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File: 1497835108301.jpg (5.37 KB, 255x143, 1469601649789.jpg)


So amazon just went full fucking distopian: they went and got a patent to keep people from comparing prices

"The “Physical Store Online Shopping Control patent analyzes the mobile browsing of the customer and if it determines that they are visiting a competitor’s website it will redirect them in one of a few ways.
It may block access to the competitor’s site, preventing customers from viewing comparable products from rivals. It might redirect the customer to Amazon’s own site or to other, Amazon-approved sites. It might notify an Amazon salesperson to approach the customer. Or it might send the customer’s smartphone a text message, coupon or other information designed to lure the person back into Amazon’s orbit."

It begins, we already have companies actively censuring web results deemed "too controversial", now it all reaches its inevitable conclusion…
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Nope. You have to be on their wifi. It says so right on the first page under "abstract".
Also, FYI, when you post in your own thread a little "(OP)" shows up next to the post number, so you should change your IP address when you RP in it.


Lol, scratch that second clause. I'm a newb.


No it just means you're replying to the original post.


VPN, don't use Amazon's free instore wifi. This won't last.
On that note ProtonVPN just went public and is free.


Uh I think he is replying to the OP is why the post number he is responding too has the big OP next to it.

File: 1496454464247.jpg (686.59 KB, 1200x2000, 1480759983816.jpg)


Any ideas how Android/iOS devices could be infected? Is the only way to do that is the app store?
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An Android phone comes with Google closed-source software operating on top of open-source Android. The same way that Chrome is Google's closed-source software on top of open-source Chromium.

So, in a way, all stock android devices are effectively compromised.
NSA > Shadow Brokers > Your Phone

>horribly outdated software
This is the more obvious problem. Carriers can't be bothered to pay the cost for supporting failed updates, so they don't update. Many phones actually CAN'T run recent Android versions, as the hardware won't support it.


Look in the metasploit framework and there are plenty of attacks against android processes that allow a shell to spawn remotely. I used a attack on my samsung smart TV and was able to mess around with it pretty easily. Have to thank the NSA for supplying their tools :)


As users already pointed out, Android phones have a broad attack surface.
It's highly likely that a random phone can be compromised by a publicly available exploit. All this without the intervention of the user.
Since they run Linux at the kernel, and they probably run some old version, then recent kernel exploits are likely to work.
If you want to compromise an android phone, you can probably even do it remotely in several ways. AP or packet spoofing may provide good attack vectors.


Regarding iOS, the only vectors are a direct install of a app from a user or safari attacks. iOS is hard to target but android runs linux at its core.


As much as iOS has it's issues; you don't see the US Federal Government /Department of Justice suing Google or paying USD$1mil when they realise they're gonna lose to break into an Android phone…

I'm too drunk too contribute anything other than sass at the moment, but this thread seems to be heading in the right direction.

File: 1496735148833.jpg (330.32 KB, 1000x686,


You may be call crypto-anarchist, but not cyberpunk as it is a science fiction genre, not a school of thought.

What do you all think ?
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File: 1497534370994.webm (300.63 KB, 480x360, honey_youve_got_a_big_sto….webm)

This is true.
This is bait.
This is sophistry.
>survival in this current world of ours that is turning more and more into a dystopia.
When taken to its logical conclusion this relies almost solely on an insular, myopic worldview. There is absolutely no such thing as a "post-political" mantra available out there, it will always deconstruct itself back into traditional political conventions. It reads like you're so hesitant to recite survivalist drudgery when I think you know as well as I do that cyberpunk has nothing to do with that. I've grown tired of this conflation insofar that when people think of cyberpunk, they don't think of the philosophical intricacies of Lain, the brooding tone of GITS or even the atmospheric reflection instilled by Blade Runner. No, they typically think of Robocop, Terminator and Dredd; y'know, strong everymen who can do no wrong in a neon-laden crusade against an elusive Other–whether it be artificial intelligence gone awry or migrants crossing the border.
What you're both thinking of here, is nihilism but that's not necessarily the problem. Rather, it seems like you're both using gnosticism as a map for your ham-fisted rationalizations, which is why I don't object to other users' accusations of y'all at the very least being sympathetic to (neo)reactionary views. Because I've no doubt about it; this showcases such an incredibly superficial understanding of these concepts that it really begs the question over why you identify with cyberpunk at all in the first place. If gnosticism is the map, then animism is the territory; now this could leave you with the impression of being "post-political", but this does not negate politics altogether. It merely sees it as a given; this isn't necessarily an aversion to politics, but rather political organization in and of itself. Which.. explicitly elicits an anarchist tone whPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Could you elaborate on what you mean by gnosticism?

>What you're both thinking of here, is nihilism

No, it's not. At least I am not thinking of nihilism. I have not said anything about my philosophical views, I have merely said that cyberpunk does not seem to me like a philosophy. I don't push everything that I believe in under the label of "cyberpunk" because it makes me feel edgy.

>ham-fisted rationalizations

Aside from the adjective, rationalizations of what?

>which is why I don't object to other users' accusations of y'all at the very least being sympathetic to (neo)reactionary views

It was my first post in this thread, so your accusation is the first. Also, whether or not you gather the feeling that I am sympathetic to some political views that you don't like is of no relevance to the discussion and of no importance to me.
I would advise that you keep these feels to yourself and not try to evoke the kind of meaningless soykafstorm that happened earlier in this thread by informing everybody about your unrelated political antagonisms.

>Because I've no doubt about it; this showcases such an incredibly superficial understanding of these concepts that it really begs the question over why you identify with cyberpunk at all in the first place.

Does not follow, or, at the very least, you did not explain how that would follow.
If you attempt to offend someone's understanding of something, then it would be nice if you could provide at least semi-decent explanation of perceived errors in their understanding, instead of some worthless, highly emotional name-calling and venting.

>You decry anarchism because of its ideological tenets

I have mentioned no preference on anarchism. Neither did I mention any ideological tenets beyond the most obvious one contained in any basic dictionary definition; I have pretty much only said that there are some, and I do not perceive cyberpunk to be an ideology in the same sense that anarchism is, so it would not be precise to conflate these terms in any way.
>(that which you don't understand)
Not only did you manage to assume that I have neoreactionary sympathies, but also, you have somPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1497605291226.png (594.48 KB, 584x606, thelastnight.PNG)

>Could you elaborate on what you mean by gnosticism?
I've seen it been said before that anime such as Serial Experiments Lain can be used as examples of gnosticism in contemporary media; gnosticism, generally-speaking, the belief that all matter is evil and that emancipation can only be achieved through what is referred to as gnosis (or some manner of reification). The Matrix would probably be a better example but I digress. Now, gnostic belief structures can certainly lend themselves to truly emancipatory ends. Knowing past conflations of the 90s cyberdelic scene with that of cyberpunk, the kind of stuff that gave us John Perry Barlow's "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" among other things, but they also have a tendency to lend themselves to less emancipatory ends like numerous facets of Nick Land's Accelerationism, which mostly relishes in technofetishism and socioeconomic inequality. Since the emergence of cyberpunk we've also seen a renewed casual interest in the metaphysical, and so as a result there's been a growing subset of people who can be described as (neo)gnostic; the more outspoken side of this community of sorts happens to identify with vaguely traditionalist values–your yudkowskian drudgery and duginist moldbuggery, all neoreactionary. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of gnosticism, as many people quickly find themselves willing to do anything to obtain emancipation; who wouldn't want to be become one with the Wired, for instance? It's very dangerous thinking, but let's all love lain.
>I don't push everything that I believe in under the label of "cyberpunk" because it makes me feel edgy.
I was trying to say that in order to approach cyberpunk effectively.. gnosticism, nihilism, and anarchism have historically provided great avenues for analysis. To say that it doesn't contain an underlying philosophy, and is somehow beyond political conventions is just a weak way of saying, "everyone's entitled to their opinion." That's not the point, if you want an example of authors pushing soykafty political agendas then look no further than William Gibson's twitter feed.
>It was my first post in this thread, so your accusation is the first
How Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


> I don't wanna wake up one day to find people contextualizing the supposed merit of wage slavery among the annals of cyberpunk history.

There is no cyberpunk without wage slaves, all of it happens on the margin of society. I think it's easy to forget that when cyberpunk works always show the "punk"/low-life side of it, not the people who lead comfortable-but-empty daily lives.


File: 1497679710268.png (30.46 KB, 1520x161, postcyberpunkmanifesto.PNG)

Definitely. it comes from a realization that cyberpunk emerged during the rise of neoliberalism, and how its distinctively proletarian undercurrents have since been obfuscated as time went on. Traditional class divisions are no-more; people think you're homeless because of the smartphone in your hand. It really seems like these same people have become increasingly drawn to the prospect of cyberpunk just becoming another subset of slice-of-life fiction. In many ways, it already has.The staying-power of "postcyberpunk" stories just haven't really hit their mark, and I think that's because they can never truly detach themselves from the "punk"/low-life aspect. It will always come back to bite their authors in the ass, because deifying the bougie life, however comfortable and meaningless it may be, merely turns a blind eye to all of that.

File: 1496744005919.jpg (89.23 KB, 1024x680, luna.jpg)


So looking at AIs like that Tai one from microsoft I been thinking about making a backup of myself

>wait, like that black mirror episode?

Eh, sort of, that one was a crappy product made by a company using your digital footprint which is why it was flawed. Most people's socialnet accounts are bullsoykaf and not an actual reflection of their real life or even themselves. The non-anon internet has slowly become the new "keeping up with the joneses" where normal person drones compete to see who can come up with the most impressive fake life and get their precious worthless likes/RTs/whatever pointless internet points (sure some people actually make a living off this soykaf but how many? I bet less than 0.01%)

What I want to do is different, a true digital backup of me made with an AI I will train myself rather than just use a scrapper to check for the soykaf I done online and hope for the best.

What do you all think? I also take any advice on what to use/how to do it.


What are you considering? Writing some sort of autobiography to train the AI with? But it won't be you, it will be like an actor who's learned how to impersonate you perfectly. Its internal experiences, if it even has them, are unlikely to be anything that you could relate with.

If you really want to "back yourself up", you need WBE technology, which is farther away than normal AI.


>Writing some sort of autobiography to train the AI with? But it won't be you, it will be like an actor who's learned how to impersonate you perfectly.

Better than nothing


>Better than nothing

A crayon drawing of yourself is also "better than nothing". Does your theory of identity just neglect internal experience? You have more in common with any random human than an actor-AI, which for all intents and purposes is a mimetic alien lifeform, not a "true digital backup".


I mean, you're also ignoring the frankly larger issue that we still have no idea how to do this. According to recent research (see, AI researchers are very divided on how soon we can achieve AGI, and this is certainly an AGI-complete problem. The best we can do right now is deep neural networks and LSTM and algorithms like that, which are great, but aren't nearly close enough to AGI to do what you want.

So yeah, nice idea, but not much you can realistically do about it right now unless you have some sort of AGI breakthrough up your sleeve.

File: 1495591412963.png (419.27 KB, 471x646, PJOgviV.png)


Hey Lains,

What are the advantages, if any, of setting up a VPS for secure browsing over using a VPN provided by someone like NordVPN?
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Running a VPS just for a personal VPN, under most circumstances, is rock fucking stupid.

With either a VPS or VPN provider, you still need to trust the service with your traffic.

But with a dedicated VPN service, especially the popular ones, your traffic is mixed in with a ton of other VPN customers once it hits the clearnet. All that traffic coming and going through just one or a few IPs makes it extremely difficult to tie you to your traffic. Exponentially so if a VPN is honest about a no-logging policy.

With a VPN running on a VPS, it would take a competent investigator about two seconds to find your IP and hosting provider. If your meatspace identity is tied to that VPS account, it's game fucking over when your VPS provider gets hit with warrants or one's national equivalent. If you're the only person using that VPN, then it's super game fucking over.


You make good points; but the same points could be said for absolutely anything which is going to result in a police investigation. That's just opsec fundamentals and I still wouldn't trust a commercial VPN provider to that task.

If all you're doing is bypassing local mass-metadata collection (such as what is used in Australia) or bypassing netflix geo-blocking then bouncing via your own VPS is a complete non-issue.



Yes, that's why I said under most circumstances. There's some cases where VPN-via-VPS makes sense. But not many.


Incidentally, thank you for the recommendation of Cryptostorm. I've been looking into various options now, and they seem pretty solid.


I've looked a little bit into VPNs lately and while cryptostorm seems good at first, there are some things like this which make them seem shady

File: 1494837366528.jpg (158.87 KB, 1440x810, Ghost_hacker.jpg)


Discussion about linux hardening.

Creating the perfect Fort Knox distro.

useful links:
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If you have them on the flash drive, say disk. If over the network, say http
Doesn't it tell you the options? I don't do installs often.
>read the manual like it's your job
That's not even necessary, the FAQ is very clear.
>get a Linux desktop experience
cwm and lumina aren't that hard


The default option will be in [square brackets] just before the prompt. Just press enter to use it.


read this if you're running a Gahnoo+Linux server and use SSH


I know there's a lot of hate for Red Hat here, but fedora has pretty good security out of the box as it has selinux enabled and firewalld.


>grsec unofficial 4.9.X LTS
>Stay up to date with new kernel hardening features upstream
>trying to get grsec features in ( needs help look at issues)

File: 1495161894248.jpg (88.19 KB, 618x416, nhsransom.jpg)


How do people feel about the NHS hack last week?

Was it as bad as reported?
Any Lain affected or know someone affected by it?
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Also, remember Heartbleed?

There are still servers out there vulnerable to it.



That GRUB vulnerability required the attacker to have physical access to the computer. If they've already got that, and if there's no full-disk encryption (which is a fully-effective defence against that bug) then it's game over anyway.

No-one caught that bug because no-one is dumb enough to think that GRUB passwords are any sort of defence.


Still a good example how FOSS software doesn't have perfect security. We've had our fair share of silly vulnerabilities, although I'm not comfortable saying whether the Linux ecosystem or the Windows ecosystem had more.

But that's not the main takeaway from this story. The main takeaway is that you need to be vigilant, stay on top of things (i.e. having offline backups) and keep your system up-to-date and patched.


I've been reading Stallman's biography. Really interesting.

It's free on the Oreilly website. It's called Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallmans Crusade for Free Software.

Got so bad even Windows had to patch earlier versions, despite saying they were not going to.

Thanks for Sharing. Although, I think security updates would be much easier managed under Linux than Windows.


I agree with you, but I'd put it this way: there are no best security practices and safe solutions, you need constant attention and constant thought put into security for it to last.
It's hard to stop at this point, but saying anything particular after that sentence makes the statement less true.

File: 1493779760499-0.png (138.29 KB, 1167x1042, Social-engineering-securit….png)

File: 1493779760499-1.pdf (2.67 MB, [Joe_Navarro,_Marvin_Karli….pdf)


Just came across this old thread in the archive and decided it needs a comeback.

I've attached a PDF from the first post, dl'd from Does anyone have a copy of "The Art of Human Hacking"?

Also, a friend once described Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" as an important social engineering text. Is it?
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halfway through reading that archive, they were discussing charisma and soykaf, and whether one would need to build it up first before moving on to social engineering

small free tip: work on your appearance and making yourself more conventionally attractive and presentable. a lot about beauty is rather objective, so just improve yourself. skin, teeth, nails, body etc. make yourself more beautiful, it's the thing that most likely for you matters much more than tricks and 'jus beein yourself mayne :))' and confidence and so on. besides, you will inevitably feel at your most confident when you're at your most beautiful.


I get this. I found myself far more socially confident when I changed my appearance to the way I wanted - I still wish I could do more fashion-wise but there's only so much in the world to undertake


I found the same, making my self look nice feels great.

I still hate myself, but just less.


I need to figure out a way to get this dude I bought a broken iPhone off of to remove the icloud lock. I know it's not stolen and he can do it because the email he used to email me is the same that is says to log in to. He tried to sell me heroin so there may be something there, but I'd rather not have to go that road. I may call his family and try that tactic but is there any technique that appeals to the decency in someone and makes my life easier lol?


File: 1495201847432.gif (463.67 KB, 500x314, You-Gave-Patrick-The-Ugly-….gif)

>tfw your ugly as soykaf
>tfw you will always have to dressup and make fake laminated badges to get through
>best SE is always done via email or phone

File: 1494226855363.jpg (247.18 KB, 1280x800, bitcoin-perfecthue.jpg)



In the rise of bitcoin and how to store them safely. Do any of you lains have ideas on how to approach this.

I thought about if it was possible to store my coins on a wallet that is placed on a external hdd. But what wallet to choose that is the thing. A wallet that is off the grid.


The absolute safest way to store Bitcoins is with a hardware wallet such as the Trezor or the Ledger Nano S. These devices keep your keys isolated from potentially vulnerable computers.


Opendime also seem to be a promising hardware wallet.


I think you'll find this fits the bill:


I like the idea about cold storage. But what about hot storage?

File: 1494243759181.png (42.55 KB, 237x547, Wikileaks_logo.svg.png)


Since there's no Wikileaks thread yet, I figured this could be a separate thread. Discuss Vault 7 & related topics (software security patches, best practices, other relevant leaks)

Main Documents:

Source Code :


Vault 7 was a trash leak.


Vault 7 did inform the public of the malware and security flaws the CIA used to monitor and hack dissidents, Allowing software companies to patch and fix security issues. But the initial leak had no detailed documentation. It just listed the malware and what it did in a vague way. Detailed documentation and source code came later, which is pretty stupid


It was a trash leak in terms of what's changed in the community's knowledge of what is being spied on. It was important because we now know that the CIA was frustrated enough by how the NSA was cooperating (or not) with them so much that they sidestepped them completely and duplicated tons of what they do.


what it did in a vague way. Detailed documentation and source code came late

Wait. it did?!? did not know that!!!

the decision to not realise binaries was a fucking pussy decision btw. fuck Assange. as soon as he turned into a celebrity he capitulated, this isn't the first time. same with the manning leaks…


>fuck Assange

Speaks a man who has had the privilege of freedom for the last 5+ yrs and has yet to do 0.1% as much as Assange in regards to speaking truth to power or furthering transparency of untamed political organs.

Plus he nailed Pamela Anderson on the side, just for good measure!

What he has done in 5yrs I could only dream to do in a lifetime!

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