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I'm too lazy to be properly /cyb/. I love the culture, I love the ideas. It's important to me to be more silent, more secure, and more hacky. But it's a whole lot of work to learn a programming language or a new OS. It takes precious time, energy, and focus to make something new. I'm standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up, and it looks high and the fall looks painful.

What do?
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File: 1510006496591.jpg (51.27 KB, 306x610, 00B055F700000190-0-image-m….jpg)

I never used pearl.


File: 1510037509729.jpg (48.07 KB, 633x325, 1E91750A-C056-11E5-8654-CE….jpg)

And Larry Wall is one of them old school hackers that I could hear ramble on all day. Has a real inspiring personae and is funny as hell.


>how to install a program for it if its not already on some distro?
There are different ways of doing that, so it's gotta be learned in a kinda case by case way, but in any case it's much simpler and easier than learning to program. Speaking from personal experience here, I can install virtually anything on my Arch box, but can't program soykaf or even make bash scripts yet. You just have to find out what is the specific technique for that type of installation, then research the steps for that and what they mean. Can be done without any knowledge of programming.


I argue Lua is the way to go regarding beginner programming. Simplistic, clean, less formatting, like perl, but faster then python in many ways.


I can understand how you feel but you should start out slowly. There's no need to rush to the mountain.

Improve your security in your day to day life, learn programming step by step. I'm no expert in programming but I'm making my way slow and steady.

If you're really interested maybe you can take some classes at university/college?
I'm currently enrolled in cybersecurity and it's a lot of fun, we have amazing professors and learn a lot of new stuff every week.

File: 1508821729374.gif (314.28 KB, 512x384, kirisu hands.gif)


so i was invited here by one of the mods on discord. I know the basics of using a computer and have started avoiding using anything google related by reading threads here. Idk gow to code, change os (i can only afford a cheap acer laptop for now), or how to vpn. Any and all info would be appreciated
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>The day your government decide to flip the switch and become a totalitarian regime in a digital age where data is collected and make profile of you and kept for ages. What would you to protect yourself from something that wasn't illegal 10 years ago and now is punishable by death?

You got me there. I was wrong, every data is important, and you probably should secure all your data. But these days the only way to protect your data from social media, from anything really, is to not use it. Is security worth isolation? Maybe it is, but I'll prefer taking the risk, at least for now.

I mean, the sole purpose of the Web is to connet people to information and to each other, and these days every step towards privacy is a step away from that. Correct me if I'm wrong.



Yes and no, you make a point when you say it's a step back, but i see it probably on a different lens.

The problem is the metadata the consequences is the isolation protecting your metadata. I would say again you can use proprietary software but having in mind they collect information on you make you more aware of what to share and what to not which is already good enough for me me. Most people simply don't want to deal with it anymore so they loses pretty much every technological comfort they have to escape this mass surveillance system.

So the question does it disconnect you from people could be answers by no. because their is alternative out there not as comfortable but that respect the user privacy. Your point is still valuable and up to date, most people don't want to deal with such complicated pieces of software. This is why apps like Signal is more user friendly. People are trying to make things easier for Joe and Jane out here. I can connect with you right now using Tor browser and my privacy is respected on the software level, i can user IRC, XMPP-OTR.

(It's the morning right now and I'm not fully awake hope i was clear nonetheless)


Alrighty kiddo.

>You can just trust any Proprietary

>software, and trusting proprietary
>software with root is instant fail.
Nice grossly inaccurate blanket statement you got there.
While the existence of proprietary software that is malicious certainly exists, it does not mean that all proprietary software is malicious. Seeing as how you push projects like Firefox, you seem to also forget that just because software is open source, does not mean it is privacy respecting– lest we forget the telemetry sent back from SJWfox to cuckzilla.

>Why learn Windows, the most used desktop operating system on Earth?

Hmm, the question almost answers itself but just in case you're still facefull of OSS cock and missed the point, here it is again:

Windows, whether you like it or not, continues to dominate the market. Knowledge of how it works will serve anyone well, not just OP. Do you want to get in to the cybersec business? You will start at tech support level. Guess what systems you'll be servicing. Hint: it's not a riced out arch bspwm+ncmpcpcppcncp ganoo plus leenux toaster. It'll be your org's workstations, which will most likely run Windows.

Also, one cannot appreciate something good unless they experience something bad in comparison. If you want OP to appreciate Linux, the best course of action is to have them get so familiar with Win32 that they never want to use it again.

>antivirus is bad!!!!

holy fuck, this is a cybersecurity board. you can't be here.

>calling it iexplore to sound edgy

>not using the name that it has
Stop posting.


>You will start at tech support level. Guess what systems you'll be servicing.
Being proprietary tech support in current year is irrelevant since Windows and systems alike switch to software as service model. All tech support will be handled by pajeets and systems don't break that much overall. Everything else is done by VNC systems with thin clients on user's desks, which is again some flavor of Linux. The real "cybersec business" usually involves datacenters and bsd servers, and people with UNIX knowledge jump right to that.
>>antivirus is bad!!!!
>holy fuck, this is a cybersecurity board. you can't be here.
Antivirus software is as much relevant to cybercecurity as snake oils and weedroot soup to medicine.
Okay, I'm done with larpchan. Kids here are contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. Keep playing super cyberpunk hackers using Windows Totally Not Spyware Edition 10® and discussing your epik hax on Discord™.



First if you want to make in sort that you point get across whether your right or wrong you should probably try to be nicer.

It's true Windows does indeed dominate the market, does it mean it's safe? No. We're aren't talking about Joe and Janes here, If you want to protect yourself using a backdoor OS like Windows 10 is pointless even in cybsec business their client don't even use Windows 10. How do i know that? Simple because if a cybsec business actually dealt with client using Windows 10 the first thing they would do is to make them install Gnu/Linux. Of course it's not gonna be Arch linux full rice but it's still going to be a gnu/linux distro. You need to understand that using a already well known operating system with extreme security hole is a instant fail in cyber security world.

>>Antivirus is bad

> holy fuck, this is a cybersecurity board. you can't be here.

Antivirus are in most case a placebo effect to gave the user a sense of security. It's a business model to make money.

File: 1509730201890.jpg (69.64 KB, 1000x400, faces_0.jpg)


>The Homeland Security Department wants technology that can passively scan the faces of foreign nationals crossing the U.S. border by car, ensuring that the individuals who enter the country are the same ones who leave it.

>DHS’ Silicon Valley outpost is hosting an industry day Nov. 14 to solicit solutions that would let Customs and Border Protection scan people’s faces, even if they’re wearing sunglasses, hats or are looking away from the camera, without requiring them to slow down or exit the car.


like they're not already doing it inside the country


>your cellphone wants to scan your face every time someone takes a picture of you
>facebook wants to scan your face every time a picture is uploaded to the net

I wonder if one day, I will be able to go to a store and use my phone to buy a new phone which will be informed of my identity so that I can unlock it and download my data from the cloud automatically as soon as I remove it from the hand of the robotic cashier. That will be the day. The day when finally things are so convenient that we can finally stop optimizing and begin to do things that are legitimately, certifiably, one hundred percent pure cool.


Ironic that the system chose 'Zero Cool' for your name.

I don't see how any of that is cool.


File: 1510804866950.jpeg (15.19 KB, 300x259, egg salad.jpeg)

>i sure wish everything about me were openly available to corporations and the state, whom i'm sure have my best interests in mind

File: 1510530010594.jpg (574.19 KB, 1024x768, Lorenz.jpg)


Hey Lain/Alice,
been lurking here for a while and thought it was time to post something.

I have some background in crypto, and have been doing research in the area when I started looking up chaos theory (dynamical systems.)
I thought that would be great for PRNG's and eventually came across chaos based cryptography.

Based off of the papers I've read: I gathered that it's promising, but no-one has been able to generate strong primitives using chaos .

What do you guys think about applications of chaos theory in cryptography/ology/analysis and steganography/etc?


Do you have any papers you can link? I'm interested in reading on this.



Well i won't lie i saw a video and read a little documents about it didn't really understand it tbh.


Wiki has some good links in the references.

File: 1510471523828.jpg (336.11 KB, 1183x864, 13334dc8317f84c4e7a053dc49….jpg)


what are some /cyb/ approved sites, clearnet or darknet?

 No.1873 is a good /cyb/ landing page with a lot of good links.






File: 1507711588175.jpg (1.26 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20171011_103314.jpg)


This was on the back of a normal milk carton here in Sweden.
A rough translation:

AnonymX - A dilemma online

Samir sees an entry from anonymx that blames Levian in class for being a thief. Samir believes to know who AnonymX is. He also knows that Levian has long been bullied by that person. Samir wants to do something to help Levian. What can he do?

Take screenshots as evidence - and show the post for someone else who can certify what happened.
Make a post, saying that AnonymX is wrong and ask his friends to share it.
Talk to a teacher or school teacher.
Talk to AnonymX directly and tell them to quit.
Talk to the neighbor who is a police officer.

All options are possible. do you have any other ideas?
What's happening online is just as important to talk about as anything else you've been doing during the day. At and @merhjarta there are good tips and advice.

This appears to be an interesting moral dilemma, but we're given no suggestion that Levian could be a thief or that AnonymX is not who Samir thinks it is; the default position is that "whistleblowing" is a form of bullying and "good" people report such behavior.

The cartoon-ish graphics will be especially appealing to easily influenced children and adolescents.

Perhaps also worth noting that in Sweden, there's basically only one brand of milk (Arla), and it's sold in all shops.
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There was a large media campaign about "cyberbullying" lately
Hey, you mistranslated, it should be
>Talk to AnonymX directly and tell xir to quit


I think talk to AnonymX directly and tell them to quit is the one most likely to work.


File: 1508262041507.jpg (48.53 KB, 400x544,

Everything is propaganda whether you think it is or not. You have someone in the background pulling the strings of the media, the news, the Internet's largest sites. The Vietnam war was televised for all of American's to see. You think they'd truly televise the terror that took and still takes place in Iraq? The War On Terror is ran by terrorists against other terrorists.

What if North Korea hacked the United States in some form? You really think they'd fucking tell their own Citizens? No, they'd get CNN and Fox news to make a small segment on how Russia is still tampering with our voting system and then talk about how Trump is deporting someone.

Did anyone ever teach you how the banking system works? Where does the money you just used on your credit card come from? It comes from nothing, and only shows itself when the bill is payed.

Walk into a College or a High School and ask students whether they can define true fascism, and not their Tumblr inspired definitions. We spent humans and blood to take down fascism in WWII and our own people most likely can't even define the very political ideology our people DIED TO STOP. Public School systems are owned by the Government, who govern what is taught. I learned more about the system and world from my community college art & film teacher (which I took as a filler class, fully expecting libtards to fill it) than I ever did in a History class.

You are exposed to Propaganda everyday, whether it be the movies that are being shown in the theater (compare what movies may try pushing now versus what they did in the past), or the ads you see while walking down a city street. Although, mind you that not all propaganda is inherently bad.


Getting your subjects to denounce each other is divide + impera 101.

What is old is new again, prepare to see more and more "PSAs" and children's education focussing on outing wrongthinkers.


I'd add companies as the number one pushers of propaganda. They want to create a certain kind of person, one that merely buys things and never expresses themselves creatively. You should not ask questions, except for when those questions lead you to buy more stuff to satiate an imagined need.

File: 1508624299154.gif (368.19 KB, 491x353, 1420556607tumblr_ng9u0oopN….gif)


> Pros & Cons of having a Raspberry Pi (2/3 or zero/w) in the street. Hidden and plugged. Connected to ("borrowed") wireless network or using SIM 3G/4G data plan.
>>Just looking for interesting ideas @_ @

+ Unrelated-to-you server

- Can be lost
- Have to think about weather if its outside. Can be hard to hide. (solved with some customized box or kinda)


I've heard of things being hidden in plain sight in some places for looooong periods of time. and I mean, 30-50 usd that you'd put into a device like this, its possibly worth it even if it doesnt last all that long. actually is there no reason you couldnt use a pi0 for this? that could potentially half that figure.

+monitor wireless activity in specific locations
+make use of high bandwidth in libraries/offices/etcetera
+totally cool

-potentially illegal to place / use in some areas
-simple changes to network access might render it totally useless
-limited use if its going to be fully anonymoose
-raspis are too adorable to easily part with


GSM gateway for stealth phone calls!

File: 1508275908723.jpg (131.44 KB, 1280x720, slumlord.jpg)


What are some good USB physical devices? In the same vein as the yubikey, nitrokey etc?


Cement works great tbh. Protects you from all sorts of nasty attacks from Stuxnet to Poisontap and exposed chipset debug shells.


I use bash bunny, but it's a bit pricey.

File: 1499544725280.png (102.21 KB, 500x429, tumblr_mrw34wcZrm1swqc4eo1….png)


A lot of people commonly conceive free speech simply as the right essentially for everyone to say one's view, in any space without restriction, that there be no private spaces.

Now that conception of free speech is very intuitive and understandable, since one of the important and valuable thing about free speech is that no authority or value is free from criticism .
But i feel it is a incomplete conception, it's not so much that it's wrong, but that it is too simple, abstract and while it is intuitive, it leads to very counter intuitive conclusions.

The state of affairs where anyone can say anything in any space sounds desirable, but leads to a situation where most dissent and minority voices are drowned out so to speak in a constant static unable to productively make there voice heard , the voices that come to be heard will inevitably be the ones that appeal to the lowest common denominator and prejudices of largest blocs of opinion. In a space like this free speech will not last for long, those not of the monopoly opinion will either give up out of frustration or be hounded out.

Am i saying that theses spaces should not exist or that there useless? No, am simply saying is that are common conception is not enough, we need to develop it to be more concrete and nuanced. The kind of spaces where anyone can express there views are important and should be defended but there not the whole story.

The right to free speech should not JUST be the right to say one's view, but for everyone to be able to express there views in a way that is productive and let's even dissent and minority views be heard.
Along with the spaces where everyone can express there view there should exist spaces of expression that belong to all views where people of that view can express there view without being drowned out and can talk about it in space where with others of that view without fear of coercion.

These two kind of spaces where views are expressed need each other, without the other your either get a situation where no dissent or minority views is heard and on the other hand you get a situation where everyone is just stays in there own little holes.

Free speech is a careful balance of these two spaces.
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>whether it's the same as this one, or some commie bread line cannibalistic early USSR like hellscape
>At least it'll be something new
Oh lol. As if you knew something new when it hit you in the face. Right now communism shouldn't be your main concern. Actually, scratch that, for the past thirty years communism shouldn't have been a concern for people, yet the battle rages on, breeding the terrific examples of crybaby "left" around the world.

The problem is not the left, or the right, or the lgbtabcxyz, or the Russians, or the Chinese, or Trump, or General Lee. The problem is that most sides just believe themselves to be invariably correct, which is, in itself, idiocy, unless we speak about the roundness of the Moon. Oh, wait, a rapper, of all people, wants to finance a rocket to space to prove that wrong.

Communication is the problem. And the idea of silently marching forward without even trying to show how your views are different just reinforces the crowd instinct in everybody around who, under other circumstances, would also show their own true views and opinions. We like to be a heard, and it's hard to step out of the trance, but we believe in you, lainon. You can stop being three monkeys in one human.


I understand and agree with you, but I'm not planning on expending energy to preach my opinions. You and others like you, do it for me. Thanks. And as I stated, whether tomorrow is like today, or a close minded society where new ideas are frowned upon, I don't care. I clearly have a preference, but I came to the conclusion that investing effort into it is pointless.


The problem with C-16 is compelled speech, not a ban on it.

If you are forced to say something, are you really free to think about it?


I get the impression that you don't think popularity indicates anything important. What's popular is generally what most people are interested in. There is some influence on this from media outlets. However, if you create a platform where all these minority views are given equal footing most people will not be interested, thus solving nothing.

There are already communities and websites setup around these alternative views most of the time. They have their own spaces that are just not in the public eye. Rather than trying to make a table big enough for everyone to sit at, using a central platform to direct people to the places these issues are already talked about might be better.


Forcing people to say something is an entirely different beast compared to simply banning particular words. Both are a violation of free speech but one is far more grievous beyond any shadow of a doubt

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