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A convenient gateway.
Static content only, no javascript, no trackers.
Feel free to explore.

And share your favourite links, I will consider adding them.


oh, hey, I found this site a bit ago. Nice to see you around here too, lain ^_^


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Arigatou, Arisu ^_^
I do frequent here, this board is so comfy.

By the way, I've coded my own local counter for the site (to avoid relying on external ones). The essence of it is just some log parsing plus this sed hack:

sed -i"" '/id="counter"/ c\    <p id="counter">#{num_visits}</p>' index.html


this is down , do you plan on bringing it up again ?


Same guys that made ?

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Currently implementing Orbot on my android phone (lineageOS, not currently rooted). Besides booting a custom ROM onto my phone without implementing Google Play Services, what can I do to make my phone as "off the grid" as possible? Any apps that I need to know about? Any practices I should be implementing?

I plan on reinstalling lineageOS and opt out of Play Services, but I'm having a hard time biting that bullet. I've already left social media, but my big thing is Youtube Music, which I use when I work out. Gotta have my music, and I don't want to torrent. I know of MicroG, and I'm debating whether I want to take that route.


What are you trying to do? Arbitarily applying ad hoc security measures is a recipe for disastre. Off of whose grid ? A cell phone, even a dumb phone will transmit identifying information and location to a celluer provider. meta data about calls and sms through your sim are shared with celluer provider. If you are trying to avoid sharing your location then carrying a cell phone is out of the question. If you want to anonymize your cell consider prepaid service, but metadata and location are likely to give you away anyway. Using google free services and foss can help protect your privacy from (((analytics))), but will not protect you from the architecture of the cell network and the 3rd party doctrine. Michael from the OSINT Privacy and Security show likes disposible mint mobile sims, and a voip provider 'mysudo' for protecting his privacy from cell provider, breaches, and sim swap attacks. Who and what are you protecting your self from?


Thank you for giving me more information so I could more easily clarify.

I'm most concerned about "analytics", not so much my location. The idea that big corps (Google, specifically) are making money off my search history. I don't think Google needs to know my a/s/l. That's what I guess I'd like to truly hide myself from: Google. I feel like avoiding the architecture of a cell-network is largely unavoidable (I need a cellphone).

I hope that made sense and I was able to more fully answer your question. I understand my OP was vague.


Fennec for andriod supports addons like a desktop. Take usual web privacy measures: either spoof common config (Win 7, FF , resolution x etc) or block js, cookies, filter hosts. VPN to mitigate IP based geoprofiling. Use Multiple profiles to isolate personas. Consider "shelter" to assist compartmentalizing. Dont use closed source apps. Use xprivacy or other framework to control privledges on apps.

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Conducting information gathering for intelligence products or other information gathering tools.


Obligatory resource:



The Privacy Security and OSINT Show is pretty good.

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What are some /cyb/ ways of making money/earning a living? Working at Shlomo's zaibatsu isn't very enticing. At the moment I'm scraping by making websites for people. I think the most cyberpunk way of making money is probably selling drugs online but prison doesn't seem that good so I haven't delved into it. So how are we earning our shekels arisu?
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>buy tech from homeless people, fix it up, sell it on craigslist
Unironically i knew someone who made a decent portion of fmthere income doing this. Homeless people are often unaware of the value of there electronics or limited in places they can sell them.



Yes that's actually true, but unless you do this dozen and dozen of time per week. I don't see how you can make a decent living out of it.

People are starting to forget how to repair thing that how our culture is evolving less reparation more purchase. It will become a important skill in the coming years.


i make my coins in a restaurant, i got very close to the owners and they let me do whatever i want to fix their electronic/computer soykaf while I'm supposed to develop database software for the restaurant's administration

they give me free housing and food so i care little about the pay


They're often in a big hurry to get the money and buy their next fix as well. Addictions can be an ugly thing.


>unless you do this dozen and dozen of time per week. I don't see how you can make a decent living out of it.
This person probably got about 8% of their income from this activity. It doesn't scale. Its unethical and probably carries legal risk. The margin is extremely high. IMO not worth the associated headache.
>They're often in a big hurry to get the money and buy their next fix as well. Addictions can be an ugly thing.
Entirely possible. But cash strappped people are often in a hurry to get income and often make poor deals for it. Cf pay day lenders.

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yo, can you guys give me a few secure discord alternatives? I need one that's able to be used by the technologically illiterate so my friends can also switch without much hassle. (so id prefer voip and text)
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Of course, and I don't believe Android nor any mobile phone to be a good host for secure communication, it's still better than plain text


Matrix protocol with Riot as desktop client is definitely the closest you will get to discord, except for group voice chat. If you are gonna try it out, do use Riot, as it's the only client that supports encryption AFAIK.


Hi! Use ffmpeg + irc on linux. No servers no spy. Have a good day


How do you use ffmpeg for this?

OP you can also check out Jitsi Meet but it's more of a Google Hangouts alternative:


One step at a time, and check your threat model. Protecting information in transit, and zero knowledge provider is still useful even if shazzbots have poor endpoint security - it prevents mass surveillance and requires targeted attacks. Not everyones threat model includes targeted attacks. But even if it did, There is a network effect for comms that is useful to leverage.

File: 1564163045249.jpg (138.14 KB, 1200x800, 4d493990a5be1620abce20c34d….jpg)


>Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that increased encryption of data on phones and computers and encrypted messaging apps are putting American security at risk.
>Barr's comments at a cybersecurity conference mark a continuing effort by the Justice Department to push tech companies to provide law enforcement with access to encrypted devices and applications during investigations.
>"There have been enough dogmatic pronouncements that lawful access simply cannot be done," Barr said. "It can be, and it must be."
>The attorney general said law enforcement is increasingly unable to access information on devices, and between devices, even with a warrant supporting probable cause of criminal activity.
>Barr said terrorists and cartels switch mid-communication to encrypted applications to plan deadly operations. He described a transnational drug cartel's use of WhatsApp group chat to specifically coordinate murders of Mexico-based police officials.


I kind of want them to try to require backdoors in all commercial software. Partly because I want a very public discussion about this at a time when trust in the government is at an all time low and partly because I would like to hear a conversation like this:

>Yeah mang I can hook you up. You go that Linux phone?

>I do but what you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.


I dont actually think the masses will clamour for strong encryption. They have limited understanding and dont have much intrest in privacy


Side note. This is the same Barr who advised Bush Senior to pardon key people involved in the Iran-Contra affair.

File: 1560615057515.jpg (343.76 KB, 1920x1200, blowfish-sea-underwater.jpg)


I am a Windows person, because I have to do heavily Windows oriented programming. I know linux-fu, but I don't like the distro environment where there is so much bullsoykaf going on. I want a security & privacy oriented, no-bullsoykaf, stable approach. That's why I have "Switch to OpenBSD" on my to-do list. Like I said I know linux-fu (gnu coreutils, basic configuration) but I don't know detailed configuration, I still need to look up stuff time to time.

Is anyone else using OpenBSD as their daily OS? What would you suggest for a noob like me? Should I start with FreeBSD instead? I don't like learning GNU/Linux because there is so many variations which makes you have to re-learn stuff eventually, that's why I have quit halfway. OpenBSD is maturer and more stable, secure & private by design which is why I like it.
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i ended up switching to manjaro (like ubuntu for arch linux). openbsd doesn't have many of the utilities i require in a daily driver, and i ended up needed something that "just werks" for work. i still run openbsd on my servers, as it's a very stable and quality controlled operating system, and very well thought out. configuration files are all standardized. highly recommend it if it has the software you need or you can compile it for it.
again, read the man pages, they will help you very much


IMO this is soykafty advice. When I switched to linux for the first time I had no idea of what I was doing, but having no possibility of just booting back into windows/closing the VM made me learn stuff. Wanna listen to some music? Better figure out how to unmute alsamixe. Wanna check your email? Better learn how to connect to wifi with ifconfig and configure an automated solution afterwards, and so on.

The best way to actually use linux is to actually have to use linux.


<<strong agreement>>

This is how I learned windows, bsd, and various new distros.Its much easier to learn something if you dont have another choice.

*works best when you have only one machine.


IMO you lack discipline and think everyone else does too.


OpenBSD has soykafty file system support - transfering data in and put is a pain in the ass. Major software packages like valgrind dont work. FF crashes all the time due to w^x protextion. IMO opinion openBSD needs to mature a bit to be used as a workstation.

File: 1561650053600.png (17.2 KB, 266x680, latest.png)



I'm new to /tech/ and /prog/. In fact, I'm a complete noob to it all. However, in this world we live in, I'm finding security to be increasingly important.
I don't know how far I'd like to go, but the idea of de-Googling myself sounds attractive. I feel like a big step would be to completely stop using gmail. And with that, I've been looking into creating/hosting my own email server for personal use. I've looked up some basic steps, and my understanding is I need to buy a domain (something that is relatively cheap), and find a dedicated hosting server. There are some available, but they're expensive. I have a raspberry pi at my disposal, and I've heard of people setting one up as a dedicated server.

I understand that this will not be a simple endeavor. Setting this up is going to take a lot of research and work. But I feel like, if I really put my mind to it, I can do it.

Does anyone have any experience doing something like this? Anything you'd tell someone who's interested in doing it themselves?

Thanks, all.


>Setting this up is going to take a lot of research and work.
Yeah, copy-pasting 3 lines into terminal, using a solution like (there are many others, like mail-in-a-box)
There are not many ways of properly configuring a mail server and this problem is generally considered to be solved.

You'll have bigger problem exposing your raspberry pi to the internet, as your provider most likely doesn't give you a real IP address. You'll need either that, or your own VPN on a hosting, that would route incoming connections back to your home. Both would cost money, so I'd recommend getting a VPS for that, they are as cheap as 5$/month. You'll have to trust that hosting company, though.


Thank you for sharing modoboa. That's helpful to me.

I'll also look into a VPS. What do you mean by exposing my rasberry pi to the internet?


Start with OpenBSD, very well documented. Even better, start with something that has made it workable, turn-key:


>as your provider most likely doesn't give you a real IP address
Or gives you a dynamic address with reverse dns pointing to issp, not your domain, so every email you send will be rejected as spam by major providers.

File: 1540516614050.png (10.44 KB, 648x720, tox.png)


Why are you not using tox yet /cyb/? P2P encrypted text, voice, video, and group chat. Full support for tor if you want anonymity. This kills the discord botnet. We have an lain dedicated room setup there. Keep it comfy no racism allowed..

Install it with your package manager or from:

We have a bot you can add and get invited: 415732B8A549B2A1F9A278B91C649B9E30F07330E8818246375D19E52F927C57F08A44E082F6
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I view signal as a necessary evil to get normal people to encrypt comms. There is so much irrational resistance to using anything but SMS or Discord, and Signal is so easy to use and familiar to the normal person mind that it can slip by that wrongthink barrier.


also, Signal is usually good enough. The weak point in almost any op is whether or not someone will rat you out.


File: 1563079104462.jpeg (20.4 KB, 244x207, e5fdf01451f24761830904a33….jpeg)

They exploited jenkins you fucking retard, not matrix. Read the article you linked to.

Also, the whole userbase was not exploited. Its a federated network, most people are not using the homeserver.


>Hey the lainbot is broken again, me and other people can't get into the chat, the invites aren't working. Can someone please reset the bot?
I get that sometimes but i think it's a clientside issue.
Creating a new tox account or unfriending lainbot and waiting for some time before adding it again helps.


I have done this before on multiple new accounts and multiple clients. And I have created new rooms with the lainbot and attempted to replicate the issue with non- Club Cyberia rooms.

IMO it absolutely is the lainbot itself.

File: 1533116851290.png (65.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Transhumanism_h _2.….png)


Does Alice know of any Transhumanist or Cyber Nihilist online communities? I'm wanting to find tech-centered communities with a very cyberpunk atmosphere..
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newfag here.

who's n1x?


The author of the original cyber-nihilist essays.

 No.4049 forums


which ones? got links?


retardshare is a deep state project riddled with vulnerabilities on every single level.
buffer overflows, protocol weakness, bad programming style, useless git history and a community of 90% shills and alphabet soup and 10% idiots.
there is no one else using rs.

get bitmessage or tox or whatever.
share files on anonfiles or or onionshare or run your own webserver or git server over tor.
it's also easy as fuck to run prosody jabber server with module_onions for outgoing tor support. it is quite compatible with clearnet jabber servers.

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