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Kalyx ######

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Okay guys, I am currently browsing .org because /zzz/ is much more active there and mostly because it is supported by everychan.
How can I browse this site from my phone on a *chan app?


>Okay guys, I am currently browsing .org because /zzz/ is much more active there and mostly because it is supported by everychan.
They've been around like 3 years. We've been around like 3 days. Give us a chance. =P

>How can I browse this site from my phone on a *chan app?

We would like you to not have to in the first place. Making the site fully responsive (and functional without JavaScript) is one of our priorities.

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What's the future of laintracker?


Not Seph, but it seems like the tracker will stay as-is.



Which means? Who's the current owner? Applebutt or Seph?
that thread does not answer my question


>Which means? Who's the current owner? Applebutt or Seph?
The Laintracker was initially built by Niles and Monster. Niles and Kohaku oversee most technical matters while I am responsible for the design and management of the tracker. There was no change of ownership with the move to
as the tracker was never explicitly affiliated with the previous site to begin with. It is a community project and always will be.


The future of laintracker is on I2P

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Please consider the attached video introduction before reading this post, or replying to this thread.

An OStatus compliant microblogging instance available on or through an affiliate provider. Examples of such services include and, which are built on postActiv.

There's a marked absence of decent cyberpunk communities in the GNUsocial federation, largely due to meeting an untimely demise at the hands of Canadian law enforcement. The domain and site are under new ownership, but unfortunately will not be functioning for a while. would provide a persistent social space outside of the IRC where the lainchan community could interact not only internally, but also with other federated OStatus services.

While people interested in the GNUsocial federation could just join an already extant instance, would provide a central instance for people who would like to affiliate with lainchan and a community that is definitively by lainons, for lainons. The presence of lainchan on the "fediverse" could also act as exposure for to a new demographic already receptive to cyberpunk culture. would provide microblogging and status updates from the lainchan staff, and could act as a home to statusbots and announcements that would otherwise be done through a centralized, proprietary service like Twitter.

postActiv works pretty well. A fork of GNUsocial, it's got a good amount of documentation and several improvements over the original software. With Qvitter or PleromaFE on top it largely functions identical to how Twitter would, with the bonus of federation.

There's also Mastodon, which has become extremely popular as of late. It's become extremely popular as of late, but is built on Ruby and is a bit more complex to deploy than postActiv is. It also tends to make design decisions that put it at odds with other OStatus compliant providers.

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LOL that word filter



I am going to register later today. Let me know on irc if anyone wants to use it for this.


accidentally torposted. this is thufir

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>no repo link anywhere

FOSS or no deal
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I've noticed the [.code] tags don't cancel out the other formatting symbols. This completly destroys anything you write in C. With a repo link I'll fix it myself, otherwise please be aware that this is a fairly annoying issue.


It's linked at the top and the bottom:


They're using
on live. The vichan software uses
$config['markup'][] = array( );
to replace markup strings with appropriate formatting. They'd have to implement a different solution for adding formatting that is sensitive to the code blocks.


Some improvements have been made to syntax highlighting; code blocks should prevent other tags from taking effect now. Inline monospace (with the
tag) does not use highlighting

Also, note that highlight.js has pretty bad heuristics for detecting which language is being used. I recommend specifying your language - using
[code python]...[/code]
, for example - if you give a damn.


for anybody stumbling into this thread and noticing that link's dead:

File: 1492414379829.png (83.56 KB, 694x422, tor.png)


I appreciate the community effort you're trying to do but why would you block tor exit nodes from posting? Hostileness towards proxys is a reason why I stay away from halfchan for example. Come on, alt-lains.

Pic related ofcourse.
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>angry .org nerds
Wow, what a great way to refer to the community you are trying to usurp.


Please allow tor posting.


Don't fall for false flagging!




Trying to make a post…

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