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Kalyx ######

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Hi I am newlain.

Anyone care to give me a rundown on why there are two LainChans? (.jp / .org)
sorry if this is really basic bitch stuff. I discovered you guys while learning how to set up an image board on github. btw.



Same Question. No Response


I think it had something to do with pedophiles? Hard to piece this all together.


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Appledude dun goofed up or something like that.

Some then-moderators of the original Lainchan thought that Appleguy wasn't competent in his role as admin. So those mods separated from Applelain and founded the second Lainchan for which we still search a diffrerent name. Maybe we aren't going to find a new name for this site but instead it's going to find us. Keep the brainstorming going, though.


>Some then-moderators of the original Lainchan thought that Appleguy wasn't competent in his role as admin.


ok thanks guys.

That's pretty much what I gathered and I think this place is the one for me.



It dates back to the time when lainchan was an experimental imageboard project, which was just a database available at, which could be queried remotely in whatever manner. There was also in (now defunct) an imageboard that would interface with the database, but having such a tech savvy userbase, users were encouraged to use their own methods. So people started hosting their own lainchans which would all interface with the central database, and add their own stuff.
Several lainchans come to existence, most of which are defunct now. The bigger ones were the one started by Appleman (.org) and Seph (.jp) and others would have a slightly smaller userbase. Each made their own improvements to their custom imageboard software (.org allowed you to "tag your jokes" for example).
But some day Kalyx, the original owner of became homeless, sold his Macs and his copy of SICP and enrolled in the navy (because he's a huge glitterboy) and pulled the plug on wiping all the content on it. With the database gone, each lainchan had to start from scratch, and the bigger ones thrived while the smaller ones eventually died out. There was even an Emacs mode to fetch from .net but of course it's useless now.
Open your eyes, Obama is spraying us with chemtrails, and there are gold sniffers from Nibiru who raise us like cattle so we can keep on supplying them with gold so that they can live forever.


Air Force

can confirm.

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