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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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What happend to opennic ? It was a /g/ concieved project. Its still functional. There are dnscrypt public servers. There is even a .cyb tld. Why are there no .cyb sites? Go make some blogs or something. Someone point arisuchan.cyb here.

Why isnt your dns opennic dnscrypt?

Post excuses, dns alternatives, 水 .cyb sites , namecoin , and other DNS misc.




i use opennic, because i didn't want to pay for a domain. why should you pay? who's hoarding them all? paying for a domain feels like a scam. i'm self hosting email with a opennic domain, but nobody i know can email me because they don't use opennic too. frustrating


>What happened to dnscrypt
Cloudflare ate it (

>i use opennic, because i didn't want to pay for a domain
Same but with tor hidden services


Opennic is top recomendation from for DNS


do you think it's possible to run a pleroma instance on opennic that federates with the rest of the paid-net? I feel like that'd be a huge step forward in privacy-socialmedia but idk how that would work.


You can have an opennic domain and an icann domain for the same host.


I'm using OpenNIC since years, soykaf just works. Not using DNSCrypt yet though, might look into that.

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