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File: 1499639124122.jpg (3.32 MB, 4912x3264, vaio_z_flip_1-100639889-or….jpg)


Imagine growing up in a world of computing where your opertating system spys on everything you do, as does the government and marketers. You stick to a select few sites such as Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc where you have absolutely no privacy. You can be derezzed for the least little thing. If you fuck up badly enough the police or government agents get involved and away you go to prison. You over pay for your data, soykafty low quality computers, and mobile devices. Services are a constant expense.

How did we get here? What can we do to turn things around? All this bad stuff will be normalised within the next decade.
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yea but the average consumer prefers simplicity over extra features. those of us who spend time on messageboards and imageboards and value tinkering and stuff will be happy with customized gradient filters, but the average instagram user couldn't give fewer fucks if they tried. they'll eat up the rainbow one cuz it's easy and they see their friends and social media celebrities use it and think if they do too they'll get more followers


And what is stopping someone from focusing on both features and simplicity? The average consumer doesn't mind extra features as long as their use/implementation is easy enough.


File: 1504919182048.jpeg (70.38 KB, 600x960, vra.jpeg)

>Imagine growing up in a world of computing where your opertating system spys on everything you do, as does the government and marketers.

This is one of the most haunting parts of all this nightmare, to imagine how normalized things that some of us can still see as terrible will be for those who came to a world already like this. Not that it was that great a while ago, but this latest version of soykaf is something else, honestly.

But one thing always on my mind is how weak we're being on the part of subversion. There's great work in the parts of trying to substitute the sick system, but very little to actually undermine it. Up until the 90s, people really studied the ways propaganda, manipulation, commotion, really worked, and worked from the inside of those languages to break several instruments of mind-numbing.

I'm not saying there are no efforts in this direction, and that nothing was done. But with all the resources we have, in terms of both information and propagation, seems like something much bigger could potentially be done, but the way it should be done, how to really affect people and wake them up, at least a little bit, to what's really going on, hasn't been found yet.

Maybe it's because the web of symbols, ideas, ideologies, is so saturated, that even when we can go outside of it a little bit, we still can't get enough of an outside view to gain a perspective that would clearly show the anatomy of the monster so we could attack it. And it will just get harder as, like stated on OP, more and more people are around that can't even remember how things were before this specific configuration of things.


my floppy copying isn't based on a political agenda

general use computing will exist as a minority use case, but will exist. someone has to build the apps / software the rest of society uses, and lightweight development systems simply don't exist

there are a few cloud based development environments at the moment but they're far limited when compared to a desktop environment


"development environment" can be achieved with terminal + server, or as you call it, "cloud"
this is basically how most of heavy development is done today, web servers, 3d rendering, video encoding, cross-compiling and so on.

File: 1505347817944.jpg (107.59 KB, 500x439, 1448821338472.jpg)


are there any comfy, active irc channels out there?


>are there any comfy, active irc channels out there?
Have you been on ours, Alice?


I don't remember the port :^(


It's on freenode per the irc uri.

But for the sake of expediency, default unencrypted irc port are 6665-6667,8000-8002.
SSL are 6697, 7000, 7070.

Setup SASL and verifiation of successful SASL-auth in your client.

File: 1495286991959.gif (937.12 KB, 500x357, lain screen.gif)


I recently let go of some non-essential social media accounts to clear up my digital footprint and bamboozle the three-letter orgs a little, now I only post on anonymous boards. Then I saw the bigshot thread in /r/ and the digital suicide thing. It got me wondering. I think I will probably cut myself off the internet someday soon. I think it's only useful as a distraction and it's become something of an unhealthy habit on my part. Thoughts, agree/disagree?
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one day before I lain out and get an incredible system I plan to leave behind everything besides my important files and online friends and start anew. no windows, no more exceptions. a libre system built entirely by me and a new name. I honestly can't wait to leave all my social media behind, but I'm waiting until I not only get a new system but also move elsewhere. I want to make sure I'm not still being tracked.


In this day and age it's not wise to cut yourself off the internet completely,
I think there should be a balance but removing yourself from it completely is just going to put you into a box, A box where you'll be only watching the programs on TV for your news, These programs are usually what the goverments decide to throw out to the general population therfore it's not wise to just use the TV for news.


keked at the image


What's your story?


>you aren't as good as me at coding

poor response. if the guy needs help, there's nothing wrong with that.

File: 1500999624477.jpg (69.34 KB, 400x540, lenovo-usa.jpg)


Under what conditions can one purchase an assembled in USA Lenovo laptop?
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Lotta fancy words in that paragraph there. Tell me, you familiar with the difference between "State" and "Nation"? A State is the functional, legal corpus- it's everything that we'd call government, military, rulers- what have you. But a nation, now a nation is entirely different. It's the networks of people over which the State resides. In a perfect world, a nation would create a state, and a state would represent a nation. That presently isn't the case.

"To subject the vast majority to systemic hierarchy"… I'd suggest putting down the Stirner for a sec, and going out to find someone smarter than you. Hierarchy is natural- not in the State, legal-corpus sense, but in the national, organic sense. There are a lot of people out there smarter than you are. I'm not attacking you, or anyone else reading this- not calling you stupid. Normal distributions are just a fact of life, and statistically speaking, you're probably a lot closer to the center than you think you are.

Saying that hierarchy is the cause of mass extinction, water pollution, climate change, all natural disasters in general- that's cute, but it's overly simplistic, not to mention false. People are gonna create these problems en masse wherever they gather. If you'd like, you could probably start a business or a company to clean up the planet- but that would involve hierarchy, wouldn't it?

One more thing. Clean up your damn syntax. Prose ain't prettier when it's purple- use the simplest word you can when you're writing something. It took me a good half a minute to figure out what you were saying.

tl;dr you'll cowards don't even hierarchy


File: 1504920895218.jpg (218.77 KB, 730x1102, 936full-keiko-kishi.jpg)

I see this kind of argument everywhere, and it's one of the most outlandish things imaginable.
The idea that because some people can, in name of a given deep interest, form bonds and share ideas regardless (more or less) of their cultural and ethnic background, is in any way indicative, let alone a proof, that the entire world could someday do the same about all things, all the time, everywhere, is hard to even wrap your head around.
It's the same logic as saying that if I like one post, or some posts, a person makes online, I should just marry them for the rest of my life, and that will deffo work out.
It follows the same notion that if someone likes hiphop, for example, as a music genre, and they don't support mass immigration, they're somehow a hypocrite, or haven't thought things through.
There's just no sense of proportion in the entire reasoning.


You are mixing two pretty different things right there. Forming bonds and sharing ideas with fellow humans is very different from liking all their ideas and adopting them, as you are suggesting with your own examples. Furthermore, we could get into a whole debate here about the true nature of humans, and whether we are bound by natural law to perpetual conflict and competition, or we can achieve balance and agreement for all.

Regardless of plausibility, this perfect future in which all people coexist peacefuly and respect each others rights and spaces is in the best interest of the vast vast majority of people around the world. Most people don't want to be kings and millionaires. Most people wanna do whatever they like and be left alone. Comparing more or less basic and common human needs and desires with tastes doesn't make any sense at all.


Lol the only thing that's cute is your ability to construct a strawman whenever someone's gotten under your skin.

I never denied the relative difference in people's levels of specialization. What I advocated against is systemic hierarchy. Social hierarchy institutionalized in static structures. These structures create fixed imbalances in power leading to unneeded social disparity, hindering the self improvement of the general population (which is in all of our self-interest). You seem to fetishize the concept of the 'Nation', to the point of advocating systematizing it's artifical hierarchy, appealing to rather unrelated notions of the "organic" and the "natural". Hierarchy exists in nature, absolutely. But so does mutual aid. Systematizing hierarchy only perpetuates our already dominant position as an apex animal on this planet. Why? If a pack of wolf comes and ravages all the wildlife in a local bioregion, would it be reasonable for the local population to inject them with steroids? Back to mutual aid. Mutual aid (or cooperation) is a phenomenon within social organisms and allows for the most complex forms of organization that manifests on this planet. Did Herbert Spencer leave that part of Darwin out for you? If so then I'm sorry. You see the 'Nation' is nothing but an empty idea, grounded in nothing physical. To do away with nationalism would allow for the gradual integration of all humans into a a global mutual aid network benefiting each participant reciprocally, as it's in the interest of me to be of aid to my relationships of interest, which in turn helps me as I help them. This, by contrast to your organizational form that's merely a couple of centuries old and is the arbitrary abstraction of the self-interest of a bunch of business men and chauvinists, is the actually natural and organic form of organization that your mom / dad / guardian hopefully taught you when you hit puberty, in the form of "the birds and the bees".

>Saying that [systemic] hierarchy is the cause of mass extinction, water pollution, climate change, all natural disasters in general- that's cute, but it's overly simplistic, not to mention false.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh I seem to have missed the last "point" you made within the mist of adhoms, strawmans and other soykafty argumentum ad passiones lacking empirical studies and reason.
>If you'd like, you could probably start a business or a company to clean up the planet- but that would involve hierarchy, wouldn't it?
Indeed it would! Participating within an irrational economy that thrives on the parasitic exploitation of the natural environment and working populations in turn for corporate non-entities to war with each other and to ideally never stop growing (functionally similar to cancers) would indeed be counter-productive if it's ecological stability you're after! Something far more worthwhile would be to undermine, attack and transcend the state and the market-based economic systems that it defends while proliferating self-management, mutual aid and production for use to finally put an end to this period of human development.

File: 1494313938075.png (272.78 KB, 456x676, cyberpunk.png)


Would you sign up for full-body cyberization if it were proven to be perfectly safe for at least 99.99% of those undergoing the procedure? Would you go even further and replace up to 97% of your brain with artificial components if you were assured that you would retain the 'neural core' of biological neurons necessary and sufficient to maintain subjective conscious experience? I'm very curious where lain would stop on the road between here and there if she would stop at all.
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Cripple number 768 reporting in;

Wrecked knees and wrecked ankles - neither of which can be easily operated on for various reasons, and now just to add insult to injury there's what the doctor is pretty sure is now the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis which seems to be largely attacking my already torn up joints. In the space of around three years I've gone from the occasional day of mild discomfort to waking up every morning and barely being able to stand.

So yeah, suffice to say I'm super keen for cybernetic replacements for the defective meat-ship I'm currently sailing in.


Baby steps mates. Cyberpunk is now.


I would replace my eyes, since I wear glasses. Something with zoom and night vision would be cool. X-Ray, thermal and other color spectrums like ultraviolet would be a plus.
Replacing every muscle fiber, or at least the main ones for more strengh would be nice, along with a reinforced skin, like a passive exoskeleton that only activates when I want and in emergency situations.


Hell yeah I want to be a cyborg ninja. Even if it meant having to kill for evil quasi-governmental mega-corporations. Who wouldn't?



I've been hearing about the EPOC for a few years now. How well does it actually work?

File: 1504245464297.jpg (179.36 KB, 1600x656, liam-reid-liam-reid-hacker….jpg)


Hi Lainchan

I've been struggling with something for a long time now.
I've always felt that I've had so much potential, though I have to assume my story's going to seem familiar to a lot of people on here.

I'm 20 years old, I didn't 'drop out' of highschool but I never finished, completed four years with half a credit missing and just never picked it up. Attended a local Junior College for a while taking a couple classes at a time. I realized that with my absolutely abysmal grades I'd be better off hanging onto the money, what little I actually have.

People tell me I'm intelligent, I don't necessarily agree. I feel that I just stick with something until I figure it out, I will admit I've got an impressive command of the english language but I think that just serves to further mislead people. I want to work on my own terms, doing work that interests me, likely programming or securities consulting. I just can't stick with anything long enough to learn what I need to make any money. I made it through about a third of the SICP and while I intend to finish it like most things one day I put it down and it's weeks before I pick it back up. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid if that means anything, I haven't been medicated for it for years now.

I love the concept of keeping to myself, working when I feel like it, or when I have to to make ends meet. I don't care if it's soykaf money so long as I can keep the roof over my head and the router turned on. I'm comfortable making less, and I mean much less than my contemporaries so long as it keeps me in Ramen & Coffee. Anyone else have a similar desire / actually live like this?

On a sidenote some friends and I actually managed to get a profitable crypto mining setup going, after two months we've made $220, that's profit after paying electricity, in about two years if we keep sinking profits into new equipment and the market doesn't tank one or more of us could probably live off of the profits, as it stands it's a start.

I guess I'm a novice programmer at this point, I've dipped my toes in nearly a dozen languages far enough to understand the fundumentals like flow control, couldn't write any serious software to save my life however.
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File: 1504537163303.jpg (79.34 KB, 620x413, moneyman.jpg)

Go into SEO unironically. Difficult to get in at first because there is a lot of research and development involved and you spend most of your time bending over for the Google algo and you live and die by the hand of Google, but if you manage to get things going and find some clients you can make some serious dosh.


Honestly I feel the best thing you could do at this point would be programming. I've made some good money in web development as well but it's not nearly as reliable.


Shills seem to have a nice job actualy. If any of you guys ever need someone to shill, just hit me up.


Learn to hack, then hack whatever will make u money


there's also the whole social media content farm thing.. you know the type: the gray area between buzzfeed and outright click fraud. seems like it'd be a good way to earn passive income from your SEO skilz.

File: 1504240725558.jpg (14.59 KB, 470x313, images (1).jpg)


Forgive me, as I'm a tad drunk. Still doesn't detract from my point.

I live a mostly digital existence. I work from home doing a wide variety of CS work (DevOps, Software Dev, Web Dev, Pentesting, etc…), which means I probably spend 80% of my waking hours in front of a computer. The other 20% is spent eating, bathing/using bathroom, and shopping when necessary. I feel like most people in my situation would grow tired of screens and begin to hate this lifestyle, but I just find myself yearning for more.

What I mean is, I find myself wanting to live exclusively (as possible) online. Maybe this isn't normal, but I'm not sure that I fucking care, really. I've recently become more active in the Transhumanism movement, so my focus has really shifted towards a more virtualized lifestyle.

I want to know.. do any of you live this way? Or, at least, feel the same longing?

Thanks :)


File: 1504240972846.png (881.42 KB, 800x600, 1497901313668.png)

You are not alone anon.


I totally feel you, my ideal existence is to have a decent apartment, maybe a treadmill to stay healthy, work when I feel like it doing freelance programming, web design, or pen-testing. But beyond that just basically never leave, I just feel so burnt out by society. It's not that I don't want to ever interact with people, I could grab dinner with some friends once in a blue-moon, but all I really want out of life is to use my brain to solve problems and make enough to justify being left alone.


Same. An online existence would be so much more convenient. I can imagine myself being locked up in front of a computer screen for most of my life, and I don't find anything particularly wrong with it. Although, if could have my consciousness uploaded onto a computer, I probably wouldn't follow through with it.

File: 1504066566994.gif (Spoiler Image, 58.48 KB, 616x164, hero-recaptcha-demo.gif)


hey folks, who here had been successfully integrated a machine learning software to any apps? like open ai to any apps you like like some linux tools? hows that? and what ml library is best? ..and if you have some projects that finish, can you share it to me//? tnx folks


Do you have anything concrete in mind? It's a pretty broad question. Most libraries have their own ways of serializing models and some can even run models without needing all the runtime you would use for training. There are also solutions that aim to be portable, the most widespread (AFAIK) being PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language).

File: 1493977689860.png (15.73 KB, 306x185, 306px-Tor-logo-2011-flat.s….png)


Discuss News about the Onion Router, otherwise known as TOR. You can also discuss interesting .onion sites you find

Useful Links:

Main Website for those new to TOR:

Go to a random .onion site:

Feel free to reply with interesting sites you find, Important news, or an important site I forgot to put in here.
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Just a warning, I loaded the site and randomly loaded CP. I haven't clicked close faster in my life.


maybe's .onion url


You're a fag.


is this some kind of ARG?


One of those puzzle websites

File: 1492690907315.png (43.63 KB, 700x384, tsuki.png)


Any other /cyb/ places you guys visit? I've been visiting this site recently just because it's a bit strange.
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i was trying to find a high res-photo of a Copland OS logo and i stumbled upon this, was this any of you? it looks pretty neat


File: 1503795966474.png (78.17 KB, 280x320, 148757012990.png)

What happenend to Tsukichan? It has been dead for a while


Guess they finally """unlinked""" :DDDD


File: 1503843865130.jpg (89.06 KB, 292x272, 1498795104905.jpg)

This isn't exactly /cyb/, but do any of you lains know of imageboards with boards dedicated specifically to older anime? I've been trying to find communities for older anime in general, but I've had next to no luck so far. Any that focuses on obscure older anime in general would be nice.


File: 1504053137046.png (1.17 MB, 1008x720, [Anonymoose] Otaku no Vide….png)

I've been wondering the same thing for ages. It sucks enjoying all these shows and not being able to talk about them with other people.

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