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So the general meeting time will be around UTC 4:00 Friday / Saturday, which converts to 9 PDT, 10 MDT, 11 CDT, and 12 EDT across the United States. Convert this to your local time if you're outside of the US.

This thread will hold a compilation of each meetup at the end of the weekend, and a proposed time / day for the next meetup if the general meetup of Fridays / Saturdays of UTC 4:00 does not work for the majority of participants.

Disclaimer: If you're bringing any illegal ideas with you, keep them to yourself. You'll be warned or be removed from the meetup.

Join us at Freenode: #arisuchan
Join us on Mumble during the meetup at, default port and no password.

Some general starting points for the newbies are here.

Huge resource list for most subjects:

Reddit (I don't recommend anything but the following.):

Basic Linux & Powershell usage: (Powershell)

Multiple structured courses: (Good content, soykafty web design in my opinion.) (Some content is outdated, still a good resource.)


CTF / Practice: (Registration is a puzzle.)


Our first meetup was a good success and netted seven people. We all participated in rooting a vulnhub machine for beginners.,100/ If you haven't completed it yet, go for it!

We also had some discussion about the AI thread that was in /cyb/ earlier and other current issues such as JS cryptominers.

Hope to see some new faces at the next meetup, time will be the same! Feel free to drop by the IRC or Mumble any time.

Next VM:,107/


File: 1507345787899.gif (727.61 KB, 500x270, cbca37a91e186f59ff7053213d….gif)

In a little less than an hour we will be starting the second /cyb/security meetup. Please hop in and say hi in the mumble, as we already have some people trickling in early.


Hey I missed the meetup, What happened?


We didn't net as much people as we did last meetup (Only one person had shown up, but some people unrelated to the meetup joined in to just talk). I worked on Troll2, and we just talked about Linux in general. Closed up early.>>1747


I wasn't able to join the meet-up but I'll definetly join in next time…
Will it be the same days and time?


Yes, unless otherwise said. The next virtual machine will most likely be decided a few days before the meetup. I've found trolls to be very lackluster in quality and close to real life.


why not exploit-exercises' protostar or nebula?


I totally forgot about that website, I'll look into it over the week. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey y'all, onikuma here. Sorry for the short notice but due to real life circumstances, I won't be able to attend this upcoming meetup. I still highly encourage you to join the mumle and work on something together though.


What machine are we doing tomorrow?


File: 1508475172065.jpg (280.29 KB, 487x487, cyb.jpg)

We'll be following this series for the time being unless stated otherwise.,8/

Starting with #1 this upcoming Friday, moving to #2 the Friday after, etc.


Looks like I missed this by like fifteen minutes. I've been absent a while and didn't n ow about them. I'll be sure to be there in the next one.


You haven't missed anything. It's tonight. The board time seems to be a day ahead.


Maybe /cyb/ community want to play some CTFs competitions? shows competitions schedule, so I think it may be interesting



I know someone in the IRC talked about it. It's might be a good idea, sadly we're short on people at each meeting.

Onikuma is always there with another guys. I guess if there is more people we could do a CTF.


I'd like to meet, but where I am it's too late.


File: 1509127843678.webm (1.01 MB, 854x480, GhostInTheShell.webm)

Alright, I'm going to cancel this upcoming meetup. I'm going to remove this thread, flesh out a better thread with more details, and with more information than the current one. I'm meeting Family this weekend, so I expect it will be posted around Sunday.

If you have any concerns towards times, dates, and content, reply to this post.



Can we get more information on why this recent decision?


Restart for justice. Can we do matrix?


> (Powershell)
Thanks for this OP. I just did all of Century in ~30 min. Its fun and easy.

Passwords to get started are names of accounts : century1 pw: century1 etc.

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