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What is your first social network alternative account?
- Federated (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, …)
- P2P (…?)
- other


For years I have avoided social networks and thought decrentralized blogs are the answer, but i think a private instance of a social network app might be an intresting way to 'microblog' and stay in touch with people I am now physcally far removed from.


It was GNU Social, I made an account to try it out, forget about it and then end up using it anyway when soykaf was made.


What website is that in the OP?


It's a Misskey instance:
It federates with Mastodon and Pleroma.


I tried out pleroma the other day and I suppose it is ok. The problem with these services is mostly the people using them, in my opinion, not the platforms themselves. I would be happy with any platform if the people using them weren't complete garbage.


If the entry is free, the garbage will come eventually.


But you can choose to un-follow, block or report to the admin



I hate blocking or unfollowing people, I want a diverse range of weird/unpopular opinions. Most people dont violate rules necessarily, they are just really really boring.


I block the content, not the person. Got thousands of filtering rules, if their message match one, I never see it.


Thats just religious insistence on non-blocking purity. Going places to avoid these people os the same thing as blocking them in the place they are, the net effect is the same: their freespeech isnt impacted, your not bothered to hear them.
Everyone isnt entitled to your attension, not all content is equal. There is a difference between end user filtering - which is discriminating attension and important, and the government blocking people which inhibits flow of ideas and is bad.


Instagram because Facebook is for normal people.


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