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Who are we?
We are a collective of former administrators, moderators, and developers of
. Creative, technical, and organizational skills are distributed among our staff members so that lainchan no longer has a single point of failure.

What is this?
This is our new home, a place under the faithful care of established community members—rather than the highest bidder—that can be trusted to continue the legacy of lainchan as it was before the last transfer of power.

Why are we here?
Neglect of critical services and backups, lack of priorities and accountability, and gross inaction and incompetence have led us to a situation in which, even in the face of losing years of work, little to nothing is actually being done for the community. Freed from an entrenched bureaucracy (read: one person), we will be able to reconstruct lainchan and continue its development without unnecessary debate and delay over matters of insignificance.

Where are we heading?
The website has redundant offsite backups. Community services are decentralized. We now plan to rebuild content across the boards, recover data from our last good
backup, and resume work on the constellation of projects by and for lains. Join us in
on the Freenode IRC network to discuss the future of our community.

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