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File: 1534104406771.png (394.99 KB, 1920x1080, ArcheryOS_awesome[1].png)


This is a relatively new fork of Arch that I learned about that purports to focus on "penetration testing, privacy, digital forensics, and programming." I just wanted to ask what the rest of /cyb/ makes of it. I'm considering replacing my laptop's Arch with Archery, but I wanna know if it's what it's cracked up to be or if I should look to other distros for better implementation of pentesting tools.
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File: 1537689447656.png (30.96 KB, 890x890, ArcheryOS-cropped.png)

>I'm curious therefore why you started this distro?
I started this distro for a few reasons
1. All pentesting distros i have previously used have been quite bloated, and lack a good selection of non-pentesting software. I wanted one that was comfy to use, whether you are programming, browsing the web, or pentesting a system.
2. Distros like kali and black arch provide literally hundreds of tools, most of which you will never use. I want ArcheryOS to be something that can be molded into your own personal pentesting workspace. For example, some people only do binary exploitation, and only need tools such as radare2 and gdb. On the other hand, some people will never use radare2 in their pentesting "career". Giving the user a small selection (~100 tools) or what i consider to mostly essential tools, lets the user install the tools they want.
3. I like ArchLinux (because of the AUR), so about a year ago, i installed the BlackArch repos on my vanilla arch, but half the packages were broken. This is another reason i want to keep the package count low, so I can properly maintain them.
>is this how you see it, or what do you find the role of this sort of distribution as being ?
All distros are just a slightly different selection of tools, whether it is a pentesting distro or not. I actually started this distro as a way to quickly reinstall my arch setup (in case i broke something on my install, or was setting up another p.c.), and wasn't actually going to release it. I gave the iso to a friend and he convinced me otherwise, because he liked it so much.
>How is archery better than say, a metapackage on the AUR that depends on a whole bunch of security/pentesting tools ?
Other than the reasons listed above, It comes with an OpenRC option. It is preconfigured for privacy (for example, some of the about:config settings have been altered). And its more simple to install than arch (not that arch is difficult), and lacks the bloat that distros like manjaro have. Plus, the logo is cool.

On another note, I will be releasing an AUR packages that installs ArcheryOS's selection of pentesting tools, once i have released v1.1


What's the point of pentesting distros? Just use a normal distro.


Dedicated pentest distros are fine for Live enviroment like USB or CD like a toolset, but installing them seems pointless, I have some classmates with Kali Linux as the only distro in their laptops being the prime example of pseudo script kiddies


At least it marks them out for the rest of us.


>1. All pentesting distros i have previously used have been quite bloated,
>2. Distros like kali and black arch provide literally hundreds of tools
The purpose of a pentesting dsitro is that you boot the iso and everything you might need on an engagment is preinstalled, configured and ready to go. And since it's a live system you don't need to worry about erasing evidence when you're done.

>For example, some people only do binary exploitation, and only need tools such as radare2 and gdb

Those people don't need a pentesting distro then.

> 3. … i installed the BlackArch repos on my vanilla arch, but half the packages were broken.

Consistent with my experience. To be fair, Arch Linux mostly attracts people who want to present a certain image about themselves, not people who actually know what they are doing.

File: 1546157019166.png (686.25 KB, 1012x1370, President Moon Jae-in plea….png)


Don't we do Moon Jae-in impeach protest?
President Moon Jae-in, please reform the police and the prosecution who interrogate the suspect as a pervert.
I admit that I have to write this provocative title.
Please read the imaginative abundant investigation documents attached below.
Just three years ago, there was an interrogation of the prosecution and the police, who took someone and made him international criminals.
He asked for the investigation of the investigators, who were investigated in this way, but every time, all of the investigative commands were conducted by the Public Prosecutors' Office's Intelligence Service and none of them were charged with any crimes.
Unless Mr. President Moon Jae-in reform the old-fashioned way, the next turn will be Mr. President Moon Jae-in.
Moon Jae-in President of South Korea

File: 1546142906288.png (766.7 KB, 1002x810, KOREAN STYLE PRISON LIFE.PNG)


I was hospitalized in a mental hospital soliciting room for a suspicion of hunger strike at the Seoul Detention Center. Please punish Park Sang-eun (Chairman of Presidential National Bioethics Committee) and Ham Woong (Director of Keyo Mental Hospital)

Hello? I seek help from you because I have been so bitter and resentful. If I am spreading lies, you must sue me for libel. After an emergency arrest and pressed investigation, I was not able to eat while I was under detention in the Seoul Detention Center. And then I was diagnosed with stress anorexia at Anyang Sam Hospital. The investigators interrogated me every day to show pictures of dead bodies and raped photos, and then they just force me to confess. If someone sees those pictures and some food goes over the neck, I think he is not normal.

Without authority, a prison officer named 'Sung Jin-soo' dared strongly assert of my mental hospital admission. Sung Jin-soo showed the writings that I wrote on my internet blog to the director of Keyo Medical Care Hospital (This medical care hospital is a mental hospital.) named ‘Ham Woong’ and he portrayed me as a psychotic. A doctor at the Seoul Detention Center called 'Cho Soo-hyun' took me to that hospital and forced me into solitary confinement under the name of treatment of my anorexia. In that place, the male nurses tied my wrists, ankles and chest to the bed in the name of avoiding escape, and then they put a diaper on me. It was a disgrace to a man in his 30s. I had been unable to move and could not eat; moreover, they did not cure nor give some food to me. Every in the morning and the evening, I was suffering from hallucination symptoms when I was given an injection called ‘Amytal’, which was prescribed by Ham Woong. Doing such medical treatment, Ham Woong seems to be, beyond losing his mind, a person who gave up being a human being.

A white-haired kidney physician who is the head of Anyang Sam Hospital called 'Park Sang-eun' would not treated but he interrogated me at Anyang Sam Hospital on January 12, 2017. He said to me, "You talked about hacking when you were treated at Anyang Sam Hospital in 2015, do you remember?" In addition, Park Sang-eun said to me, “You are ‘the body that managed by the country (I wonder how a medical doctor uses this jargon which is used between the prison guards in the Seoul Detention Center.)’, so what stresses you? Is there someone who harasses you in your imagination?" I was terrified by his woPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1527654331603.png (45.7 KB, 1200x796,


what are alice's thoughts on cybersecurity from a hardware perspective?
I see a lot of threads regarding useage of VPNs, safe browsers etc but nothing to do with your machine tracking you beneath even a kernel level.
For example;

>The new Intel Core vPro processors contain a new remote access feature which allows 100 percent remote access to a PC 100 percent of the time, even if the computer is turned off.

>Core vPro processors contain a second physical processor embedded within the main processor which has it’s own operating system embedded on the chip itself. As long as the power supply is available and and in working condition, it can be woken up by the Core vPro processor, which runs on the system’s phantom power and is able to quietly turn individual hardware components on and access anything on them.”
>“Core vPro processors work in conjunction with Intel’s new Anti Theft 3.0, which put 3g connectivity into every Intel CPU after the Sandy Bridge version of the I3/5/7 processors. Users do not get to know about that 3g connection, but it IS there,” he writes, “anti theft 3.0 always has that 3G connection on also, even if the computer is turned off” (emphasis added).
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>that sticker


File: 1545356944762.png (453.98 KB, 1280x1024, image_id_1051140.png)

This - old xeon X3xx X5xx still run stuff fine if you get the faster chips… slam in a good GRFX card and your golden - runs BF1 very nicly and eats Adobe… can also firefox with 100+ tabs ok Ram is cheep so can get 32GB+ Also for this you only want win 7 NOT 10.

So why do we need new CPUs and win 10? what am i missing?
(no one needs win 10 obviously)

(win cuz im an Adobe gaming slut)

I guess laptops might be much better with regards to power efficiency in newer CPUs but old desktops are plenty fun for now.


Me and my friends usually say that the only viable option in the future are soft processors running on FPGA-s. This way you can distribute a copyable, open, free (as in freedom) hardware with verifiable security. This option is a lot slower and more expensive than normal "hard processors", but something for something am i right? I'm not gonna list the security risks with mainstream PC and Smartphone processors, because i would sit here in front of this thread until tomorrow morning.



Also, you can run WIndows totally sandboxed from your main OS in a qemu virtual machine, while having full PCI, memory and CPU passthrough allowign ~95% performance of native.


Do FPGAs come from Stallman's foot crust or something? No, they are developed by same companies who make conventional microchips, hence all the backdoors still can be there.
You will be surprised, but no, you can't have all those nice features without compromising security. Read on Qubes compartmentalization design and how they do everything in software mode only.

File: 1545146244657.png (403.16 KB, 757x473, 6510173.899999999_image.png)


I need a tutorial about how to build a cyberdeck
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I have several spare parts, but I have no idea how to build a cyberdeck


lol read the articles I posted


Already did, but i cant afford one raspberry in my country


look I'm not gonna hold your hand through this. There are other single-board computers you can look into – Beaglebone, ODROID, etc.that might be more affordable for you


File: 1544471859784.jpg (10.31 KB, 223x223, mohippo_smallsquare.jpg)


Hey, I am looking for a mentor in cyber security. I am a university student in this field desperately needing a guider/mentor. Any advise on where to find such person?


I currently work as a pen tester if I can answer any questions.


File: 1544896111608.jpg (141.81 KB, 604x464, 1543219268688.jpg)

Mentor, how are you? It is my desire to enter this line of work. What is the recommended software to use in the stages of pentensting? Do you have recommended readings? Pages to practice? I don't know if classifying them by popularity is right. Greetings and thank you for your help.


Not Cheshire, but wanted to point out that you don’t need to be formal on Arisu.

File: 1530157782690.jpg (30.21 KB, 600x450, serveimage.jpg)


God I hate those people.

Cyberpunk has so much stuff going on. Androids (like really convincing ones, not that ugly mall robot that drowned itself in a fountain), Flying Cars, Off-World Colonies, VR where you could do soykaf, Brain Augmentations, whatever. Nothing of this exists today.

Still people share the same neon light illuminated ramen stall over and over and be like "cyberpunk is now look even my jacket has chinese on it". Does someone actually believe this shallow soykaf?

Of course I too like chinese cities at night. Spend my last holiday in Shanghai and it yes it looks like right out of bladerunner at times, but this is just one thing out of many while we're missing most others.
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File: 1542929062379.jpg (301.84 KB, 1000x667, tokyo-left.jpg)

Personally wasn't around for the inception of arisuchan or the culture that gave birth to it or lainchan but came to it from other chanchans just generally searching through information, not hidden information, not esoteric information, just human information. I've always lurked on boards just watching people do their thing and sort've wondered at it just because it's interesting seeing people do things. It beats social media stalking honestly but you can take a lot of artistic leads from the aesthetic you can find only on these boards. It's a culture. I feel like what everyone is getting at is that cyber punk means something different to everyone else being more of a catch all or umbrella term. Take ghost in the shell cyber punk and then compare that to blade runner cyber punk or even akira cyber punk and it never aligns. That being said one could say cyber punk is now, just technically speaking, but the usage of the word cyber punk at least on this image board comes from anime or more general futuristic novelizations or films in which you have a character lost within a vast network of urban and technological landscape and development. I actually think that's the key component missing from calling our world a cyber punk one. Mega cities do exist but they're not to the extent to which you'd imagine cyber punk unless you're in Hong Kong or Tokyo or the like. At the same time that also encompasses the "cyberpunk" atmosphere of neon everything but again that's just getting further into individual subjectivity. Can New York be said to have cyber punk atmosphere. BUT to the point we're never completely lost in the landscapes we inhabit even if we do live in mega cities. You cant really disappear completely. I mean you can it's just not in the sense that you'll be able to get away with having a biker gang blow up cars in Tokyo 3.

Really i'd say cyber punk wont ever exist because i don't like you and i want your dreams to die but it's more to the point that we're at the beginning of some transitional shift in how human beings live in a service economy and that generally requires the increase in the size of cities. That may be wrong but It's like the beginning to the building of an ant column. It's boring at first and becomes less so until it's not. As far as technology goes I think wider spread adaptation of programming would do it. The one time I did feel that feel it it was a pretty good feeling, but I had this thing called hondata and hooked it up fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




poisonous venom punk


I get excited about the future though I feel those technologies are way off. Most of them anyway.


But cyberpunk is now.
Cyberpunk is not androids, flying cars or off world colonies. Cyberpunk is invigalation, megacorporations, it's social problems, it's psychological problems, it's philosiphical problems etc. You are thinking about sci-fi, and cyberpunk is not just any sci-fi, it's much more.

File: 1543470017766.jpg (117.65 KB, 670x900, b3b6856c278063d58f8acd9ac3….jpg)


anything better than CSC-STD-004-85 for mandatory access control?


also is database management usages for mandatory access control useful at all?


useful to know


wait nevermind as is no and yes/yes


File: 1543608411899.jpg (127.54 KB, 350x390, 009-ALS01.jpg)

"*are". I'm always half asleep. Point being, this, I don't know everything. I typically answer my own questions or google them. If I'm wrong about something I try to find out why. I make mistakes. That being said I came here for the atmosphere.

File: 1495825661232.jpg (93.36 KB, 1512x1072, zXYRXqC.jpg)


/Fuck Facebook General/

Facebook permeates into all of our lives, be that through family friends, or work requirements.

How do you avoid such a monolith like Facebook who entire business is to collect data, to stalk us and manipulate us into buying their advertisers products, what alternatives are available to us?

>How Facebook's tentacles reach further than you think

>How Data Mining Facebook Messages Can Reveal Substance Abusers

>Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over

>Tech Insiders Call Out Facebook for Literally Manipulating Your Brain

>Facebook is turning you into a narcissist

What are Lains thoughts? Personally, Fuck Facebook.
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Tfw I stopped using facebook in late 2010 So I was so lost when all of this happens


I know a few people who use facebook regularly/semi regularly. Ive asked, and no one is dropping the service in droves, at least not among their groups, though perhaps things are going badly for that company, its principal value is its ubiquity–everyone is on facebook. It will only loose its draw when many people quit.

As far as I can see, theres a lot of fuss but that ubiquity isnt going anywhere.


>How do you avoid such a monolith like Facebook
You simply don't use it. I deleted my old account and made a new one with completely fake information (name, date of birth etc) just for the two people I know that don't use Telegram or Signal. If it weren't for them, I would've quit entirely. Joke's on them, I check that account maybe twice a month. I might delete it at some point but as of now, it's a good straw puppet for registering at other services. Quitting social media at some point becomes easy, kinda like quitting smoking. It's especially easy nowadays since Facebook, Twitter and YouTube seem to be dripping with hate and thier user base (at least in my social circle) becomes less active.

>What are Lains thoughts?

The concept itself might hold a lot of good for society but as with every invention, there is severe potential for it being abused or its range of usage blown out of proportion. What baffles me the most is how far people can take it and make "being FB friends" a personal thing in real life. When I quit FB for the first time, so many people I knew took offense from me deleting my account. I had to make up some idiotic excuse to justify myself. Another point is that social media has become such an enormous part of our lives that a good portion of society started treating it as some kind of human right. FB/Twitter/IG/WhatsApp/… did something wrong or has unethical business practices which has been known for years and people will go out of their way to try to make them cater to their needs (and experience shows that this is always in vain) instead of just not flipping using it.
Long story short: Stupid people use stupid services to do stupid things.


Not intending to highjack this thread, but showing what's being done with the privacy sold, was scarry even though I'm pretty aware of the matters.


you don't escape it. Everyone uses it and it's essentially a socially acceptable drug. The only thing to do about social media is learn about it and use it to your advantage as best as possible. Try to find ways to use the dopaminergic effect and social need to your advantage or you know get famous and become a socialmediainfluencersupercoolamazingfortybillionayear.
You learn most by experience or necessity. Facebook is a loss, but twitter and instagram have better use cases for individuals. That's what I did. It actually worked. I don't know why exactly. Still figuring that out. Most people would kill themselves.


We live in a cyberpunk world, and frankly, you are not the protagonist.

You are the extra in the streets, standing in the hazy middle distance and faintly illuminated by the storefront in the night.

You are the passive victim of the megacorp's virtual reality distraction soykaf, and all that sets you apart from the Average Joe is that you sit around and think about how much deeper and more edgy you are than everyone around you.

You think that wasting time on Arisuchan is subversive, and nothing like wasting time on Facebook.

Look at me, everyone! I'm using Tor, I'm using VPN, I've got _opsec!_ Aren't I a big boy now, everyone? I hope you're all proud of me.

Hey, I don't intend to disparage. There's a lot of honor in the life of an extra, if you play it well, but you can't play it if you don't know who you are, and a lot of you seem to think (at some level or another) that you are Deckard or Neo or something like that.

Taking that step out of delusion is the first step on a road to something like "inner peace", and the kind of genuine _joie de vivre_ that inspires white women to put cake recipes on Pinterest. It's sure as hell better than cryptopunk fuckery, as far as I can tell.
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you're creating a strawman, it's not your fault. just understand that it's got nothing to do with you.

by "it's" I mean "it's"
you got it
you're the extra in my life.
I guess that means i'm ego tripping

just because people do things online that are different doesnt mean they think they're some kind of god or deckard or whatever you want to throw around. it's not that serious

that kind of attitude is boring, the need to act as though all individuation is an expression of angst all the time is as unnecessary as the idea that there exist a dualism between normal people and people that partake in chan culture.

why is posting about recipes better than posting about whatever else?

of course you could create a lot of different arguments and jokes one way or the other supporting your side or whomever else's side.

what it all really comes down to is individual motivations.

rarely if ever is generalization like that useful.

it's the same kind of paternalistic style of thought italian people use. Just specifically italians. They're lazy and think they're cool for no reason. The problem with that is not accounting for outliers. Im special cause im an outlier Italian and you're not so neeeh neeeh jokes on you :0


nords are cool


Hello, little bot. Can I get your version number please?


uh yeah I guess.
idk mane

guess u got me hoe
tryna link the pieces together and you got me.
you always was a silly hoe

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