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File: 1513984140731.png (345.02 KB, 1100x1700, 1511214335559.png)


I want to share some translated textes from a german collective which is working on a new social/technological critique. I´m very interested in a discussion about the toughts mentioned and how you see the future. Most interesting would be how resistance could work in a digitalized society.

Disconnect – Keep the future unwritten

Also interesting:
From Karoshi to Surplus – Future of labour and non-labour

facebook the conqueror – the neocolonial side of the technological attack


If there is any real content here, which it seems there is, the translation is almost too poor to read and comprehend. It's almost as if you the creators just chucked their PDF into google translate and pushed it live.

Anyways, most people (even involved such as myself) aren't really interested in reading a 40 page PDF on their Friday nights. If you have any involvement in their organization, I recommend relaying them to cut down on their length and create more direct media. Or at least refine their media to a more consumable format in general.

Otherwise, keep up the great work.


"From Karoshi to Surplus" is short, well written and nicely translated. "facebook the conqueror" is even shorter but very badly translated. "Disconnect" is a bit longer but it really is a collection of shorter articles, nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes the translation is a bit rough but it's manageable. This thread won't suddenly disappear, take your time reading them.

File: 1513151089754.jpg (30.89 KB, 720x480, lain_2_003.jpg)


I think insomnia is pretty /cyb/ stuff.
Do you suffer from it?
How do you deal with it?
How do you spend your innecesarily awake time?

also obviously this post was made during one of that nights
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mine is quite mild, but it's not as /cyb/ as you think. no one thinks it's cool and it's just a pain in the ass for me.


I don't think I have insomnia, I'm just bad at falling asleep at times… usually only when it matters. No amount of cheap, simple tricks that worked for everyone else works on it, and the world is not a drug store.


I've been struggling with it for a year, and it has been horrible, but I've mostly got it under control now. Staying up for 1-2 days was common, and at my absolute worst, I was awake for 5 days, got 4 hours of sleep, couldn't sleep the next night, slept again, then missed another night. I don't know if these tips will work for you, but they've worked for me:

1. Worrying about sleep and general stress are one of the biggest killers of sleep there is, as your pretty much stimulating yourself. If there is pain in your chest, it's probably because you have been worrying too much. If you're worried about some little possibility that you wont sleep, that's going to keep you up. Sometimes you don't even realize how worried you are. I realize that when you have anxiety, logic is thrown out the windows and it's hard not to worry, so the best way to eliminate worry is to study and find answers online. /r/insomnia can be helpful and sometimes unhelpful. If they tell you to be very concerned, they aren't being helpful.

2. Around 40~ families in the world have fatal familial insomnia. If your parents or grandparents didn't have it, you're going to fall asleep eventually, whether you want to or not. Your body will find some ways to adapt, and even if you're still not convinced, those people usually live for more than several weeks if not a year, the whole death from 10 days of being awake thing is a myth that has been spread for too damned long.

3. Exercising is good, but you may have trouble sleeping if you do it close to bed time. It also wont be very effective early in if your super worried about dying from insomnia. Eating an entire meal and bathing before bed can also screw up sleep, though bathing might help some people.

4. Don't spend all day trying to go back to sleep. Wait until your usual bedtime. Unless you are trying to sleep, get out of bed. You gotta train your brain to associate beds with sleep. Nap time and time spent in bed will cut into your sleep time.

5. Think about random thoughts that don't require much brainpower while you sleep. Lewd thoughts can be sort of relaxing to me, but if I have them when trying to go back to sleep, they after wake me up even more since sleep increased my libido. Soothing audio can work for some, but personally I tend to focus on them while trying to sleep, and that keeps me awake.

6. Regardless, if you can see a doctor, go for it.

7. Sleep mis-perception is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


oh yeah, also:

11. When you've missed at least 1 night of sleep, it can be pretty hard to tell if your ready to sleep at the end of the day. Hell, after 2-3 days of missed sleep it may seem like your eternally wired to stay awake, and this is a horrifying thought. DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU. Just find a way to cut your worrying and stress, and go to bed at the usual time. You will fall asleep eventually, but still, see a doctor when you can.


Oh yeah:

12. Try to keep a set sleep schedule. Drastically change your sleep schedule can REALLY fuck you up. There were a couple times doing that kept me awake for several days, but a lot of that was from the worrying.

File: 1493393954264.jpg (25.53 KB, 500x584, cyb.jpg)


There was a thread on Applechan before the wipe about making a comfy /cyb/ space for VR.
We should have a thread about this.

High Fidelity -
JanusVR -
Decentraland -
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Man I love VR,

I spend hours in it every day, def rate it.


What VR do you spend most time in?


Yeah, I didn't have much confidence in their project, but what little I did vanished when they started rattling off technologies that aren't anywhere near matured.


Anyone have any experience with the JanusVR project?
How is it?
It sounds pretty neat with the multiplayer and all the other jazz.
Is it somewhere near maturity and usability?
Is it worth it without VR gear also?


Janus is very comfy. Used to be active in the community back when it was indie. Guy who made it is nice.

File: 1511491714278.png (1.74 MB, 1000x1332, 1277342153351.png)


Hey alice, I'm going to be graduating from a US university in CS soon.
I'm kind of at a loss on what to do now.
What do you guys think I should do with my degree once I'm out of school?
Any companies that aren't soykaf, or any jobs that are interesting?


i got a job at the department of defense that pays very well, and my "branch" gives a lot of flexibility on what i want to do.

bear in mind you'll probably have a full background check done on you.


>working for the DoD

I'm not OP but I could never work for the state and especially the DoD. Kina happy though that you found a nice job.


Man, you have to figure this out for yourself. Some people come into CS knowing what they want to do when they get out, and some just know that they want to do something computer related in their career. Some just want money. My understanding of you is that you don't care exclusively about money and that you want to do something that is interesting to you.

To answer your question, I would need to understand what you are interested in in the CS world.

Do you like security? If so, do you like forensics, or incident response? Do you desire to make secure software, or audit source code instead? Do you want to design networks, and connect people with services in a secure manner? Do you want to defend networks, or attack them in a legal, red team way?

Do you not like security? If so, do you want to work towards understanding computer science from a mathematical perspective? Do you enjoy the academic and theoretical side of things? Would you enjoy research into futuristic technologies? Do you just want to be a regular software dev, perhaps in a field that interests you?

To understand and answer your question, I would need an understanding of what interests you from what you've learned, or perhaps what you want and would be willing to learn. The courses that you found the most interesting in the course of getting your degree would be the most helpful.


Apply for a big bank.

File: 1510774992397.gif (53 KB, 512x512, bitdogdancing.gif)


how do i stop wasting time /cyb/, help me plz
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Schedule yourself you dummy.
Allocate some time for a task that youneed to do, no need to go overboard, do 30 minutes or 1 hour of it (depending on how taxing it may be) and do it even if you don't feel like it. Achievement lies in overcoming your own resistance and doing things in spite of not feeling like it.
Best of luck.


Pomodoro method used to work for me.

Then I grew a sense of motivation for my work and now I just do things.


Damn that actually sounds like a good idea (for me), i should start doing that…


You can't. But you can start wasting time on something productive or important.


You could try to cut down activities that waste your time but don't fullfill you. For example, after I've deleted my Twitter account I had more time on my free hands and can stay focused for a longer time easily.

Else you should wirte down what activities you like and try to do as much of them as possible and as less as possible of just laying around and staring at a blank wall, it's not easy but it's a start

File: 1511148523741.gif (350.85 KB, 1280x720, youtube1.gif)



terrible bait


I don't have port 43110 open
what kind of shenanigans are you trying to pull on me?
Also you actually think anyone will not notice this?


You should have posted some links explaining what zeronet is since I don't think people know what you're talking about. Here's a really soykafty description for anybody interested.

Basically it's another net, but not inherently anonymous. Websites aren't on a server, but seeded by peers. You can route it through tor if you want more anonymity, and i2p integration is coming soon hopefully.
Since it's for dynamic content, it requires javascript in your browser. It's also written in python.
Many sites can be used offline since once you download it there's a copy on your computer.
The file transfer is supposed to be similar to torrenting, similar to IPFS.
I don't know why it's on localhost, but I think that's the port where you request data from.
Also there are a lot of Chinese people there. I think due to the GFW (and because there are a lot of Chinese people)

Here's some links:



To anyone wondering what the difference between ZeroNet and IPFS are, essentially they work in the same manner, while IPFS is largely better at serving files and content as such, ZeroNet works much more like the traditional net and can serve dynamic content. These two projects actually can work in tandem, e.g IPFS for content serving and ZeroNet for dynamic content.

File: 1511556786402.jpg (31.26 KB, 652x437, hacktivism-anarchism[1].jpg)


What does Alice think about the underground group trying to set up Guerrilla ISP's

The general arguement is that net neutrality is more of a patch to a problem, rather than the solution. The real solution is creating a underground ISP similar to /g/'s internet and what they have in Cuba
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>Wrong. You're backed by emotions, not facts.
most people have 0 to 1 providers that can provide 10mbps

>Net neutrality or lack thereof have no affect on this. If anything opening more revenue streams for the ISPs will get them to step on each others toes, to the benefit of the consumer.

Net neutrality forces them to not play favorites. giving them more revenue streams will not make them "step on each others toes" it gives them more reason to limit and charge more money like a cable package.

>There literally is, although it could be a lot better.

refer to the link, in the US internet speeds and access is the worst in the first world countries.


Preach it

Thread related, these are all really fascinating


>most people have 0 to 1 providers that can provide 10mbps
Did you look at the charts? It seems to suggest the opposite.

>giving them more revenue streams will not make them "step on each others toes" it gives them more reason to limit and charge more money like a cable package.

Yes, and what they'll be limiting is competitors, media providing platforms. 10mbps is enough to consume most media, and as the link you posted states, most people can just move to another ISP.

>refer to the link, in the US internet speeds and access is the worst in the first world countries.

Doesn't dispute the fact that there's competition, and the article doesn't seem to compare the US to other 1st world countries.

I'm going to stop responding because that's not the point of the thread. I'm afraid we already ruined it.


While I know you won't change your mind I'd like to point you to two videos that make a good case for net neutrality.


You can also use gnunet to build ad-hoc mesh networks, since it supports a wide variety of transports (including WLAN and bluetooth). Definitely see something like this as being the ultimate solution to net neutrality issues.

File: 1511195081003.jpg (395.5 KB, 1920x1080, mountain.jpg)


Just a reminder - If you're not using thatoneprivacyguy's list as your criteria for selecting a VPN you're probably getting your info from a shill. 99% of the comparison lists on the internet are paid advertising.
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Mullvad is the specific one they recommend (the only one with a "GOOD TOPG Choice" badge).



It's not "they", it's a single guy who does this for donation money. It's his own site. He doesn't accept anything from VPNs and anything they send him he publicly discloses and gets sent back. You can see the criteria for the ranking list in the sidebar.

If a hundred thousand people have a connection to a VPN service and you're the NSA or their hosting provider or whatever, you still don't know by sniffing the openvpn session which of the hundred thousand people connections coming out is yours. That's the point of a VPN. Of course your ISP knows you're connecting through it, the problem is linking that to a signal going the other way.

You need to think a little harder about what you just suggested lol


File: 1511755472043.gif (5.35 MB, 680x693, sweet_jesus_pooh.gif)

Take TOPG's list with a grain of salt because it looks like he's going for quantity over quality. I just looked over Cryptostorm's (the one I use) and there are fields which are wrong or even blank when there's clear evidence to support/reject a particular claim.

Only use the dude's list as a starting point, in other words.


>you still don't know by sniffing the openvpn session which of the hundred thousand people connections coming out is yours.
Totally not true. They can't determine who is downloading what if users access a private network over VPN which is it's actual point. If you use some sort of generic tunneling protocol like TLS/OpenVPN to access public internet, then it is possible to fingerprint your traffic for different websites with about 90% accuracy. Chosen plaintext attack, remember?
Then, there is nothing stooping local police from seizing the servers or installing taps on running virtual system under disguise of investigating drug smuggling/terrorism or italian flat pies with sour milk in solid form.


A chosen plaintext attack is a form of cryptanalysis that, at least in public knowledge, does not work on any modern encryption system. An attack like that being shown to work on TLS would immediately be cause for a move away from 1.3.

> . If you use some sort of generic tunneling protocol like TLS/OpenVPN to access public internet, then it is possible to fingerprint your traffic for different websites with about 90% accuracy.

Fingerprinting connections based on bandwidth/connection timing has been postulated but I haven't seen any proof that such attacks are practical. Where are you getting this information? 90% accuracy under what circumstances? How many people are connecting through the tap to this hypothetical VPN? How much traffic do you have to analyze before getting this 90% accuracy? How many bits of information can be gathered through these correlative tap in tap out procedures?

Hypothetically the NSA could tap the entire internet and use correlation attacks to deanonymize any connection, given a long enough time. I find it hard to believe that these attacks provide them that many bits, though, because darknet markets are still a thing and people still get away with massive amounts of cybercrime.

File: 1510206750834.jpg (102.71 KB, 600x551, evilinside.jpg)


Intel CSME gets sent to the shadow realm.

With this information, what are some speculations you have? Without anymore details I don't think we can form anything solid from this information, but something I do hope for is the removal of the Intel Management Engine, which is essentially a malicious processor that is built within almost all Intel CPUs from 2008 and onward, which is why you find many enthusiasts using hardware that can be librebooted or at least corebooted. The latter usually works with these new CPUs but cannot remove the Intel ME, while coreboot is 100% free.

The current worrying piece of information that comes along with is the now opened attack vector, although the attacker would need a machine with USB DCI enabled and have access to it physically. If these requirements are met, we are now facing attacks from beneath the kernel, the lowest level you can achieve in the ring.

The veil is being lifted from Intel's hardware and I'm excited.



there is simply no way to know what will happen in the years to come, but one thing is almost certain: this is the current end-game of security. intel could pull more of the same; introduce more sheisty code, this time even more clever and hard-to-discover, or the blackhat community slowly begins to exploit these devices until no cpu with ME/PSP is safe and manufacturers forgo this idea altogether.

if intel had a strong enough motivator to introduce this bullsoykaf in the first place, chances are the motivation still exists and always will. in which case, we're just as fucked as we are now.

save us, dr. kaczynski. you're our only hope.


As someone who only uses libreboot'd hardware, this really really excites me. Thanks for posting I would not have found this news otherwise.


Inept lainon here trying to become more secure:
I've been reading a lot about this recently, but am still kind of unsure about one thing, What alternatives are there to Intel and AMD that don't have similar backdoor nonsense? As in, if I were to build a PC tommorow and wanted to avoid this bs, how would I do it?

File: 1511114619093.jpg (72.31 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_ocvtxrLGh11vqvqeeo1….jpg)


C-Check it out…


URLs don't work on >chrome
the first div in your body blocks everything

regardless, good stuff.



The background music is awful. Actually, that's not fair. It would be better without the 3edgy5me overly saturated verbed badly sung lyrics.


i like it.

thanks for the songs tina

cool site keep it up


Fucking cool man, congratz :D


>embedded youtube video
I hope you are not a real woman.

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