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Israel population is expected to double by 2050 to 16 million people and the country will be seriously overcrowded. More than 100 skyscrapers were built in the last 10 years and over 200 others are under construction. The country is the second most militarised country after Singapore. Israel is very highly educated but is faced with extreme inequalities and is one of the most diverse in the world (less than half speak Hebrew as their mother tongue, the country has the highest percentage of its population fluent in three or more languages). It's economy is based on high tech (cybersecurity, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, solar power…), military exports, and is controlled by a few megacorps with cyberpunk names like TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., ELBIT Systems Ltd., DELEK Group Ltd., ORMAT Technologies Inc., OPKO Health Inc., etc. The culture is very punk: no respect for authority even in the army and workplace, a "no future" attitude… The economy is expected to grow until the GDP per capita is the same as in the United State, but with vastly greater inequalities. The country faces very serious security challenges, including from Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and Iran. Finally, the general aesthetics is pretty cyberpunk. The pic is an 18-year-old Christian girl, military police officer in the Israel Defense Forces.
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>If the shoes fit, then wear it.

To everyone i believe that feel concerned.


The problem with these tribal politics is that everyone is fitting shoes on other people's feet. Syndoches everywhere, thought-terminating cliches, and all of a sudden in the mind's eye the outgroup has a common uniformed footwear, and they see it on every pair of feet regardless of appropriate belonging.

Who is your outgroup, janny?



I will not take part in this discussion, neither will my opinion. I'm only here to says to who ever feeling that my previous commented is directed to them to stay on subject. Witch hunting and low effort post aren't beneficial to the discussion.


This isn't a politics board get the fuck out


I've lock the thread, because i believe it's an interesting discussion, but because people could get on with their life and insult we're launching. Both of the said people got 2 days time out.

Please read the rules and respect them.

File: 1562596015488.png (156.21 KB, 800x800, 5bb76e960fee92f51480a844ed….png)


File: 1546083139387.jpg (29 KB, 415x250, hyperreal.jpg)

How much of the internet is fake? Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human; some years, according to some researchers, a healthy majority of it is bot. For a period of time in 2013, the Times reported this year, a full half of YouTube traffic was “bots masquerading as people,” a portion so high that employees feared an inflection point after which YouTube’s systems for detecting fraudulent traffic would begin to regard bot traffic as real and human traffic as fake. They called this hypothetical event “the Inversion.”
Everything that once seemed definitively and unquestionably real now seems slightly fake; everything that once seemed slightly fake now has the power and presence of the real. The “fakeness” of the post-Inversion internet is less a calculable falsehood and more a particular quality of experience — the uncanny sense that what you encounter online is not “real” but is also undeniably not “fake,” and indeed may be both at once, or in succession, as you turn it over in your head.
we cyberpunk now
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This post explains what the fuarrk is happening with the captcha


guaranteed replies


Arisu you are definitely real don't worry.


File: 1560131519304.png (491.39 KB, 938x1094, angrylain.png)

>Arisu needs Google captcha



you are visited by the Lain of disapproval and disappointment

File: 1553593110712.jpg (44.45 KB, 500x625, 6e30173a0241a614751d3fe0b1….jpg)

looking for something like this ^
something relaxing and calming like synth-wave but not too dramatic


Well to start off with…

Master Boot Record-

Also VAC's Ghost In The Circuit has always left me with a cyberpunk vibe,

 No.3815 has some nice tracks and is good for discovery.
Poke around for a station that fits your mood.


Bit late, but if you still want some good hits, I recommend pretty much anything from the label Dream Catalogue, most of their earlier soykaf though.

also look into t e l e p a t h, sangam, 2814


I've really been enjoying ML's work lately

File: 1555653124591-0.jpg (191.57 KB, 606x1000, 6kget.jpg)


Realtime imageboards are the future. They solve traditional imageboard's ease of exit barrier. launched as a test run that got too popular, hitting 4chan level ppd on accident.

No more dead boards, no more 4chan hegemony. Why haven't you gotten 10 friends and made your own already?
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I miss the glasses thread.


File: 1558888589389.png (41.04 KB, 961x331, Screenshot_2019-05-26_18-3….png)

Wow this really lined up


nah I'll keep posting in my fun XMPP group instead


What group :)


devolves into chat with people who know each other, and reddit cancer basically, that's why
you can observe it even on this very board. it's not even an imageboard at that point. just some lame chat for people who are "in", attention-whores.

File: 1546714862207.gif (94.79 KB, 500x384, bg1.gif)


The Cypherpunk Manifesto
The Cyberpunk Manifesto

"What is cyberpunk?"

Cyberpunk directory (Communities, Media, Readings)
Cyberpunk resources (Miscellaneous)

/cyb/ ftp:

The Hacker Manifesto:
The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto:

"Why privacy matters" [Embed]
"soykaf just got real"

Cybersecurity basics and armory
BBS archives
Various guides to get started

Reference books (PW: ABD52oM8T1fghmY0)!YigVhZCZ!RznVxTiA0iN-N6Ps01pEJw

Thread Archive: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anyone here try the OSCE exam or higher?


I have my OSCE.
It was fun but a waste of money, you'll be exploiting old windows.
Just do exploit-exercises and corelan and you'll be further ahead than the training they give you.


fyi, the channel cuck philosophy made a video on The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk:


nice video, ty for sharing!


Holy fuck he used a track of the SEL OST in the intro, this must be good

File: 1493133239805.jpg (283.8 KB, 1230x924, my_girlfriend.jpg)


In an effort to appease moderation I've decided to speak up about something I've been meaning to ask for a few months.

I'll shortly be moving out of my family home. Internet privacy and security are important enough to me that people close to me call me paranoid; haven't used google or google services for a few years now, and I don't own a smart phone, to name a few of the things I do to protect the little privacy and anonymity I have on the clearnet.

I've lightly experimented with tor long long ago, but when I move out plan to exclusively connect to the wired by using tor / connect to a vps through tor I plan to purchase with bitcoin. I have a solid systems programming background, with some knowledge of networking protocol and how the tor project works.

I have the incredible luxury or not being obligated to visit / use any website or web app. No google-anything for work/school, no web portals for work/school, and no facebook or social media. I have zero qualms with not using any site that isn't "tor friendly". Also, please assume the usage of tor and similar anonymizing friends isn't something my isp prohibits.

I'd like to ask for tips on any of the following:
Secure tor usage and configuration,
Pros and cons of tor alternatives,
And finally how does lain stay anonymous?
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>tor can be deanonymized with javascript,
is there a known way to exploit this, or we just don't know for sure that it's safe?



there are multiple ways to do this, and multiple exploits used in real life already.

but i wouldn't call it "deanonymizing tor", in fact it's getting around tor. (probably helps if your whole system is configured to prohibit every kind of traffic outside the tor proxy, but you still have to do countermeasures against fingerprinting and things like that. the tor browser solve most of this problems without having to configure things and write codes yourself, and completely disabling javascript is also a good choice)


If this is something you're worried about, Tails is much better than just the TBB and Whonix can be better than Tails but there's more for you to screw up there.

File: 1558290200471.jpg (439.08 KB, 4320x3240, aj-pix-july2-029rev.jpg)


Is it good current practice to regularly use rkhunter and/or chkrootkit for security on Gnu/Linux?
are there better tools out there for checking if your comp is compromised?



No it's not good practice, especially regularly. The out put of rkhunter or chkrootkit as to be trusted, which if the pc is infected wouldn't be. I still use it, in a vm, because i found abnormality sometime which is interesting to note but surely is a false positive in most cases.

Here what you can do. First think about your threat-model, then think about how this supposed ''threat'' would actually infect you. Depending on your answer you can have a better idea on how to protect yourself form attacker.

on Gnu/linux system is really rare to have malware or be "infected" by any kind of stuff. Since this type of desktop os is really unpopular and not much use by the average joe, there is a lack of interest by the writer of malware. What you can do is make sure you have a good password manager that as feature preventing keylogger example copy and paste with limited amount of time for the clipboard to wipe out the information. Rootkit is the most simple one to deal with, wipe and reinstall everything.

File: 1557763219803.pdf (296.04 KB, I'm alone, but not lonely.pdf)


Is the future cancelled?


Only if you are dumb.


first post best post.


It will be rebooted by Disney


What do you mean? This is really Japan-centric and it will never catch on in the West.

File: 1557749414592.jpg (595.49 KB, 947x1000, 1553866210860.jpg)

>Russian president Vladimir Putin officially signed a bill into law yesterday, according to documents obtained by CNN, that will move the country toward the creation of a “sustainable, secure and fully functioning” local internet, as the Kremlin referred to it in the documents.
>During states of emergency, the government would be able to cut off foreign internet entirely. It would give the Russian government extraordinary control over the flow of information, limiting its citizens’ access to foreign news and media that are not controlled or overseen by the Kremlin.
As unlikely as this sounds, the fact that in videos you can see Russian lawmakers constantly talk about Russian alternatives to Western internet giants and how big their internet presence is really makes it seem like they are genuinely considering cutting off the foreign Internet altogether.
I know we have some peeps from /ru/ here, any thoughts?
Are there any big meshnet projects out there (sure, it'd still be an intranet, but at least it wouldn't be as tightly controlled)?
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Russians are a draconian and self-destructive group. If you value your freedom, move out like a lot of the smarter population already did.


>It's all about power and control for tsar.
I really hope this kind of mentality doesn't spread. The internet is one of the last free (kinda) places around so would suck major balls to have big brother all up in our soykaf even more



Free within layers of letters and flat perceptions. Internal dystopia kinda.





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