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Kalyx ######

File: 1525834105121.png (276.51 KB, 480x600, SURPRISE.png)


> If you were ever interested in making a donation, now is probably be the best time to do so as it would have a larger impact on my life than any other time in the past or future. As always any help is greatly appreciated. I am hoping this is the last time I will ever have to explictly ask for your help. Thank you, Alice. ^_^;

wait i thought donations are going towards running this site. are the donations "fund my life abroad" now? because that totally sounds like you're using them for your own.
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File: 1528304320896.png (423.67 KB, 964x658, consider.png)

>wait i thought donations are going towards running this site

paying the sysadmin & primary mod is definitely a site expense, as long as you think you're getting your donation's worth of that. I'm not certain I'd see this site as a full-time job, but given the surplus for April was $7 ($50 donations in April announced - $33 hosting/mo - $10 DNS/mo) Seph's still doing it out of love for all but like fifteen minutes.

number sources:
>>1811 - costs
>>1068 - $50 in April


That's not a bad idea, honestly. I could set it up such that all excess donations beyond the hosting fees are split evenly between the staff. I am fine right now. That being said we haven't seen any donations in months.


tbh as long as there are willing volunteers I'd rather see donations saved for ongoing site maintenance, but meatspace has its needs.

I'll see if I've still got any BTC laying around in old wallets and fees have gone down enough to be worthwhile. I dumped most of my leftovers here last year after I stopped having a use for it, but it's worth checking


looks like I actually have some Bitcoin Cash, since that was sent after the fork. Is the public key for BTC also good for BCH?


>Is the public key for BTC also good for BCH?
No, but I've edited the post to add a BCH address. What would you want the funding earmarked for? I am about to have some high quality stickers printed if you would be interested in funding that.

But overall I think we should ask that all donors specify what they want the funding to go to when they donate. I'll unlock the donations thread to make that possible.

Possible options:

site hosting fees, $33/mo
site domain names, $8/mo (average over 12 months)
moderation (split evenly between the moderation team after it reaches a specific amount worth distributing) radio, $15/mo (will be back online soon)
advertising (suggested before, but not sure where)

Any other ideas/suggestions on this issue are welcome.

File: 1528305463585.jpg (140.25 KB, 1020x1139, everyLight.jpg)


from related sites:
also lainsafe's cert expired today, if anybody happens to be able to contact the admin

the coinhive link in the donation thread is also dead:


Thanks for reporting all of that. I will fix it now, but I really ought to update the info page in general. Also I reached out to the admin of lainsafe to report the expiration.

Thanks again.


I renewed the lainsafe cert
I'll see if I can get autorenew working

File: 1519749021714.png (37.08 KB, 1169x511, Untitled.png)


Is it possible to have cost transparency like our sister site Tsukichan?


There isn't much to be transparent about as far as expenses go. The hosting is $33/mo and that is our only expense outside of domains which are about $120/yr. I can also log the value of donations on /q/ if you would like.


in light of >>1862 it'd definitely be appreciated if any other expenses which came from donations are documented

File: 1526509881867.jpg (166.98 KB, 1079x498, Smite-SuperKawaiiChest-PCL….jpg)


I'm interested in learning more about what y'all are doing with that graphic design firm thing and possibly interested in working with you
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File: 1526834241205.jpg (98.08 KB, 1079x498, Smite-ArtemisOrbitalScout-….jpg)

oh, sweet. I'm interested in working with you on the graphic design, web design front.


What did you need done exactly?


File: 1526933982674.jpg (3.5 MB, 5312x2988, abstract-art-artistic-2512….jpg)

sorry for the confusion. I'm looking to be on your team as a graphic designer, photographer, and possibly web designer.


That's fine. Can you send me your portfolio and/or resume?


File: 1527026267616.jpg (162.22 KB, 1079x498, Smite-Zeus-Mech-PCLauncher….jpg)

sent :)

File: 1511845037833-0.jpg (19.8 KB, 500x374, IMG_20171114_122442.jpg)


Dashchan support please


File: 1518665055652.jpg (13.9 KB, 286x123, IMG_0128.JPG)



File: 1520594919409.jpg (2.93 MB, 2880x1800, 1388039567888.jpg)


Hello, new user here. I made a reply on /psy/ and I could have sworn it showed up, but now it's not there. Was it deleted or am I missing something from the FAQ? I see that there's emphasis on post quality, but from what I remember it was neither the shortest, the least informative, nor the most pointless post in the thread.
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Why did a mod delete the fucking eBook Reader thread? It had months of content and was just about to go somewhere new.


Excuse me, a bug(?) made the thread appear all the way down at page SIX on /tech/ after the move, which I of course did not expect to be the case.
Sorry and a 'heads up', because if this indeed is a bug and it works like this generally it must've killed some threads in the past by acting like this.


>Why did a mod delete the fucking eBook Reader thread?
It wasn't deleted. It was moved to >>>/tech/1769. We don't do shadow topics.

>Sorry and a 'heads up', because if this indeed is a bug and it works like this generally it must've killed some threads in the past by acting like this.
That definitely sounds like a bug. We could use some help with board development, honestly.


Annoying the ereader thread was never meant to be about ereaders,

Content was the deal.



Someone propose to collectively found idea to make ereader more "free software" in a /tech/ board. IF the intentions of the OP was only share book /cult/ was a better board. In that regard i believe discussing the ereader capability to become more free was in the right board and right thread.

File: 1515158047642.jpg (119.18 KB, 860x574, Fphoto-63860803E-6RM.jpg)


I feel like there are too many boards which dilute user activity. Specialized boards make sense for larger sites but not for a small one like this. This also makes you too dependant on /all/ for seeing new posts when the classic imageboard experience is to visit each board for an update.

You could mash together /cyb/, /tech/, /lambda/ and /delta/ into one, same with /art/ and /cult/. Less is more.
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>I do feel there's too many boards. I remember the creation of this place was the idea of having a small amount of clutter.
This continues to be true for the most part, but we are more interested in increasing users than reducing the number of boards.

>Really the boards that should go away is /ru/ and /sr/.

The /sr/ board is not on /all/ and will likely be deleted when the main Systemspace board is back online. Perhaps it should be removed from the header though.

>I don't really see a difference between dev and meta and could be one board.

That's a good point. We were hoping to have an active development team to improve the software, but it never materialized. As such I have merged them just now.


I imagine that /sr/ would be removed eventually like you said, no need to hide it in my opinion if that's the case. Thanks for responding <#


I would like to mention that the systemspace boards are online and can be posted in at

Personally, I'd love for /sr/ to remain on arisuchan, but perhaps not in the navbar. It'll just become a hidden board.


That is an unofficial mirror. The official site is
, not


File: 1525067245679.png (29.78 KB, 551x479, mt. superlative.PNG)

There are passengers for every train. Diversity is strength.

File: 1524064526149.png (1.38 KB, 969x61, Untitled.png)


Why the uncertainty?


File: 1523277204449.png (554.74 KB, 1366x768, Captura de tela de 2018-04….png)


Hello Lain! I'm a new user here, found this imageboard last week via some strange intuitions and coincidences in life.(After finishing two episodes of Lain I was searching for a python book in duckduckgo and I've found a link to a pdf, and the name "" kinda called my attention)
I was wishing to get a torrent(about books too) on Laintracker, so I found the old email to ask for invites in the Lainchan archives, and I've asked for a invite without response, but I'm not sure if the email its active or not, I've used protonmail for my request, I once heard about a guy who tried to send by protonmail too without response, there is another adress to send?
Laintracker is still active and strong? Thank you so much <3
I'm really loving this community, a lot of good advices here and many interesting materials.



THANKS >>1840




File: 1523259480874.jpg (188.96 KB, 400x549, lainlain.jpg)


Today I'm browsing this imageboard for the first time and I can't find any reference, link or anything about this site (and yes, I checked the archives):
I don't know if the site is well known or not, but it may be an interesting reading for some Alices. My suggestion is to add this site to the 'LAIN RELATED SITES AND SERVICES' section.

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