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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1504414022043.gif (3.88 MB, 384x128, arisuchan.gif)


We are currently seeking developers to help us build a new fork of vichan named arisuchan. We would like to apply changes from the live site to the latest version of vichan, backport important security fixes in the lainchan fork, and begin extending functionality and adding new features. Please introduce yourself here or in
on Freenode if you are interested. Thank you for your help, Alice!
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I have an interesting question.
The source code for the design of the database and the entire site will be opened or closed?



The database and engine responsible for generating the markup is open source.

The CSS is only window dressing for the rest.


quick reply doesnt show the reply button. running on a MBP 17" safari


can you post a screenshot?

File: 1504232046096.jpg (75.16 KB, 1280x720, 1493504173242-0.jpg)


fix infinite scrolling and hide all threads from board. The site is becoming less useable day by day. /all/ is now just /ru/ and /sr/


Why not just go to the specific board you want? /all/ is filled with /sr/ and /ru/ posts because they getting a lot of posts. It is doing what /all/ is supposed to do. I mean I kind of get where you are coming from but soykaf man.


cuz i wanna browse all boards except x and ru


>fix infinite scrolling and hide all threads from board. The site is becoming less useable day by day. /all/ is now just /ru/ and /sr/
We have increased the topic count on /all/ to 50.


Because they're supposed to be "refugee" boards. Why do I want them cluttering up /all/?
Please remove /ru/ and /sr/ from /all/. If anyone wants to see those boards, they should go there. There's no reason for the original lain boards to be overshadowed by a hopefully temporary harboring of "refugees".


It's not temporary. Seph replaced all of the admins/mods with new people and is merging with systemspace. Kalyx quit.

File: 1504251807947-0.jpg (97.86 KB, 900x736, spiderman-web-png-how-do-i….jpg)


How do I configure this thing?
Change fonts and themess of the chan and stuff


Themes are being worked on. You could look at 4chanX to see if you can convert it for lainchan but I am not familiar.


Just use the Stylish add-on for CSS changes.

File: 1504218013954.jpg (305.88 KB, 1024x576, XD6R1aOIEdGdckeSANawpqKFp3….jpg)


How do i link a youtube videos on the File place?


admin needs to enable it

File: 1504035473993.jpg (33.45 KB, 534x600, Look-at-Me.jpg)


Ok, i posted it already in the feature request thread but nobody read it so i'm making a thread here.

Can you implement a decent mobile mode?
I know mobileposting is a shame, but i mostly browse lainchan were in train/bus/metro, so it's quite uncomfortable for me to be on .jp and i usually go to .org, where i don't like nor the administration nor the amount of alt-retards.
It should not be difficult to improve the mobile browsing of the site: almost every imageboard supports it way better than us.
We can even simply copy&paste code, no?


Its a complicated answer. more complicated than you think.


>Can you implement a decent mobile mode?
Yes. It is currently in development.


Thanks, i'm looking forward to it!

File: 1504093657740.jpg (312.74 KB, 612x716, 18fad8ac186db6488890a7e6de….jpg)


Why was >>>/μ/211 locked?


>Why was >>>/μ/211 locked?
I don't know, but it seems unambiguous that it shouldn't be so I re-opened it.

File: 1492842604302.png (632.91 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


IS there a IRC server? x
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>Freenode is barely usable from Tor. Can we switch at some point?
If someone trusted would volunteer to host an IRC server, we would most definitely appreciate it. We already have lains working on building,, and independent from the administration here. I don't see why we can't add IRC to that list. Please let us know if anyone is interested. Thank you.


Host a server? I was thinking more like switch servers. I can probably set up a channel on OFTC if that works for y'all.



This would be optimal


crazy idea, try posting on lainchan instead.



File: 1503129663424-0.png (285.17 KB, 580x282, serveimage.png)

File: 1503129663424-1.jpg (82.4 KB, 1384x369, serveimage (1).jpg)

File: 1503129663424-2.jpg (152.99 KB, 2417x1496, serveimage (2).jpg)


Just a heads up for anyone wondering, there is no "TMC" against that other website. We also don't support that certain type of sexual fetish. Sexualizing Lain is against the rules too.

If you wana discuss this further, on the 21st of August we will have a mumble meeting to discuss possible times to meet within the next three months, and have a preliminary vote on when the actual q&a will take place within the next three years. We are also hiring a transcriber. Possibly in 2043 we will then discuss plans for the next meeting to organize another q&a.[this is a joke] btw me and ilikebiscuits will try to livestream our road trip to the first lainchan wedding in Arizona.

This post made possible by the triple meme image guidelines.

Are we considered "Classic Lainchan"?
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>btw me and ilikebiscuits will try to livestream our road trip to the first lainchan wedding in Arizona
Aaaaa! Who's getting married? How could I miss that news?


Great, here's a chance to talk about /them/
Not in a drama kind of way, but it's entirely on topic.
I see a lot of accusation over there about on the .jp userbase, on actions that I don't see reflected here. I hardly see any discussion about the other site over here.
What is funny, however, is that their counterpart to this board does a lot and I mean A LOT of publicity to this site. People are actively invited to come over here on that board. Often in a very funny way.

I do think this is "classic lainchan" and that, in terms of content, character and userbase, the other site I consider to be "new lainchan". Here's the main reason: "new" lainchan is indistinguishable from 8ch at this point, whereas "classic" lainchan had it's own character which I see reflected here. Part of that is having a small userbase, so I'm okay with the split in this sense.
I would have been annoyed if users here were salty and constantly talking about them, as they do about "us". But it ain't and I ain't.


its unfortunate that our popularity is tied to the image that that other site projects, since we have the same name. but, seph/kalyx should start advertising like the old days. banners, parties, stickers, and spam.


File: 1503546056557.png (123.88 KB, 500x503, kdok3jdi-g34d1486777199089….png)

>no back-ups


U mad?

File: 1501943995178.jpg (99.15 KB, 1024x782, morse.jpg)


The catalog link from /all/ sends you to 404.
.jp doesn't work in overchan (imageboard client for android) but .org does, is that easy to turn on?
I can't move, close or resize the quick reply box, there's no X button and the resize corner thingy doesn't work. Is it just me?


a catalog link for every single thread on the site could be bad lol, maybe we should redirect it to the homepage.

the quickreply thing is a bug.

seph pls fix


>a catalog link for every single thread on the site could be bad lol
I was referring to the board's catalog link, if I remember correctly used to work but now it's 404.

>the quickreply thing is a bug.

Ok, thanks!


File: 1503071389286.png (33.44 KB, 170x273, 1498833278369.png)

I was gonna post about this actually, + the quick reply feature. Using the index instead of catalog isn't really ideal, and the quick reply box being unmovable is flat out annoying.


File: 1503182742175-0.png (215.49 KB, 1080x2220, device-2017-08-19-234420.png)

File: 1503182742175-1.png (100.95 KB, 1080x2220, device-2017-08-19-234440.png)

>.jp doesn't work in overchan (imageboard client for android) but .org does, is that easy to turn on?
It's easy to turn on. Did it for my own use.

I quickly added here:

Unofficial releases are being done here:
I'll send in a pull request with later if I have the time.


File: 1503193530418.jpg (781.34 KB, 3000x2175, 4683_kristen_connolly.jpg)

>The catalog link from /all/ sends you to 404.
That is because there is no catalog for overboards. The link needs to be removed, but it isn't a priority.

>I can't move, close or resize the quick reply box, there's no X button and the resize corner thingy doesn't work. Is it just me?

The CSS for the quick reply was unwieldy and a solution was made in haste. The only way to style it appropriately was to place it in a fixed size and position. I don't like it how it is either. I will see about fixing this when I redo the stylesheet.

There are a constellation of issues (50+) with the site listed on gitlain, but zero have been fixed. No one is able or willing to work on the board so by default problems will remain indefinitely.

If you would like to volunteer to change this, please see the /dev/ board. Thank you.

File: 1492421170259.png (44.65 KB, 1024x576, lain_iwakura__serial_exper….png)


I've noticed a lot of posts about the design of so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread dedicated to the subject. Personally, I really like how the new board is darker, but others might not agree. What are your thoughts lain?
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I'd like to see some new themes. Not that it really matters, just like it change it up a little every now and then.


Does none of you have Tor Browser??


Was never a fan of the name Lainchan, but since that will probably never change. Aesthetic wise, something flashy like Fauux that expresses the somewhat excessive design of the wired.


please remove .5-1cm of pixel-width on reply boxes.
this solves the aesthetic issue in standard tor browser on all systems except if you browse from a GameBoy or something


Sorry that I can't provide a more technical description but I mean it's a really easy fix. All it would take is to open up your Tor Browser and visit the site.
And one of you (admins) must have Tor Browser installed, right?

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