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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1492405133117.jpg (29.28 KB, 600x480, 1492176468771.jpg)


What is the drama going on?! Now every link on to different boards has been redirected here. I'm still in the middle of my writing and this site suddenly shows on my screen? What the heck?

I have already heard that some mods/admins wanted to fork Lainchan days before and have noticed this domain, that's ok and fine if you eventually think it is necessary…But better communication! Not a sudden military coup d'état style of forking, okay? I don't want to see another FFmpeg vs. LibAV-like soykaf okay?


Whatever is happening, whoever is behind this, is probably really right.
"This is our new home, a place under the faithful care of established community members (rather than simply the highest bidder) that can be trusted"

Appleman is prolly some rich ass kiddo who couldn't care less about managing better the site.
Might be better this way


>moving everything from one SPOF to another SPOF
11/10 logic. If you really care about making lainchan more decentralized you would work on NNTP support for Lainchan and make it sync with a mirror site.

Oh and BTW: your coup will fail. It already failed. All links are pointing back to


yeah i gotta say im really digging the list of boards here, but i guess its really going to come down to momentum and see how many people come here rather than stay on .org


Read some history about FFmpeg coup / ffmpeg vs libav. That happened in exactly the same way and same excuses was claimed by the rebels, it really sucks and apparently not beneficial for both sides at all, and all the distros and users ended up with full of soykafs and haven't been solved until today.

If you think you can avoid the epic fail, then go ahead, but learn something from history, don't be another libav whatever.


may we get a mirror of the pdfs?


this is how you destroy a poomunity


No, this change would have needed to gain a significant amount of traction for that to be the case.


identify yourselves, coward staff


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13:05 [@ChanServ] [@nildicit] [ cybnoob] [ resu-rebyc]
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File: 1492408680866.png (19.77 KB, 800x800, lambda.png)

I'd like it if the staff here would properly identify themselves though. Who's in charge? Who's idea was this? Why not trust the staff at Appleman seems to be working quite hard to restore everything. On the other hand, everything here looks really tidy as well, better than lainchan ever has looked. I also feel the boards are far more balanced here.

I really don't know what to think of this place. I don't want a war, I just want lainchan back.

Also, kalyx better not be behind this place. He backstabbed us a few times too many for me to trust him in any way still.


kinda makes me want to get my old screen+irssi setup going again on one of my new hosts, haven't lurked irc in a long time.

wait, is screen still a thing? or are we all using tmux now? tmux threw its toys out of the pram on the regular last time I attempted to use it. mind you that was quite a few years ago now…


>Appleman seems to be working quite hard to restore everything
He fucking destroyed the site and other's work. What else should he be doing?


What does this run on ?


dude wtf are you smoking it was kalyx who deleted the site, appleboy simply forgot to perform offsite backups


>forgot to perform offsite backups


Fumes. Vichan.
When you're the head honcho, you take full responsibility. The buck has to stop somewhere. Gross negligence is not an excuse. It's better that the site went down because of an inside job.


I think it's a good case study of how communities of anarchists eventually fall apart for the sake of it. It''s sad to see it go down like this. Still, I think the continued discussion of open source social platforms and examples of how not to run a board are pretty helpful to some kind of survival in the long run


Funny, because I think this is the best thing that could happen.
It seems like you're trying to demonize the concept of free association / autonomy / forking


People can decide for themselves if they want to move here or not. Trying to make people's decisions for them by making the site redirect them instead of just advertising in a thread undermines any argument of actually caring about the community or personal autonomy.


except nobody was ever "forced" to come here except the brief (2-hour) period where applechan was "vandalized." lains could still go to any board or thread if they wanted to, they were simply inconvenienced because the links were gone. never mind the fact that our admins' actions, and not appleman, are what brought back most of the missing boards anyway.

But I have to ask, were you even browsing lainchan when that happened? Or are you trying to force a trumped-up narrative because you don't want to admit how embarrassing it was?


I'm a bit out of the loop here, could someone say what exactly did Appleguy, Kalyx, and all the other drama queens do wrong?

And who put lainchan out for sale in the first place? (it was our beloved admin-sama, Kalyx)

So someone from the staff noticed that Appleman isn't keeping backups and decided to expose that in a super dramatic way by exploding .org and putting up .jp while it was inactive.
>Look everyone, this is what happens when you don't make backups! It's all Apple's fault that I destroyed lainchan!


I can't say who did what wrong, that's for you to decide.

But Kalyx sold the site because he needed funds and believed running lainchan was making his life too difficult to keep going. Nobody knew Appleman wasn't keeping backups. Kalyx had his own reasons for deleting the site, which he explains on if you want to know why he did it.. It wasn't just the lack of backups, it was also the fact that appleman never found the password to the VPS.

He technically "owned" the VPS for 6 months, but for some reason didn't need to use it until shortly before the site was wiped. At which point he tried to reset the password, but it was synced to kalyx's email instead of his. On top of all that, Appleman gradually put every service on the same server, creating a single point of failure for all soykaf to hit the fan.

If you ask me, this whole thing rests on Appleman's failure to communicate to anyone. Apple could've asked darkengine if he was still taking offline backups, he could've gotten the password sooner (ideally when he bought the site), he could have not taken control of every site service and let other lains work with him. But he did none of those things.

I don't blame him for it, because it's not a skill I'd expect someone to have. But it does mean that applechan isn't a good site to use, and that we've already seen significant progress after 1 week on here it means the people are running a better one.


My point is that attracting users by messing with them gives an impression of being overly vindictive. Why should I participate in a community ran by people who try to embarrass other chans?


The thing is I don't think 99% of the users who found out about were actually being messed with. A couple people were redirected during that short period of time, which caused them to make threads on here and applechan. But I feel like most lains heard about us from those threads, and not from getting redirected.

But I can see why someone would assume the intention was to steal views, especially with such an aggressive narrative coming from applechan loyalists. I think the action was a demonstration and a way of getting the conversation started, not tricking people as a serious recruitment tactic.

I'm also not sure if our staff were trying to embarrass the applechan staff or not. I can see why they would - anger over their community being destroyed. But I can also see why they wouldn't, which is they were trying to start a conversation. I just think embarrassment explains most of the reaction from the apple boys.


Thanks, that cleared up some things. But I still don't get why Kalyx deleted .org instead of just leaving it be and advertising .jp as the better option. Seems like the whole operation was meant to damage Apple and his staff rather than "for the sake of the community"


>>274 didn't exist at the time. being created and applechan being deleted were basically isolated incidents - kalyx supports the project and he's on the staff here, but I haven't seen anything about his level of involvement. I don't think Kalyx knew would exist when he wiped applechan.


Applechan wasn't another chan at the time of the event, so I don't think that model is really appropriate here. I also don't think treating applechan and lainchan as completely different communities is really a good idea right now either - there's tons of overlap in services and even users.


That might be the case but from an outsider's perspective, it definitely looks like the creators of this site specifically deleted .Org to move users over here, especially with the redirect nonsense. Honestly I find it hard to believe that the other site was deleted and the staff here suddenly realized that it was a good time to make a competing site with the same name.

As a casual user, with all the he said, she said drama going on, I don't even know what site to gravitate towards.
Guess I'll just sit on the fence until one of the two sites is no more.


File: 1493264773605.jpg (1.31 MB, 1500x995, barbican.jpg)

So kalyx legit scammed appleguy? Twice?

Right on, I guess. At least there are people on that list I kind of recognize.


File: 1493340113511.png (187.36 KB, 1200x1200, 1492905845742.png)

Reposted from the other site's /q/ for your viewing pleasure.


You can enjoy that narrative all you want, anon, but I don't see anyone bringing drama here except you.


File: 1494607493336.png (1.24 MB, 1181x1080, 1.png)

Ok im extremely new to lainchan and tbh know nothing about computers and don't even know how i got here really and usually just lurk with the radio on. So as somebody totally out of the loop lemme see if my recap is accurate of whats going on.
>Old mod Kalax sold the site
>Apple bought it
>Kalax didn't like how apple was running the site
>F this soykaf.jpg
>Kalax deletes lainchan because its better to kill it before it gets worse

>MEANWHILE, in a totally unrelated happening

>moral on apple lainchan drops
>staff starts getting upset at the new boss
>Want to create "old lainchan" back
>Lainchan just got deleted

am i missing anything? Or is the timeline wrong?


Could be, but I doubt the site getting deleted and this site being made are unrelated events. no matter what anyone tries to say, it is too fishy.


>Could be, but I doubt the site getting deleted and this site being made are unrelated events. no matter what anyone tries to say, it is too fishy.
This was just addressed the other day. Do you honestly have any evidence for your belief other than X and Y happened within a month of each other therefore Y was responsible for X?

If this site were released the day of the reset, sure, but weeks later? No. You're just paranoid. That being said Appleman1234's handling of the event was certainly involved in the decision to abandon ship.


>Do you honestly have any evidence for your belief other than X and Y happened within a month of each other therefore Y was responsible for X?
Do you think people will believe this when you make kalyx admin the same day? If it wasn't staff that did it with that intention, he surely did.


By the way, are you saying that other that this, he was spot on? As in, "I thought it's my server" was bullsoykaf to cover up and he wiped it because he didn't like it? Because there is really different version being pushed by the staff (not only) here.


i really dont understand why do so many people give a soykaf about this
whatever the mods are doing its their thing, let them fight about whatever stupid bullsoykaf they want to fight
if you dont feel uncomfortable using a site, then stop using it, if you do, mind your own bussiness
mods dont give a soykaf about users, thats the harsh truth
exactly my thoughts


>kalyx admin
wait so kalyx sold the .org then gets to admin a new .jp basically trying to sell the site while still having the site?


>wait so kalyx sold the .org then gets to admin a new .jp basically trying to sell the site while still having the site?
Yes. I'm sure he's been plotting this for the last six months. See >>630


He probably wasn't plotting it but this is the result.
Kalyx got his $5000 plus gets to admin another site with a stolen name too. Lucky him.


I said, "I thought it was my server".

But then right after I said, "I realized it wasn't my server and deleted it anyway".

I'm hardly lucky. I hardly have time to use .jp let alone administrate it.


This is how it happened. I couldn't visit Nildicit's house without going on a depressing nostalgia train about how Lainchan used to be good. Since I am good friends with most all of the staff of .org, I have been well aware of how they feel. Quite a few of them just stopped trying.

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