redirected to .jp.

File: 1531183738757.jpeg (25.31 KB, 600x600, ozn.jpeg)


Site's mobile layout doesnt have the feature to hide threads


Clover Dev has support for the site if you're on Android


In the F-Driod version or the Dev version?




File: 1531657140395.jpg (74.47 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_2396.jpg)

there are also serious posting issues on safari desktop and mobile. can't post without an image and some links (irc etc) in top header don't even appear.


They are always looking for more developers here >>1733.

File: 1531563578664.png (225.64 KB, 1013x603, Screenshot_2018-07-14_18-1….png)


the div for text in the Catalog could use a little bit more height, please!

File: 1493813303426.png (241.21 KB, 736x561, 8c2b073c90fbd99a4e75ff91d3….png)


As we continue our campaign to expand the community, it would be very helpful for us to have web analytics software installed on our server to provide insight into the site's activity. At the same time, we respect the rights and privacy of our users so we would like to see if there is a general consensus on whether or not we have the community's consent to use an open source analytics platform on the website.

If you would like to learn more about the platform we are considering before offering feedback on the idea, please visit the official Piwik website at Keep in mind that data will never be shared with a third-party because there are no third-parties involved. The analytics software would be hosted on the same VPS as this image board.

We hope you consider this opportunity. Thank you for your feedback.
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File: 1529423524767.jpg (26.07 KB, 602x452, 1213771996866.jpg)

Interesting software, piwiki. I may use this myself.

I would like to understand what makes you think analytics would help grow/sustain the community. I am of the opinion analytics is best served with a marketing campaign in order to determine the effectiveness of the campaign itself. This is called conversion rate if this site was a business trying to attract new customers.

Past that. You should already have access to the data you need in order to determine which board is more popular. Visitor flow? Post popularity or Poster popularity? Where a majority of your visitors are coming from in order to market to a demographic better?

Please do not take these questions as accusations or aggression on my part. I am coming from a business perspective which is all I can offer in this thread.


A little ignorant.
Especially since users are not just identifiable by IP but general Metadata plus Browserfingerprint, which Piwik/Matomo definitely collects.


How many days till humble Filipino pig farmer buys out this board?
Your bets, Arisu



Then you probably know that if you're practicing good habit when browsing the internet this should not even be a problem.

I've gone to Matomo and one interesting result i found was the metadata collected actually as little to nothing to identify user. The only thing really annoying me was that they collect the name during the report but since we have randomize by default name that little to nothing.

So yes it does but so little information is almost irrelevant and can barely build a profile on you. I could be very wrong but i did not found anything showing that the metadata collected specifically try to undermine the user anonymity.


think twice:
it's enough data that matomo knows it's the same user that it won't count him twice.

File: 1528633474411.jpg (214.4 KB, 750x531, electrical-post.jpg)


On the 6th July there will be the 20th anniversary of seemingly honest men seemingly not understanding SEL. Arisu should commemorate it by having a livestream on the homepage.


File: 1528798925019.gif (183.53 KB, 500x382, Lain - Monitor Flicker.gif)

>Arisu should commemorate it by having a livestream on the homepage.
I'll see what I can do.


Anyone have suggestions for how to do this?


I usually use Syncplay with my friends, it's a low bandwidth solution where everyone downloads the files and it just synchronizes the players:

It's pretty cool although I don't know how well it works with more than five people.



File: 1527888616971.jpg (101.16 KB, 843x1194, W8mg8Si.jpg)


when will we be able to hide all posts from a board on /all/ no offense but I don't wanna see these russian posts
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>it would really help development if /q/ appeared on /all/ so more people could see these posts and understood we need help fixing some pressing issues
I've restored /q/ to the ukko board, but would like more feedback to see if it should stay.


File: 1529005090791.png (872.84 KB, 1500x1500, TrappedGoddess3_mini_origi….png)

thank you! it definitely should stay. Maybe now someone will fix the safari issues


Have said safari issues been logged anywhere?


File: 1529233604768.png (1.74 MB, 2500x2500, Geisha_speak.png)


cant post without including an image, reply button on the quick reply pop up is to the side of the subject field making it pretty much hidden, and the irc\telegram\radio buttons dont show up and the theme change doesn't persist after a refresh


For me this is more interesting than the russian posts. I don't mind the occassional russian thread though, they have funny pictures sometimes.

File: 1520867525361.jpg (23.03 KB, 720x513, 1512914201358.jpg)


I can't seem to find a list of supported filetypes, what are they?
I was surprised to see mp3 not supported.
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File: 1521427780499.png (13.87 KB, 524x256, Untitled.png)

Is it possible to get ogg and webm to play embedded in a post?


Other filetypes to consider could be
(scanned books mainly) and
(older papers).


Can we post


Support for
has been added.


Thank you!

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