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File: 1493266587835.jpg (163.99 KB, 752x900, boris-rogozin-girlcyberpun….jpg)


Cyberpunk is where science and technology meets society
What exactly is cyberpunk? The question seems to be continuously resurrected in cyberpunk communities without ever coming to a conclusion as to a definition. What is the point of this topic then? While it is true that cyberpunk may mean different things to different people, there certainly is a common thread. That then is what we're after.

Cyberpunk is “low life, high tech”
The very word cyberpunk is itself a portmanteau of cybernetics, the science and technology of the system, and punk, the philosophy of rebellion against the system. Where the system intends for order, cyberpunks frequently make disorder; as they say, “the street will find its own use for things.” To understand the movement we must look past the black-and-white to see the modern world in its true shades of grey as the lines between natural and artificial, organic and mechanical, and real and virtual continue to blur.

Cyberpunk is an attitude
There seems to be a common attitude or philosophy among those attracted to cyberpunk. They often find themselves caught in the romantic struggle between themselves and the system. For some this manifests in an interest—sometimes even an obsession—with privacy and security, both online and offline. The cyberpunk notices that the world is heading in the wrong direction as the wealthy are becoming more powerful while the poor are becoming helpless, working more and earning less. As disparities grow wider, their tactics become more desperate: using the tools of the system against the system. When pushed they feel free to use anything and everything at their disposal: including hacking, deception, and intrusion. Do not fuck with us.

Cyberpunk is an awareness
In a world saturated with violently accelerating change, the cyberpunk must find herself armed with a sharp awareness of what is going on around her. Most seem to be apathetic about the philosophical implications of the uncanny technologies of the near future as the existential issues invoked by artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the technological singularity continue to evade our collective consciousness. Advances in biological and information technologies are already radically changing our lives, but wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Fun fact about science fiction authors: they sometimes write about worlds that aren't ours. Just because a book doesn't conform to reality doesn't make it bad. I'm not one of those who mistakenly thinks that Gibson predicted the future, but neither am I one of those who dismiss his work just because he didn't.

And frankly, I think Gibson's lack of familiarity with technology has helped keep his work enjoyable. It's not dated. His books focus on the characters and their interactions within the context of their world,. They're not 90% long dull soulless infodumps on the real-life technology of the year the book was published (coughtomclancycough).



>some nobody sees an emergent underground movement he knows nothing about

>makes a mediocre scifi/fantasy story that just has a bunch of technobabble bolted on

>ridiculous even for his times unless you knew nothing about computers

>shazbots still defend this crap today



It's fine not to like something. Individual tastes, and all that. But please don't denigrate those of us who do like that particular thing.


File: 1539156496459.gif (826.78 KB, 461x422, giphy.gif)

Is Cyberpunk philosophy compatible with liberal social justice? Robocop 2 sorta touched on it.


> most of them knew jack soykaf about tech, economics or geopolitics

Some of them knew quite a lot about those things actually, it's just that they were lacking a crystal ball and magic tea leaves. Some earlier writers, usually tagged as "social fiction" rather than SF (though they were both) probably hit the mark closer though. Even if they didn't predict the exact technology they foresaw how any technology might be misused.

I think you know who I mean… Orwell, Bradbury etc.

File: 1531800928336.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, bear_suit_lain_vector_by_s….png)


Any one knows good resources on cracking wireless password without bruteforce(beginner friendly)? I want somewhat up to date and reliable resource so duck-ing it on the net isnt working


>Without bruteforce
That's not how it works, you HAVE to bruteforce wpa2.
If that's not what you want your best bet would be to make some lockpicks and do a bit of recon, or you could just try asking them.


that is how it works, it's called KRACK attack.


Unfortunately, this flaw is already fixed on any good modern router. From the other side, I see my neighbours running 2009 d-links, so that's should not be a problem. From the other side, their passwords usually are so easy, even my celeron is cracking it in 10 minutes with common dictionary.

HowTo: there are tons of information in google.

The other way to crack wifi without bruteforce is to create FakeAP, i.e Fake Access Point, clone of your target WiFi point to which its user will reconnect after you will send him deauth key. When the user of your target wifi point tries to reconnect, your fake point asks for a password, user has no option except to type his usual wifi password, woila, you're in.

HowTo: search for something like 'Fluxion', it's very easy and does not require any skills. Script will lead you what to do.




There is a solid example here from a real pentest: under the section "Real World Example: Attacking the blindspot(s) of a target’s perception(s) on multiple levels"


that link is blocked by cloudflare, could you provide an mirror or something?

File: 1517837485405.jpg (389.98 KB, 1920x1080, inlet.jpg)


What's the best browser that respects privacy? I feel like every browser has glaring issues. Chrome is a botnet, Firefox lags on my laptop with the quantum update and waterfox has terrible performance. I've been using Iridium which is a modified version of Chrome for privacy, but there haven't been any updates so I think the project is dead like ungoogled chromium, which is more or less the same thing.
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If you are just looking for performance, firefox is the best there is right now - the new updates have made it over three times as fast as it was a year ago. This is because they ported large parts of the parralised servo engine ( into gecko. The engine is written in Rust and It also has a large company backing it so security exploits are less of a worry than in slow old palemoon.

I know a lot of people who think they are cool by using opera. This is a terrible idea, please don't. Opera is now owned by the chinese which if you know anything, you would want to stay well clear. The inbuilt vpn is really just a proxy so China can spy on you. They also try and turn of https so they can "compress your websites" through their proxy again. Obviously, there isnt any proof that this is what they are doing but it wouldnt surprise me the way China is going.

If it is anonymity you want, just use Tor for everything. It might upset your ISP though and it will be slow af, and drain your battery in minutes. Also a lot of websites ban tor. But if you really want to be private, thats a good way to go about it. Most Lains in my experience use Linux and Tor for everything for ultimate privacy+anonymity.

If firefox is too mainstream for you though and you don't like/trust Mozilla (in my opinion thier core values are in the right place though) you can go with firefox forks or just any chromium based like epic or brave although I dont reccomend browser hopping if you want privacy…. Especially to unmaintaned ones nobody has heard of. Just pick one and stick with it rather than wasting your time installing new ones every day only to be let down.

By the sound of things, you want to save up for a less trash laptop or a faster internet connection, but in the meantime firefox with a no logs vpn and decent extensions is a good choice for the average person. Ultimately, the best way to have privacy is change your browsing habits. Also, if you want to make your batery last longer, the browser itslef isnt going to make much of a difference - optimise everything else for best battery life + performance and use either arch or ubuntu.


Less soykaf browsers:

The only 100% correct answer is not to use WWW at all


Ungoogled-chromiun doesn't work 60% of the time just use Bromite or Iridium if you really want to keep using chrome-based sutff


>tor is a network
he was referring to tor browser
>chrome is more secure
what do you mean by that?


how is it doesn't work if it works for me?

File: 1537670880996.jpg (865.97 KB, 1485x2100, an_image.jpg)


Why are you so nervous about your freedoms and your privacy, Arisu? I see so much struggle around these parts, trying to become aware of the corporate-state thing clutching your throats, and then doing something helpless about it, some kind of obscurity or form of hiding.

These adversaries aren't really that big, and the means to some end you protect are just means to some end. Do you even know or have that end? When was the last time you've been empty? Did you forget what the world looks like then?
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How does one embody the number three? or even mind? fun i could understand but the number three, mind? I agree with democracy we do not need it to do right but our rights is hundred of years of collaborative efforts to change society and you would like to throw it out of the windows for what reason? what is the point you're trying to reach?

>This helps us regulate our actions….at the end of the day it's just a tool inside your head. Ideas.

After writing huge paragraph this I've finally come to understand. You're writing the definition on what idea do. Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity. So what your point of all this? Enlighten me.

>So you're saying that values are important because your value of "create our own meaning in life" says so?

We all have value, we all does. My way of thinking about it doesn't make it important it's important in itself. If it is possible to not have any I'll be impress because I've never eared of such person even criminal have some. Yes, I do say value are important what kind of men or woman are you if you don't have any value? That mean you don't respect,
have no acceptance, affection, Accountability, Ambition, Attentiveness, Commitment, Compassion for example?

>Can you pinpoint something that isn't a value, belief or ideology that somehow support "values'' and "own meaning" or is it just circular?

Three. Have you ever see someone embody the number three or talk how the number three is important to our society in the political landscape I haven't. Joke aside i didn't say MY way of living was to take as a general stand was just making a comparison with what you were trying to say was nothing we do as importance or weights because it's a projection of our own mind which it is but it doesn't mean there is no consonances or weight or importance in the world. What do you mean by circular?

>Aren't these tools of circular logic limited?

That's an interesting point your making. I don't know, but I would say no in the sense that we always evolve so does any idea of the past, present and future to come.

>Let's not pro
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>most people don't seem to mind.

Because most of them are so brain wash they cannot see how horrible it's getting and it apply to a lot of different things. Whether they mind it or not as nothing to do with the fact that something is wrong.

>"people don't like to be controlled when it's inconvenient"

Inconvenient?? What do you find convenient from being control?

>I also don't see "human nature" anywhere unless I project it into humans

What the fuck? Again you see or you don't is irrelevant. The world doesn't change because you decide to refrain yourself to see human nature somewhere. Human nature is still there like it or not.


File: 1538238408742.jpg (638.15 KB, 1357x2000, hattewanakatta.jpg)

>Because most of them are so brain wash
They could entirely be, but they don't question it, they're kinda certain they are sober and have clear thoughts. You don't seem to question yourself or people who share your view of "something being wrong", you probably also feel like you are sober. A recipe very similar to the "brain wash". What better reason to question yourself?

>Inconvenient?? What do you find convenient from being control?

Google is doing a pretty convenient form of control that the vast majority accepts or even likes. Go out to a street and start asking people if they mind the chains gmail and android puts on them.

>Again you see or you don't is irrelevant.

That is my point. What _anyone_ sees or projects is irrelevant. The world indeed doesn't change regardless of what people decide to see or refrain from seeing. Even if everyone projects human nature into whatever is actually there, human nature will remain patterns they attach to it in their heads, it still won't be there.
You seem good at questioning me. Question everyone else including yourself while you're at it and you'll understand my posts.

>How does one embody the number three? or even mind?
Minds form in humans (and maybe certain animals or AIs).
Three rocks sit on a hill. If you have no humans (or AIs) to observe this, there is no "three rocks", just rocks. Or heaps of subatomic particles, or whatever. You need a human observer to interpret that heap, separate it into three distinct parts of rock and one background of non-rock, and project the idea of "three" on all of this. The rocks are there, but the "three" is just in the head of the observer. Just like "metabolism" or "rights".

>you would like to throw it out of the windows for what reason? what is the point you're trying to reach?

>I started a thread and keep posting in it to make Arisu aware of the possible circularity in her values and reasons. I don't really care if Arisu throws away or keeps her values as long as she sees the bigger box of absolutely everything in which her values and ideas sit.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Now we’re starting to touch what you are trying to convey to us.

>You don't seem to question yourself or people who share your view of "something being wrong", you probably also feel like you are sober. A recipe very similar to the "brain wash". What better reason to question yourself?

I do question myself but I want to get something out of it. If I don’t get anything out of it what the point of questioning? I don’t question people that share my views because we already for the most part knowledgeable on the issue. If I were to be question on economics there might be issue that I am not aware about, that would require me to learn to see the chains around me. Again people don’t know not because they refuse to do so but because conveniences gain them and it hard to go back like drugs addict. Yes they feel sober but we cannot blame anyone to not know anything we live in an era of secret more than ever is it easy to hide and fool the world. I’m probably brain wash on something but as long no one show me, someone that already found answers, fact, solution I will remain brain wash not because I want to but because I'm unaware.

>Google is doing a pretty convenient form of control that the vast majority accepts or even likes.

Unaware for the most part. Not knowing the consequences of our action is also the problem. Being ignorant is a blessing. Yet went you know google is helping dictatorship in China to remain in power, or that they track history, location, subject, education, work about you also when dev show you how much this data can go back in time. Core dev quitting because they don't want to be part of what google is doing. Most people don’t stay stone cold about it there is reaction from them. The problem happens when it about time to found solution. Google is hard to replace, this is why if more people work about it, things will change. Not easy I agree but still is something we can all set a common goal to if we all want.

>Even if everyone projects human nature into whatever is actually there, human nature will remain patterns they attach to it in their heads, it still won't be there.

I don’t agree if i understand correctly. It’s there, as long as human are there. Human nature won’t be there the day that humPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


All this time spent to respond to you for this. Disappointed honestly.


I have repeatedly heard that it gets boring after the novelty passes, mainly because not enough good games are being designed for the rift. I have a useless 3D tv and I'm not going to buy something again if people aren't already developing for it. I'm not paying $400 so I can play glorified second life with teenaged Ugandan Knuckles.


^was talking about VR/the rift.


Almost nobody has hardware that's good for VR and VR fits awkwardly into the vast majority of traditional gameplay experiences. Unless you find VR cockpits or 3D controls very compelling or you really want to strap a screen to your face, you should just ignore it for now.

File: 1534548015372.jpg (39.03 KB, 212x300, mm.jpg)


so you hate the faceless corporations that research and develop new technologies to further advance their greedy goals. but at the same time you also enjoy technologies and use it daily. the way I see it your "struggle" is a pointless one. because you and the corporations both love technologies. though you may hate how they use the technologies you must realize that you are like the person who hates slaughterhouse but enjoys eating excessive amounts of meat.

to struggle pointlessly like this only shows how dumb you are. though you like to fancy yourself as a sophisticated individual seeking technical knowledge you are unwillingly or willingly contributing to the very evil that you so hate.

now that you have realized the truth of the matter why would you still hate the technocrats? After all you're all the same.
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strawman - the post

saged and reported


>saged and reported
reported for reporting


Slave morality.
A prime mover doesn't think in this manner and instead thinks about how to achieve his own goals.

If I use free software to further my own goals because it helps me achieve my goals am I being a hypocrite? No, because my focus isn't on right or wrong. The corporations' goal is to make money, depending on who you are and what you want to do that might be a conflict of intrest.


This seems like an incredibly confused philosophy. You appear to be claiming that since technology is useful to people wishing to do evil, technology itself is inherently evil. Rather than supporting that claim though, you simply insulted everyone who disagrees with it.


>mods defend bait OP
sasuga, LARPchan!

File: 1536785736759.jpg (502.33 KB, 1536x2048, 1536764096205.jpg)


I think agriculture was the biggest mistake humans have ever made. Agriculture turned human into destructive cancer. If we look back in history we can see that in the Middle East the cradle of civilization where agriculture was practiced on a large scale we now see a wasteland. Seeing as we are abusing the Earth on a scale never seen before we will die because of our selfish action. There will be no deus ex machina to save us.

Agricultural society is the seed that produced our current illness. Disgusting cancer we are.


awful thread


File: 1536788158490.gif (10.57 KB, 402x306, worldpopulat.gif)

Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change.

He said he believes the situation is irreversible, and it is too late because the effects we have had on Earth since industrialization (a period now known to scientists unofficially as the Anthropocene) rivals any effects of ice ages or comet impacts.


File: 1536788721905.jpeg (179.52 KB, 1440x960, RTS40SU.jpeg)

We are reaching dangerous levels of cancerous growth. The host body is under immense stress from our unsustainable sexual urges. As the cancer continues to grow the Host Body is further drained of its life source eventually dying from the cancerous growth.

I think this is a good way to describe Humans and Earth.


Yeah but… it's not like we can do anything about it now.


Put all humans into small cages (cities), they will stop breeding and regulate themselves down to sustainable levels back again.
>in the Middle East the cradle of civilization where agriculture was practiced on a large scale we now see a wasteland
I don't see a wasteland around Nile, it's still filled with fields and palms till this day.

File: 1501687228258.png (944 B, 380x168, serveimage.png)


I have always been curious about the scene and the topsites.

It seems like these guys are just bunch of reverse engineers with some cybersec background since most of them are able to operate for a long time without getting in trouble. And I know that they don't quite like the P2P environment.

Back in and late 90s and early 2000s there were some interest in the media regarding the scene then the interest shifted more towards the black hats, APTs etc. where there usually is some kind of a financial/political fallout afterwards.
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I was never part of the scene, but was a part of the torrent trackers ScT, SCC, XNT, TheGFT and many 0DAY general. Back in the day people didn't mind downloading a series of archives to unrar and watch a movie.
Recently HD movie and FLAC music trackers have surpassed the quality and attention to detail of the Scene, however the old goats still remember the good old days.

A huge part of the scene was the Demoscene subculture which focused on the computer generated artwork, including but not limited to GFX, music, demos and programming competitions. Scene groups often had (and still do) their own distinct style of NFO artwork and drama. Much of the drama and blame has been archived on
A good resoruce for old BBS ASCII art, music, demos and artpacks is

A personal favorite is this demo by FAiRLIGHT


>I hope we'll still remember lain when we're 34.

Oldfag here (37). Keep loving what you love; you'll always find like-minded lainons like you out there. You'll grow old with them.


File: 1535472657966.gif (2.61 MB, 294x227, 1530686263454.gif)

I thought I remember reading somewhere that the scene started making it a standard that you can't include cracktros with a release. Does anyone know why? I always thought that was cool. Dunno why you would want to ban it.


scenesters becoming boring old people I guess


File: 1536654041109.jpg (32.7 KB, 215x320, 215px-It_could_happen_to_y….jpg)

>I wonder whether the demo culture in my country died due to the members growing old, having children, and settling into normal lives, or being overwhelmed by the millenial, low quality, high definition internet.

I've been there. You get some job that requires 50 hours a week from you, and a girlfriend you go out with on the weekends. Suddenly you only have time to watch movies or play games for a few hours every day. You become so busy you don't even notice this is happening until you look back after 5, 10, 20 years, and think to yourself "holy soykaf, what happened?" But then you have bills to pay and kids to feed, so you can't just drop everything and go back to the old life.

Anyway right now I'm single and also between jobs, so here I am again lol.

File: 1530185867023.jpg (552.38 KB, 1920x1080, 1530031649761[1].jpg)



I'm currently making a sidescrolling action/rpg game.
Currently working on the gameplay/mechanical elements of the game.

Right now, the platforming elements are solid, but I'm looking to add more features/unlocks/abilities that would allow the character to progress through the game differently.

What GAMEPLAY elements of Cyberpunk would you love to see in a game?
Please read through the replies before making your own suggestion.

I'm gonna try to check here again later, but the main thread is at:
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No :D


Make the combat worth using. Too many cyberpunk games are turn based strategy and boring to play. A good active combat system with some real depth to it just isn't done very often.

I doubt you could pull off a DMC level of combat but at least aim for Nier automata tier. Dodging, parrying, two weapons with light, heavy and air combo. Let people chain those combos together any way they see fit with any weapons they like. As long as you can make the animations weighty and smooth then you have pure gold. Valdis story did a good job of this in 2D if you want an example of what to aim for.


Oh I hear you, a LOT of cyberpunk games are Tactic RPGs, and while thats a fine genre, we're looking at a more active approach to combat. While this is in early development, the first thing we're looking at is ranged weapons, ammo and weapon kick, then we'll be taking a pass at weapon "stopping power" effect, but ill touch more on that when we have it functional.
The Melee options are gonna have to make sense after guns are done.

I saw a video of Valdis Story doubt it does it justice, I'll pick it up and play it myself and see what you are talking about. Thanks for the suggestion.


saw the blue screen setup on telegram
when you gonna post us a demo?


File: 1535531681197-0.jpg (5.16 MB, 5984x3376, 2018-08-04 17.43.57.jpg)

File: 1535531681197-1.jpg (875.42 KB, 5984x3376, floathor-torch.jpg)

This is probably what you are on about.

File: 1534372094475.pdf (698.15 KB, FareEvasionOnMuni.pdf)



This looks like it would be a topic of interest to Arisu. I've recently learned that many of the fare cards can often be altered to one's desire.Using software like mfoc or mfcuk you can change data on an insecure Mifare Classic card.In other words you can give yourself unlimited rides on transit.I recently bought some hardware that would support this for under 10 USD, and even if it does not end up working on my city's transit I'd like to use it for plenty of other projects I've heard of online.What does Arisu think of this?

I'd also like to note that the system in my city has tracking to some degree(not Orca).It supposedly has a theft prevention feature and a feature to track your balance online which I've seen 0 reviews of online(In one of the biggest cities in the USA(odd)).These features can only be used once you have done some sort of sign up or have called the city for a pass to get your balance.I thought of a way to see if they are tracking you but I'm not sure it would work or if my previous statements already answer that.I will elaborate.

>When you sign up you get option to pay a scheduled fee

>the ammount added to the card is not shown until you tap, which means a userid is involved(should be changed to something random).
>these funds may not be available for 24-48 hours after online payment(serious lag(maybe))
now the ideas:
>reload using compatable hardware
>tap a machine
>check online and see if it's reloaded if yes -> (reafirms userid theory)
>reload at a machine and check before next tap (tells me that the reload stations do not have internet connection) -> which would mean there is no way to tell if I or a valid machine reloaded the card
>get a new card and test one with a sign up and one not with to find out if any new identification(tracking) is created for sign up card.
If all goes well: charge with a very large amount -> change userid(no tracking(maybe)) ->profit?
*I got the pdf online and I don't know how safe it is opening it :/


If you're worried about the pdf you can open it as plain text or run a file to remove any javascript that may be in it. As for your idea it sounds fucking sick and I think you should try it and let us know how it goes.


Will do >>3163 alsoh thx for the tip


The same also goes for turnstiles that is used for businesses, schools etc. I have mingled with MIFARE1K cards in the past which are already broken and can be easily duplicated. When they are used they are not even used properly, some institutions only check for the first 10 bytes which in theory should be immutable. But thanks to our chink lords, there are "chinese magic cards" with mutable UID sections. Also they use default factory encryption keys. This is what happens when you leave that kind of security sensitive stuff to average IT people I guess.

Now the transit system in my city is an entirely different story. They use MIFARE DESFire instead of 1K, which is a little bit complicated with additional 3DES encryption. I have yet to research it further when I have more time, but I also suspect it should be also crackable albeit a little harder.

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