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>What is a Virtual Private Netowrk (VPN)?
A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

>Who are the fourteen eyes?

The UKUSA Agreement is an agreement between the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to cooperatively collect, analyze, and share intelligence.

>Why do I need a VPN?

To keep your internet practices anonymous from those who take interests in gathering your information for malicous purposes.

>What VPN to use?

Come to a conclusion by comparing what you need and what you're going to do
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>What's the difference between using two almost identical for-gratis services?

Tor and VPN are nothing alike, both in terms of infrastructure and amount of information each node has on you. See:

Additionally, I'd recommend reading up on the difference between Tor and VPN, or their use together:

That should make you a more informed Alice.


Also, privacy != anonymity. The difference is subtle but important when discussing these topics.

But if I have to spell out why VPNGate and similar "free" VPN services are no good, think about how the VPN provider has complete access to all of your browsing history (IP addresses, unencrypted webpage views, etc.). Would you rather put your browsing history into the hands of some shmuck who slapped OpenVPN onto a VPS somewhere or some other shmuck who makes it his business to do it correctly and attempt to minimize any log collection?


I know what differences between Tor and generic VPN protocols are, between Tor infrastructure and infrastructure of your average "we do not keep logs" VPN provider. Linking decade old articles won't help newbies to understand the topic though. In fact it doesn't matter which Tor node knows what if three of them happen to be in France and France happens to have country-wide data logging and retention law, comprende, innit?
None of those. I'd put it in hands of 3 shmucks who did apt-get install tor on their VPS and forgot about it. VPN should not be neither a service, nor it should be provided by third party rather than your company, your friend or yourself. However, VPNGate is comprised of volunteers from different countries, mostly Asian, but instead they use a SoftEther server. Similar to Tor node admins. It is not anonymous to the degree as Tor is, nor secure is. Therefore most people use it as circumvention tool, as most VPNs in fact are, just read their TOS closely. In fact I am 100% sure none of them will be interested in selling my hentai or chan preferences to advertisers, contrary to big so-called VPN """providers""" (what a stupid name, americans always come up with dumb terms tbh) who have access to thousands of user's data simultaneously. VPNGate is also a nice way of hiding your Tor exits from some half-assed websites that decided to block Tor connections for some reason.
>unencrypted webpage views
That's mostly old obscure pages from web 1.0 era, I am completely fine with it. Everything that has a login page today has https, but if a public page has https, it won't save you from snooping. You know, there is this thing called "Website fingerprinting attack" When you visit a website, even over VPN, SSH tunnel, or https every page has unique download patterns. The technique is pretty accurate around 90%, an adversary can detect what pages on "encrypted" site you visit. So, in order to at least hide what websites you visit from your ISP even when using VPN, you'll need a custom VPS with obfuscated shadowsocks rather than plain OpenVPN on someone else's computer.


Has anyone ever run their own OpenVPN server instance on a dedicated server before. I've considered doing this and running my own VPN service. Is there anything security wise wrong with doing this? Is there a reason why I never see anyone mentioning doing this?



Well if your server is under your name then you're easier to find. If you're sharing servers with thousands of other people through a service you're less identifiable.
I'm not an expert, that's just my understanding of it.
You can certainly run your own VPN server, I do, because I'm not doing anything malicious or illegal. I just mainly use it when connecting to unfamiliar wifi.

File: 1567377715631.png (1.06 MB, 764x770, Capture.PNG)


soykaf in hong kong?
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The way China is talked about in western media downplays their power. Chinese control/police systems are incredibly subtle and sophisticated, you're exactly right with saying the days of tanks in the streets are past. Remember those ink-cannons the police were shooting recently? Remember all the headlines this past year about Chinese recognition tech? The West is still stuck in the cold war era, themselves, and how they look at China.


The surveillance tech is the nutty part. Their seeming aim for and current ability of, digital omniscience is a bit amazing.


ya, i was surprised it took so long.

Their demands include electing their own government,
not being returned to the UK as a colony,
so that history is not relevant to if they are or aren't smart.

It is easy to overestimating the role of the West in these protests.
Most of the protesters don't wave American flags, and not everyone agrees with those who do.
They are just trying to exert pressure on their government however they can.


The West™ is subtly trying to push the same surveillance state on its citizens that China alrady is, perhaps that's why that aspect is seldom mentioned.


China's surveillance state is way less effective than America's. Somehow, Five Eyes have figured out how to not only watch everyone's every move, but also to make radicals so incredibly ignorant and brainwashed that they don't even understand why or how they should stay safe.

File: 1568481380878.jpg (33.41 KB, 460x276, xkeyscore.jpg)


As we all know, everything we do on the internet is collected by various organizations and used to create detailed profiles on individuals and their interests, fetishes, beliefs, etc. Let's imagine a hypothetical scenario where all these detailed profiles on people leak - how would the world change? How many governments would fall apart as officials are exposed? How many people would be forced to hide in obscurity as they're found to hold beliefs or do things that society does not approve of? Would society learn to forgive past digital transgressions?
Sorry if this thread is better suited for another board.


It would probably be less hard hitting if they all leaked. People would just not care as much "well I have this on me but look, literally all the people in the country do as well!" It would be a lot more constructive and powerful if someone held onto that kind of blackmail and leaked it out surgically a bit at a time. If an official is just one in a large crowd it will hurt them less to be exposed.

File: 1564204136818.jpg (57.57 KB, 1061x706, 81855029b3811827.jpg)


What happend to opennic ? It was a /g/ concieved project. Its still functional. There are dnscrypt public servers. There is even a .cyb tld. Why are there no .cyb sites? Go make some blogs or something. Someone point arisuchan.cyb here.

Why isnt your dns opennic dnscrypt?

Post excuses, dns alternatives, 水 .cyb sites , namecoin , and other DNS misc.
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>What happened to dnscrypt
Cloudflare ate it (

>i use opennic, because i didn't want to pay for a domain
Same but with tor hidden services


Opennic is top recomendation from for DNS


do you think it's possible to run a pleroma instance on opennic that federates with the rest of the paid-net? I feel like that'd be a huge step forward in privacy-socialmedia but idk how that would work.


You can have an opennic domain and an icann domain for the same host.


I'm using OpenNIC since years, soykaf just works. Not using DNSCrypt yet though, might look into that.

File: 1567000458094.jpeg (257.27 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpeg)


Me and my fren have dreamed for years about constructing an immersive cyberpunk themed combat arena for airsoft and lasertag! with grimy streets, bucket loads of neon and a gripping plot!!! We're starting to make this a reality, we need to show this a viable business venture! We have a crowdfunder to raise money for building a prototype of the custom guns, as well as looking into VR and augmented reality!! Please consider supporting us or sharing with your friends, it would be greatly appreciated!! Heres our media handles, please consider supporting us!
if you want to ask any questions, feel free to!
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the 5k is for producing 4 prototypes and experimenting with some 3d printing stuff. We'll be going to investors soon and hopefully getting some more funds! The crowdfunder kinda failed so were hoping to get the majority of money from the investors. We only need about 50k, which is doable. The guns will use audino and r-pis, we have a basic prototype but it needs a little tweaking.


Literal manchildren


Let's see you true to start a business from literally soykaf


From what I see in these crowdfund details, and in your short video, I doubt you will get institutional funding for this. Maybe if you have a rich aunt or uncle you are pitching it to, but no serious investor is going to drop money on this in this state. You need to brush up and polish almost everything you have here.

If you are interested I've worked at small startups companies as they were in the process of acquiring their initial seed-round funding. Post your business plan or post a throwaway email here and I would look over your documentation for you and try to help you out. No offense but you guys look like you don't know what you are doing.

If you want real investment you need things that given how shoddy this looks you probably haven't considered. If you have good this won't be any news to you. But you don't want just a business strategy which is what you have listed on here. You need in depth profit/loss projection sheets for sometimes multiple years out, you need cash flow projection statement sheets, capitalization tables for the investor planning, break-even analysis calculations specific to the investors. Umm what else, you need an opening-day balance sheet, and it needs to be correct or you will ruin your earning projections. You also probably need a production/ or in this case capacity statement.

If you are serious you need to have pre-estimated ROIs based on specific timelines and they have to be realistic. You also probably want to calculate up any business assets you are going to get that can act as a collateral in the long-term. You should come at them with what 'requested repayment terms' you think are reasonable. Don't let them control the narrative. If anyone gives you money without you presenting them with the kind of analysis and reporting I've been describing they are either. 1. your stupid relatives who know nothing about finance, or 2. they are scamming you.


OP here

Don't feed the trolls

Unfortunately neither of us have any funds for art/proper graphics. We have also considered everything we think needs considering. We're working on an investor pitch atm, if you want a copy of our business plan. feel free to ping us at: or use twitter DMs (link in the OP)

We've been getting similar comments from other people, and we're working on correcting our mistakes.

I personally doubt the investors will give us much, so were working on a a set of working prototypes for next time, along with getting proper art as well.

File: 1506836017000.jpg (565.53 KB, 1920x1080, 66c2db41ee2b98f82c4bba147b….jpg)


So the general meeting time will be around UTC 4:00 Friday / Saturday, which converts to 9 PDT, 10 MDT, 11 CDT, and 12 EDT across the United States. Convert this to your local time if you're outside of the US.

This thread will hold a compilation of each meetup at the end of the weekend, and a proposed time / day for the next meetup if the general meetup of Fridays / Saturdays of UTC 4:00 does not work for the majority of participants.

Disclaimer: If you're bringing any illegal ideas with you, keep them to yourself. You'll be warned or be removed from the meetup.

Join us at Freenode: #arisuchan
Join us on Mumble during the meetup at, default port and no password.

Some general starting points for the newbies are here.

Huge resource list for most subjects:

Reddit (I don't recommend anything but the following.):

Basic Linux & Powershell usage: (Powershell)

Multiple structured courses: (Good content, soykafty web design in my opinion.) (Some content is outdated, still a good resource.)


CTF / Practice:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'd like to meet, but where I am it's too late.


File: 1509127843678.webm (1.01 MB, 854x480, GhostInTheShell.webm)

Alright, I'm going to cancel this upcoming meetup. I'm going to remove this thread, flesh out a better thread with more details, and with more information than the current one. I'm meeting Family this weekend, so I expect it will be posted around Sunday.

If you have any concerns towards times, dates, and content, reply to this post.



Can we get more information on why this recent decision?


Restart for justice. Can we do matrix?


> (Powershell)
Thanks for this OP. I just did all of Century in ~30 min. Its fun and easy.

Passwords to get started are names of accounts : century1 pw: century1 etc.

File: 1567341662623.jpg (153.74 KB, 895x600, s01.jpg)


What is your first social network alternative account?
- Federated (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, …)
- P2P (…?)
- other
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I hate blocking or unfollowing people, I want a diverse range of weird/unpopular opinions. Most people dont violate rules necessarily, they are just really really boring.


I block the content, not the person. Got thousands of filtering rules, if their message match one, I never see it.


Thats just religious insistence on non-blocking purity. Going places to avoid these people os the same thing as blocking them in the place they are, the net effect is the same: their freespeech isnt impacted, your not bothered to hear them.
Everyone isnt entitled to your attension, not all content is equal. There is a difference between end user filtering - which is discriminating attension and important, and the government blocking people which inhibits flow of ideas and is bad.


Instagram because Facebook is for normal people.


File: 1505024828335.png (22.07 KB, 2000x854, matrix_white_high.png)


I thought we could use a Matrix/Riot thread.

I made a room for all lovers of Lain.
Rules and info:
Feel free to post any rooms that have something different to offer.
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What client do you use? I'd rather avoid Riot's electron implementation.




#wired is empty join up alice.


I just tried out this room, just like every other it was mostly idle. Is there a single place where I can go that I can talk that isn't idle? Is that even possible with online chat?


Make a place.

File: 1563374974590.jpg (92.05 KB, 1920x873, alex-harris-lapd-perspecti….jpg)


There are days I wish for cyberpunk dystopia.

Eternal cloudy days. Perhaps because of an irreparably damaged climate system, where life still makes way. Where I can transport my consciousness to a symbolic system based on silicon and can invade the minds of others like a parasite. Where I earn the minimum wage and can still survive on the minimum in the chamber of a hotel capsule. Where the only existing colors are black and white because any camouflage system is useless.

Sometimes I hallucinate with easily accessible, low-cost and highly effective synthetic drugs even in exchange for destroying the liver or the neurological system, which matters whether with one blow or two I can install a new one.

Why not become a god made of heavy metals? Change my phallus and face for a Royal Ordnance L7 cannon and an a M60 with armor piercing bullets.

My tongue can be that of a snake too, which releases all kinds of hallucinogens and aphrodisiacs just for you.


File: 1567176222156.png (415.22 KB, 371x809, 1566961414205.png)

Continue the war. It makes no sense.
K codes for cybernetics.
Dark-side K - microcultures use the annihilation of the future as a directly contactable stimulation space, zero- K sliding on-line during virtual nuclear winter, everything frozen in place, except along faultlines of ragged nova jungle Pacific fringe, simmered in continual war.

Nick Land, Cyberspace Anarchitecture as Jungle-War (1995)

This is what I imagine

I imagine the future of the moist, green and fertile battlefield, where hackers take the form of predators. Their humanity rejected and living like beasts that exist only as a wave set in the electron field. They walk the walk and talk the talk inside and out.

Each culture serves as the foundational infrastructure of a new hyperspace were hearts and minds are one. The commercium mesh is protected by new densities, flowers and cartoonish bear traps, seasoned with child night terrors, while a war and game unfolds.

Lolita assassins clip the leaders of the enemy network, using the forbidden techniques, disabling orgasms and explosive diarrhea. They recover the heads for later to eat them in the secret sacred rituals, entering in communion with the martyrs. That is what I dream of in the future. New gods. A revolution. A final solution.

File: 1566858214075.png (592.94 KB, 599x600, Screenshot_2019-08-26 Publ….png)


I want to learn how to make good prank calls. How to improvise better, how to safely make the calls, how to setup voice fx etc etc.
Is there any good community around prank calls? Any good sources about that?

(image from @the_call_center instagram, check it out!)


>Is there any good community around prank calls? Any good sources about that?

lmao what, no

just act confident and tell people what they expect to hear. Same as any con except in this case you're just trying to get them to believe stupid soykaf.


Back in like 2012 we used Skype and Clownfish for skype

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