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File: 1526231548748.jpg (91.07 KB, 1920x1280, cyb.jpg)


What's Alice's experience with mesh networking and file sharing technology? I hvae been considering trying to make a network of Raspberry Pis that host access points to a single mesh network, primarily for file upload and retrieval that allows for propagation of files to the other nodes on the network.
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is this for practical purposes or just for fun?
i have no experience.


The RPi also doesn't have a good bus for spinning disks


Mostly just for fun. Came up as an idea after a network that I rely on had total network failure.

I was going to use an external wifi card, and would only need one ethernet to go to a switch (I realize the error in that logic considering it's a mesh network, but it is at least decentralized).

Also thanks for the recommendation for nntpchan, seems like a pretty cool project.


so is it just a mesh wifi network that connects to the internet?
or like with a filesharing service integrated into the structure?


There are a lot of cluster file systems, I remember being quite satisfied with glusterfs' tolerance for nodes vanishing.

File: 1525317508934.jpg (261.71 KB, 1600x1131, serveimage.jpg)


Ok so, let's say there is a group of people wanting to squat places and similar stuff, there is a secure way to communicate other than irl?
And if the group is big and there are tech illiterates, how much that shrinks the array of options?
I was thinking that maybe Signal would be the best way, what does lain thinks about it? And also, it's ok to install it from google play or an APK is better?
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In a large group of varying ages like that, with most of them involved in some kind of activism, it's probably too late because the bacon is already monitoring you.

Get a small group together and secure the place in secret. Set up some physical infrastructre on your own. Then invite the old people and those who huff glue in their spare time to occupy the place while you pull up the vans full of books and couches and computers and stuff so you can load all the stuff in while a fresh and lively crowd is on hand.


File: 1526069964971.jpg (83.62 KB, 600x900, Cypher-System-Rulebook-15-….jpg)

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. All this crypto and complexity will not get adopted if the group is not used to it.

First off, analyze your threats. You guys are doing squatting; in general, you are going to have to deal with police showing up. They will not be using sophisticated technology to track you; they will not be dropping advanced malware on your devices. They will not be breaking any crypto. They are cops.

You need to balance an actual solution that gives you a reasonable amount of operational security while actually being used by your group. Forcing them to use complex communication means does not secure your organization. Instead, members of your group will sneak comms through easier, far less secure means, and you won't know about it.

Yes, use smartphones. No, they are not secure, but they are good enough for your threat. Install Signal, it doesn't matter from where; the police are not going to run a campaign that propagates backdoored Signal packages via Google Play.

Everyone has smart phones, and will be using them, so integrating comms with Signal will be easy enough. You'll get a pretty good boost in security, and it will be simple enough that people will stick to the plan without talking in the clear for convenience.


Just promise us you're not planning a covert operation to illegally bring more uneducated angry economic migrants who pose themselves as orphans of war to a peaceful European village.
And you are not organizing a coup d'etat resulting in establishing a cryptocolony puppet state of US globalist interests and ZOG.
Okay, back on track. Has anyone mentioned Briar? It's a all-in-one solution that allows disconnected mesh messaging (when cops disable cell towers in protest areas, all hipsters lose -10 morale when they can't refresh their facebook status), and onion-routed (using Tor) serverless messaging similar to Tox. It's free as in Stallman's feet software, but some people say it tracks users for troubleshooting purposes.


Well that useless rant of yours sure came out of nowhere.


In the end all went good, we utilized only Signal and no policeman showed up before us.
It seems to work, but i don't know if it's the application that is very secure or if it was only the local police not being used to people communicating through better means than Whatsapp/SMS

Sometimes we utilize the occupied places for free schools to teach the local language to migrants or to give them a place where to sleep, but this wasn't the case. Also i think you're funny, i've never seen right-wing groups doing this kind of protests, is obvious that if we occupy a place we are not that kind of people who is against n1ggers.

File: 1496726452964.jpg (15.73 KB, 250x250, bigbrotherbook.jpg)


Do any other lainons have a Facebook account? I want to start getting rid of my digital footprint but I find Facebook to be too invaluable to get rid of.
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>Sadly I can't go back to delete the account
Facebook Secretly Saved Videos Users Deleted

It's not like they care if you delete your soykaf anyway.


File: 1523970822315.jpg (38.46 KB, 608x608, 7E56nrBzLZI.jpg)

I had to create facebook acc, because I'm studying internet marketing now, lol, that's litterally kinda my workspace for now. But I still don't upload any of personal info, only some nice cursed images, zucc memes and aesthetic black metal album covers.


I've been using it too much for my own good. And honestly I'm just wasting time instead of studying or going to the gym. I'm talking to my friends back home whom don't really do much and are pretty boring. Then I just see some posts, but honestly the only thing that drives me is habit. Nothing more.


no i was fapping too much i quit like 6 years ago


I use facebook for stalking

File: 1517100970681.png (460.22 KB, 996x596, startpage.png)


Used to search with DDG, now use Startpage because it comes with a proxy option. Basically, when you connect to a site using the proxy option, Startpage retrieves the site and shows it for you, so your IP is never revealed to the site, and the proxy extends to other links you click on. Pages take longer to load and some things break because JavaScript is blocked, but I think that's a reasonable price to pay for anonymity.
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What would you recommend instead?


Currently using qwant, still loking alternatives



Are you just born and discover the internet? Most website you access too are already known by yourself. When you need to do a search, use a tool that fits you.


That front page with the sponsored ads sure gives off a feeling of privacy and putting the user's needs first.


searx || naver

File: 1524101149381.png (103.51 KB, 1454x604, image2.png)


Hi Alice,

I'm here today to talk about Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF). SSRF occurs when a web application contains some functionality where the application makes an outbound request which the attacker controls the destination to. This can vary from banner grabs to full HTTP requests. An interesting example is a researcher pivoting into NIPRNET via SSRF:

The impact of SSRF is contextual, but potentially being able to pivot into an internal network, unreachable from the internet, opens up a whole new attack surface.

There is a longer article about it here:

(Use Tor if you want to follow along)
However, examples are always best. Let's use a googledork like the following: "inurl:proxy ext:php "miniproxy""

Miniproxy ( is a PHP proxy that is vulnerable to SSRF out of the box.

From the first page of Google, we see two Miniproxy instances:

To test for SSRF, let's input a value such as 'http://localhost/server-status'. Apache's mod_status ( provides a useful page that lists some server details, plus all HTTP requests to the server. Very often, sensitive information is disclosed by GET requests within Apache's server-status. While this page is normally inaccessible from the internet, we are able to exploit SSRF to issue the request from the webserver itself and return the content, bypassing this restriction:
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What's "forgery" about this?


That's so cool, thanks for posting this!

File: 1520990457768.jpg (21.98 KB, 564x564, e31ee088b2229c3180d6c4a331….jpg)


Okay, hear me out. How easy would it be to hypothetically inject a RAT into the internal network of a branch of a department store or supermarket like WalMart or Best Buy? What could be hypothetically done with this botnet?
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ur right, there are still places that have no security on their login computers


to get caught installing a worm on their network? you know how many tutorials there are on writing malware?


you could probably fuck around with loss prevention and distract them while a friend goes on a shoplifting spree with expensive electronics, like wheeling huge televisions right out the front entrance (regular employees are not permitted to confront shoplifters)

ideally this would be paired with social engineering as well, like calling them up and saying your teenage daughter was wrongly accused of shoplifting yesterday (at a time when a different loss prevention officer was on duty) and you demand to speak to a manager

just doing all you can to keep them busy, basically

then wait a month or two and re-sell all the goodies in a different area


also, be careful about Target

they have their own damn Forensics Division (to catch shoplifters) and probably wouldn't hesitate to fuck up your life over something like this



there are not any. you cant do it. its over

File: 1511815738709.png (743.28 KB, 2560x1440, 1510269075672.png)

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I know cyberpunk normally carries themes of corporate overreach and control, but everyone on sites with a theme like this seem to be shockingly open to the government doing the exact same thing. Big Brother is a hell of a lot scarier than any megacorp dystopia, if you ask me.

Is everyone just role-playing to be "cyberpunk" or do they legitimately believe universal Healthcare and income programs actually work?
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actually you are entitled to some things simply due to existing.. lots of them are described in detail on the humans right treaty and surpisingly the right to life is one of them



I disagree, among some of the things we are guaranteed inherently by existing are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Like what >>2671 said.


read stalin


Read Bookchin.


just gonna chime in to say that ubi isnt, and never will be "socialism." socialism is workers owning the means of production. equal distribution of wealth is a side effect.

File: 1520642420179.gif (7.1 KB, 640x480, bios.gif)


Does anyone have or can link me to something that makes a .gif of the robot guy in GitS typing really fast?

Also, I'm about to probably purchase a VPN for using certain services blocked by my school's firewall.
I just need someone that is going to have a robust server configuration so I don't get handed over to interpol if I accidentally break some strange infraction that they create in the name of net neutrality.

New to arisuchan, be gentle.

pic is what im going to probably use as my bios screen
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>First' it's not a "robot guy", these were augmented cyborg secretaries, all female.
A male scientist in the 1995 movie, Dr. Willis, had the same hand augments.


What's this gif from?


File: 1521951433555.png (461.79 KB, 449x537, 044.png)

>What's this gif from?
>Being this new

It's from Ghost in the Shell


thanks, and thx for the gif.
also, im looking to get into mining and piling up some bitcoin but not sure where to start.
I guess I should finish decrypting the already mined coin, just have to free up some disk space first.
What services should I offer on tor to start earning? I like the Idea that I can pay Mullvad with bitcoin and they have no idea where or what it cam from. What do they know exactly? like how does my machine talk to the service provider?
I guess I have to do more research which i dont have a problem with. im very studious.

yeah, it was the guy that was pretending to be the fed guys and the puppet master showed up after they got into the system?



File: 1522179043116.jpg (81.19 KB, 625x564, b8fec73b1e85703fe2f54dd9cc….jpg)

>yeah, it was the guy that was pretending to be the fed guys and the puppet master showed up after they got into the system?

File: 1520294458122.jpg (29.67 KB, 351x606, evolution_steve_1980_2.jpg)


Wearable computing is the study or practice of inventing, designing, building, or using miniature body-borne computational and sensory devices. Wearable computers may be worn under, over, or in clothing, or may also be themselves clothes
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wristwatch is not a computer


The best way to go. Only piece of tech that I have is an NFC chip that I inserted into my Casio F-91w that can send data that I want, whatever as it is in my own control.


EyeTap when?



Yes it is. A calculator is a computer. An abacus is a computer. The Antikythera mechanism is a computer and dates to nearly 90 B.C.


That post number

File: 1521867019340.jpg (128.8 KB, 546x780, serveimage2.jpg)


Do any of you knows were to find a subtitle track that covers only the japanese-written panels in Lain? I like my language's dubbing, but without subtitles i can't read all of those parts.


File: 1521879461510.jpg (157.66 KB, 1440x810, 5f2410157e878af99c1627fd13….jpg)



You made the exact same reply on the other site. Oh excuse me, the reaction image is different.


How many panels are there? I haven't watched all episodes yet but can't remember a lot.

So if there are only a few you could just turn on subtitles for that moment a.k.a. press v in mpv.

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