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File: 1552151745540.jpg (122.65 KB, 1200x668, Gab Dissenter.jpg)


>Gab Dissenter (or simply Dissenter) is a social news aggregation and discussion service. Dissenter was created to allow commenting on any Web page in an associated third-party forum outside of the site owner's control. The platform includes a website and a browser extension.

>Dissenter was developed as a response to multiple social media platforms' and online news sites' moderation practices, which involve removal of individual comments or deleting or disabling comment sections altogether.

I'm interested in this addon, but as pointed out in a video by Eli the Computer Guy (, you're voluntarily submitting your browsing habits to a database controlled by Gab, which has many adversaries trying to compromise it, and can you really trust Gab?

Use good OPSEC.

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No one is going to use anything populated by cretins.


Case in point: voat. Nice clean site design. Nice noble goal of freedom of speech.

But my god, what a soykafshow of a community.


>>"We won't delete it unless it's literally illegal" is maximum freedom.
>so, they let anyone bully and ruin the community
>Sounds pretty unfree to me.
This is an idea I wish was more widely spread: Every (well connected) community necessarily excludes some people.
In a tightly-moderated community people who don't contribute will get derezzed. In a highly-political community discussions will descend into tribe-fights, and one tribe will push all the others out. In a lightly-moderated community trolls and soykafposters will drive everyone else out, before turning on each other. "Good moderation" in my opinoin is as much about deciding WHO your community is intended for as WHAT people will be allowed to do.

This is one of the reasons why I think that a diverse web is such a big deal: With only a handful of massive websites, either their communities end up so weakly connected that they can barely be called "communities", or a lot of people end up with very few places they can fit in.


nazi soykaf


File: 1566715852893.jpg (47.89 KB, 1024x1024, example-29184.jpg)


Interesting idea but as others have pointed out, a bit sloppy on its implementation. It would be better if comment data are spread among all users of the plugin, sort of decentralized such that censure can never be possible.

File: 1564704000887.jpg (144.13 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)


anyone played/playing VA-11 HALL-A? It's a pretty great cyberpunk game
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I don't like cyberpunk media


What are you doing here?


>he doesn't use danger/u/


love what perf tried to make but i wish he'll
just delete the app from the play store. They way it is now, every kid who's searching for 4chan install the app and fill every thread with references to memes since they cant post them on a textboard.


>fill every thread
not the ones on /burg

File: 1538062527165.jpg (61.02 KB, 625x625, hambi.jpg)



This is a call out to all hackers, to all crackers, anarchos, crypto anarchos and cypher punks, trolls, to all angry people! It's a call out to everyone, because right now it needs everyone!

The Hambacher Forest is still getting evicted with massive police violence! A journalist already died in this battle against capitalism and brown coal. Two activist already got hurt very badly while getting evicted.

>Because of this we now have to show international resistance! We have to show RWE and the German politics that we do not just take it.<

Please spread the message in your communites!
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just go back to /seacats/ already


must be pretty sad being autistic about spacing


Kinda like how easy is to spot that kind of pointless posters if I'm honest. They all love throwing their unfunny jokes and boring "hot takes" as if it was a badge of merit


File: 1566677199360.png (68.16 KB, 800x750, 1369244411320.png)

It's okay if you can't smell your own stench, good sir


delete yourself from this world

File: 1565168645127.png (315.98 KB, 405x528, 8hzq6wsg6s331.png)


What do you think will be the killer VR app?
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there are many things missing from design elements which are obvious and jaron lanier has been saying since the 1980s

main points are that while 3D lent itself well to big open worlds, that is not the case in vr. what you have to do is change your avatar and explore what You can be instead of what is expanding outward. it's dizzying to walk big spaces in VR. rather become an octopus, a cube, a math equation, a haunted mansion, the field itself, a flock of birds; and see how you change. that doesn't sell immediate numbers in the big data marketing hellscape so it won't take off until somone finds a way to take a risk.


I agree with you but I feel like these games would catch on even more if it didn't take almost $1000 to have (full on VR) access to these games. Between headset/hand-things, a powerful graphics card, and a fast enough internet connection, most people simply don't have access.

OP, I think porn will be the big killer.


VR meetings

You sit in a meeting room with people on your team across the globe

Sell it to enterprise cunts and be a bit more competent than most VoIP providers and you just made bank


VR cubicles
all the fun of office jobs, without having to spend on offices


They just call them open offices now. You don't need a VR set, a noise-cancelling headphone will do.

File: 1566155357329.jpg (80.71 KB, 600x616, 1564816607607.jpg)


Anyone notice how theres alot of talk of cyber, but not alot about punk on here?
(And this is not a request for this to change)
But I mean obviously we're all very excited about technology especially the cutting edge,
But where does the punk come in? Like even though theres probably some dissatisfaction with major authority institutions on here I think if you asked most people they woudent claim that sticking it to the MAN has much to do with there everyday philosophy.

What it boils down to is, I feel like, we've just borrowed a inaccurate term to describe our community just because it sounded cool.
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That's far from true, at every level.
Some people where not given the possibility to profit from it. Some people who did turned against it. Some people, when confronted to the choice, turned down the profiting option. Some people use their profit to fund and nourish their rebellion, whether it is gathering funds, having a convincing front or infiltration/information gathering.


Put another way, if you're not smart enough to understand how the system works and exploit it, you are not smart enough to destroy it. That's why the "cyberweenies" >>4138 talks about are so common and ineffective.

Those who are smart enough to (truly) understand how the system works and still try to destroy it are a minority and typically inhibited by some kind of mental problems e.g. autism.


This binary baseless reasoning sound like the take of someone who observe the situation from behind his computer and never spent time with and between communities and groups of activists/revolutionaries/etc.


>>4137 op here:
Yeah, ok. I agree with this guy.


File: 1506644464519.jpg (426.41 KB, 1024x768, -1.jpg)


There's a lot you can install on computers to keep yourself safe against tracking/stay anonymous/keep privacy, but what about on phones/other mobile devices? Applications protecting against tracking and whatnot are much more limited.

Could use VPNs and avoid Bluetooth…. what else?
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currently the best we got is grapheneos on a pixel device.

but it's still problematic. on normal computers you can spoof mac and be done with it. on mobile devices you have to worry about imei and spoofing it is illegal in some territories.

there's also librem 5 built on top of linux kernel. but we are yet to see how it will hold up in the real world.

mobile security is better than what it was, but we are not 100% there yet imo.


As Alice said above, GrapheneOS is your best bet for Android. Has a few hardening patches, avoids calling home as much as possible (captive portal and updates to GrapheneOS repo remaining iirc), and often gets updates faster than AOSP since AOSP pushes updates in waves delaying as long as a month. GrapheneOS usually updates within six hours of an AOSP update.

Other suggestions…
Use a VoIP service for calls you do not wish to tie to your number. Linphone and maybe SMS to go with it.
Tor Browser for normal browsing, Bromite as backup, Vanadium if you need to do normal person stuff.
If you're a cheap bastard Riseup VPN is decent enough, otherwise OpenVPN. Do not allow connections without VPN.
For service use Mint Mobile for their excellent privacy policy.
Avoid using Bluetooth.
Choose one - use only Cellular, or only WiFi with WiFi calling enabled and always on Airplane Mode. Cons cellular only - susceptible to IMSI catchers, cellular tower tracking, carrier tracking. Cons WiFi only - connection point history, weak driver security, router MitM.
Separate your use-cases in profiles.
Install as few apps as possible.


Crowdstrike has a report on mobile security which is interesting but not your threat model.
Number one distribution mechanism for mobile malware is placing trojaned apps in google app store. Warnings about 3rd party app stores based on how easy it modify an APK are included. F-droid with open source apps might help mitogate risk of trojanized APK but depends on how big a detterent having source available is.


You're best off using burners and not bothering trying to make typical devices safe. Telecom infrastructure is too locked down and surveilled for a device to circumvent much on its own, the cell towers can still get you even if you disable all the internet related tracking.


The botnet isn't on the OS or the ARM part, it's in the radio chipset, you cannot remove it without remove 2G/3G/4G.

File: 1497465856548.png (72.56 KB, 485x600, tor.png)


Are you using the Tor Network ?
if No then You must start using it from now on if you care about your online privacy.
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The merge window opens on the 15th; anyone have any interesting patches?

I have one for offline/pre-generated hs3 keys that I should spruce up and contribute.


I don't see it discuss but Tor browser is stupidly fast in the last years I'm on the verge of switching for it full time.


File: 1563855189492.jpg (36.95 KB, 728x546, 51398886_1911232678985276_….jpg)

Do you have a source for any of these claims?

This makes sense, basically just don't do anything stupid with Tor


No true scottsman. "No real non-jew (gentile?) would disagree with my antisemitism. " Logical fallacy.


>RTFM first, then again and again until you understand how it works
The specs are only a guide to help you understand the code.
If you want to prove to yourself and others that Tor is secure/insecure then the code is what you need to read.

You realize it's exactly your kind of over-sensitivity which drives said "antisemitism" in the first place. When someone talks soykaf about anything else you sit back and don't bat an eyelid but when "Jews" are mentioned is a vaguely disparaging context you scramble the nuclear attack helicopters in defense. Then you wonder why people are suspicious of Jews and think they have something to hide. Just chill it with the antiantisemitism.

File: 1564618040181.jpg (110.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(2).jpg)


need the best 80s cyberpunk films. gimme some campy, unknown soykaf
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I've heard of it I just never got around to watching it. I'll watch that space drug sex film


File: 1564705954874-0.jpg (139.14 KB, 1024x576, LiquidSkyMargaret.jpg)

File: 1564705954874-1.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Liquid_Sky_1.1.6.jpg)

File: 1564705954874-2.jpg (295.78 KB, 1920x1080, Liquid_Sky_1.1.19_2400x.jpg)

It's well worth watching. Margaret (the main character) is totally fascinating. Her voice is husky yet feminine, calm but withering, all at the same time. And she always has a look of intense focus. She looks like someone with a seething core of rage at all times, but who's also totally mastered self-control. What she does in the end is exactly what you'd expect from an extremely angry person who's able to focus that anger with laser precision. (I think I'm in love!)



split second (1991) is on freeleech on cinemageddon rn


File: 1565988338205.png (552.36 KB, 966x662, Screenshot from 2019-08-16….png)

I don't know why but 964 Pinocchio is a personal favorite.

The aesthetics are real, not something invented for the film: it's the Japan of the 1990s. Androids are indistinguishable from humans, both protagonists are gynoids abandoned by their owners. The premise is understandable, but I never knew it was really Pinocchio.

File: 1564765345455.jpeg (7.21 KB, 170x191,


I was thinking recently that I enjoy Arch a lot for it's simplicity but I also like debian a lot to for it's rock stable, and universal use.
Would it be possible to use a tools similar to Yay that would compile anything from AUR on Debian? I know you wouldn't get the update unless you
compile everything from the ground up.

Does it exist? Is it possible?
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You should try bedrock linux




> Would it be possible to use a tools similar to Yay that would compile anything from AUR on Debian?

That'd make Debian as stable as Arch Linux…


If you set up your apt sources you can pull select packages from testing/unstable with the -t flag (apt install -t unstable package). It won't work for everything though, double check and make sure it doesn't upgrade more than you think it should.


arch is more universal than debian

File: 1564988816579.gif (682.83 KB, 400x440, cyb.gif)




The Cyberpunk Manifesto: [ ]
The alt.cyberpunk FAQ (V5.26) [ ]
What is cyberpunk?: [ (embed) ]
Cyberpunk directory (Communities/IRC and other resources): [ (embed) ]
Cyberpunk media (Recommended cyberpunk fiction): [ (embed) ]
The cyberdeck: [ (embed) ]

- - - - - -

The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto: [ ]
The Hacker Manifesto: [ ]
The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto: [ ]
The /sec/ Career FAQ (V1.11) [ ]
Why Privacy Matters: [ [YouTube] Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters (embed) ]
"soykaf just got real": [ (embed) ]
Cybersecurity basics and armory: [ (ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you retard or what?


cringe and rudepilled



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